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Happy Trails (entry 6)

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((hey sorry if I didn't mention folks, I did recognize a lot of people I've seen before, but Keith never formally "met" them yet. He was also a little intoxicated. Also, I hope it's not too long of a read. I'll spell correct more later and maybe fix the paragraph specing, but now I'm just going to go in game and play already! Cya all in game, was a great night for RP, last night!))

((From the diary of Keith Rawkings))

Took a trip to New flagstaff to git some stuff from the bank. Runnin' low on horsefeed and other essentials. Headed on out southward and got real thirsty again. Sooner than later I was trottin down the street in Hope Springs again.
Up comes that weird feller, Jax, and he's pointin' a gun at me. Looks like it was gonna be a damn stickup. And I jist loaded up on goods! Guy was obviously high on adrenline and life or whatever. One of them types that needs a brain "rebalance." I decided for the sake of anyone else passin' by that it was time for me to initiate that.
I lit up a cigar as he was about to walk off and do god knows what to the next passerby. Then I offered it to 'em and he came on back and accepted. After I lit it up and we started smokin' a bit, I don't think he knew what was happenin' till I mentioned it was a "special" cigar.  As the drugs took effect on both of us he wasn't in too much of a mood to run on off anymore. Thought this might be a good opportunity to persuade some information outta him 'bout what the hell I saw goin' down at The Rack the other night.
He basically told me some feller hired him to shoot at Khalil. He knew what he was gitin into. Didn't git much else outta him. We got the munchies anyway and my mind diverted a bit.
Then wouldn't ya know, that gal I met before, Autumn, showed up on her horse to bid us hello. Jax started talking about food and rabbits and then they was jokin about how rabbits would taste mighty fine about now. I told em please dont.
With that in mind I promptly went to my horse's saddlebags and got out a coldcut sammich. I offered some up to Jax, who didn't refuse and quickly gobbled some down. Autumn didn't want none, in fact, much to my suprise she produced some fried steak and sporestew and jist gave it to me. That was pretty neat. Seems like lately everytime i git high people jist start handin' me all types of cuisine. I could git used to this. I thanked her for the food and she was on her way. Jax took off. Ah well, I'll git more outta him later if I want.
I meandered on over to the bar. It was all quiet there jist like I like it. Had me a drink and took a load off. Now I dont remember too much after this, due to the heavy drinkin' I did for the next hour or so, but somehow that place realy got busy. This town is not as sleepy as I thought it was.
I met this Cornelius guy, who was layin out on the bench outsite where I was rollin' one up. He looked all tired and was complainin' bout "spiked" tea. I, bein' the nosy one I am tried to get em a contact high after he refused my stogie, but he got all bitchy bout it and walked inside.
There was these bikers inside and a baby to boot! I thought I saw the "Blues Brothers" walk in, but on closer inspection, it was jist Khalil and his Italian buddy, all dressed up like pimps. What a dang weird place. On top of that the parents was lettin' them dang vampyres git way too close to that baby. I also saw that big Vikin' feller from the encounter the other day with Deuce  (my head still hurts from that SOB). He was tryin' to talk to some woman on his radio, and she was all yappin real loud at him like a crazy pomeranian on the other end. Here
I am sittin in the middle of this gittin all hungry again. So I remember being behind the counter, cookin' up this old thing I found that said "hot pocket" on the wrapper, and Khalil, who's on the other side a the bar just gives me this weird look. So I said "awright, fine, I'll share," an no sooner did tha words come outta ma mouth when someone hit em in the back with somethin real hard and just spun em around.
I hid behind the counter, and as I did, some big Irishmen named Robert (who I later found out is the proprieter of this fine establishment) told me to git out from behind there and let them bartenders do their job.
As I was apologizin' to this biker feller, I got a look at who the heck hit Khalil. That big ol' Viking was in a tusssle with him and they were all over each other. There was blood and wooden stakes, and lots a splinters, and quite frankly those two should a got a room. Everyone was eggin em on, even Cornelius who seemed to be rootin' for the Viking. Ol' Robert the biker told me this was normal and all, and they usually make the loser pay for the damages. In fact they was placin' bets on the fight! And the baby was watchin!
Ya know all I remember after that was bein outside on the deck, tryin' to avoid this, and Deuce and Rumiko and Aerinn all showed up to clean up the mess. I dont git it man. Like everything was all normal between these folks.  Deuce didn't even acknowledge me startin' in on em about my head wound. It was all jis part of the motions for him and the rest of the Serenity folks. One big happy dysfunctional family. I remember seein' them scrapin the big guy up into the car, and I remember seein somethin real gross after that. That Italian honcho brought a bunch a half dead bandits over to Khalil for supper. I bout' had enough and I got the hell outta there on ma horse.

I decided to go gamblin' again at bunker bar in Serenity Falls. I kinda forgot exactly where it was and wandered over on the wrong side of the fence from where it was. I happen to see two suspicious as hell guys goin' over some plan togother. They looked like CHOTAs. The big bald guy who appeared to be the leader jist kinda looked at me like "yer lucky, keep movin'" and then he done gone kill a nearby dog to prove his point! Dog musta heard too much.

So after a while in the bunker bar, I pretty much broke even on the slots. I was bored and did a little meanderin' around the town. As passed by the clinic and heard some voices upstairs bitchin at each other. Sounded like Deuce was talkin' to that big guy and patchin' him up and all.

Not far outside the clinic I saw Deuce's nice shiny blue car. I decided to let ma horse take a big dump right in front of where it was parked. Heh, that'll teach em. Later I remember headin' back in the direction of Hope Springs and jumpin over that car while ridin' horseback. He was parked on the side of the road, and it probably scared the heck outta him, ha!

I went back into town and saw the ruckus had died down. That khalil was still on the porch though and he looked pretty beat to piss. I was a bit stoned again at this point and jist couldnt help but squat down in front a the vamp and jist stare and grin. Don't really remember how long I did that for ((went AFK)).
Guy went home with some gal who was tendin to em.

Now I was tired out. For whatever reason it just seemed natural to trot on over to the gas station. There was a mysterious lookin' lady standin there. I asked her to put about ten gallons in, and she asked me what kind of horse runs on gas. Course then I remembered I was on a horse! I done got off of it of course and apologized for my apparent stupor.

Well we gots to talkin and this lady told me her name was "Lost Bride" I thought she was just fuckin' with me, but she insisted. My jokes about a "shotgun weddin' and a cold-footed groom" didn't pan over too well. Buzz was wearin' off. Got a little lucid. We started talkin bout the world and people, people two-timin' ya, trust,  and nature, and it's "gifts" of course, hehe. Seems she had a bit of a chip on her shoulder 'bout humanity, which I was tryin' to understand a little better. Complicated gal, but she made me think more about who I am, and the fact that I tend to jist give everyone a good ol' college try when it comes to them screwin up in life. I screw up all tha time, myself.
Ya know, it made me think about forgiveness and puttin' it all behind me. Told her when shit hits the fan, in the end we jist "had a bad day." "live and let live I told her." She seemed to let it sink in. I was gitin tired and excused myself from the conversation. She smiled and bid me farewell.

Maybe I helped her out. I think she helped me help myself out, though. I musta  left an impression on 'er, cause later on that night one a them Franklin's rider's track me down while I was headin' back to Serenity(sum' bitch damn near made ma horse throw a shoe).
He had a "special" delivery for me. It was from Lost Bride, and I grinned when I saw the inscription "Enjoy nature's gifts," Well inside was somethin I don't need to explain anymore, but it is definitely one of ma main forms a recreation.

And with that I decided to just camp out at a gas station inbetween the two towns. I cosied on up to some burnin' tires, took my boots off, lit up that gift and watched the stars.


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((Don't let Rob hear you call him an Irishman. lol :P))

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((oh jeeebus, i bet I misheard his accent. Edited a few times for spelling))

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((Jari didn't have anything to do with the drunken Pastor Cornelius. Nothing at all. *whistles innocently*))

((suuuuure she didnt...

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((I'm making it a point to meet Keith Rawkings, it's my new goal! I love this guy :D))

Hugs: There are far too many broken hearts.  Fortunately, anyone can be a mechanic!

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(( nice to see some neutral posts. Yes Keith is neutral in his everyday writing, but he has a distinctive rugged character.))


"There was a girl, a girl named Lost. Her eyes, they were like frost" - from the infernal journal of Zane Gore

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(( ...Dog musta heard too much... lol! :) ))

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((Hahahaha, oh god I love your posts Rawkings! I swear he's right out of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Or maybe Dazed and Confused? I can totally picture my little hippie pothead strolling up on a drunken Rawkings and him elbowing over and saying with a stoned grin, "You know what I love about clone chicks? I keep getting older and they stay the saaaame age!"))

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