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Happy Trails (entry 4)

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From the Diary of Keith Rawkings (entry 4)

Well, I was real happy to find some interestin' plants growing in the cracks in the streets of Serenity Falls. I don't think a lot of non-vista types know all the stuff ya can do with these plants, and I aim to keep it that way.  Anyway...
Earlier in the day I was trottin' along on ma horse, and I saw someone rummagin' around this little house, with a white horse out front. I thought maybe it was bein' robbed so I kinda slowed down to check it out. It was actually Deuce, and he was in a real quiet and non-conversational type a mood. He was cleanin' out all his shit from this house that is apparently his, and loading it all up on the saddlebags of his horse. He didn't say much, just said he was leavin'. I tried to stop em. Followed him north on the road outa town for a little bit. Thought he was bein' a real sissy. Needs to man up and face whatever he's got goin' on here. I mean he made it this far in a practically tech town, and to walk away like that an' abandon things...
I mean hell, I think the only reason anyone puts up with me and doesn't shoot my ass on site is because they respect a vista like this man. He needs to stick around.
But he was bein' so hard up I figured "hell, whatever"
I took off into the countryside and then had second thoughts. I mean who is going to make me chickory tea and waffles? I almost got burned last time I got drunk around that waffle iron. So I figured I'd wait for him at the bridge to Hope Springs. He never showed. Must a bolted for the hills.

So later on I stumbled up into the mayor's office, which i did not even know was the mayor's office, I thought it was some kind of lounge, and I met the mayor, Aerin, who I know I saw before in the waffle house sipping on some of that damn coffee I want so badly! So the conversing was a bit light and I began to explain what happened to Deuce just as Rumiko showed up. As always, she was wearing some kind of sexy jumpsuit thing. She either looked ready to go and shoot a couple holes into some bad men or cause them to have a coronary with that kind of risque clothing. Good thing the booze desensitizes me a bit. Speakin' a coronary... I mentioned how much of a pain in the ass it was to try finding that doctor, and when Rumiko offered me a job to find Deuce, I didn't really agree. I must be runnin' a bad stroke a luck and my pride was hurtin' after losin' the trail on Dorado. And Aerin said she knew where that Dorado was anyway! After all the dang chips I spent looking for him. Information costs money, ya know.

So the mayor had something  to talk about and kinda ushered me outa there to the bar. 'Cept I went in a southernly direction and wound up finding this "bunker bar" with a casino inside. I got mighty lucky tonight. Won a lot of chips! This is my new favorite place to hang out.

I was feeling so lucky, that I decided, "what the heck, lemme go lookin' for that Deuce," just to prove to myself I am still the best damn tracker this side of the Northfields. And I did find him too. I sniffed him out in some ol' place not too far from where we parted. He was workin' at hidin up there like some damned crazed sniper but I was too quick to find his location on the roof of that ol' delapitated building.
He was very pissed off indeed that I found him. Threatened all to high hell to kill me if I didn't leave. I was going to leave too, just after I'd git hold a Rumiko on her comm, so I could prove I wasn't some washed up useless drunk who couldn't track his way outa a ditch.
Well damnit, all I got was static. Now this was gitin' a lot harder. I was gonna have to take the some bitch in, to prove to everybody back in that little town that I did actually find em. He started shootin' at me when I stuck around as I tried to convince em to go with me. I hid behind a ruined concrete wall and tried to wait him out. Even tried to forcefully persuade him to give up by playin a couple a rough tunes on my harmonica. Hah.
And just as was on my horse and resigned to leave, he shoots me in the damn head. I thought that was it, really. Lights went out for a while. Expected to be in a cloning chamber as I opened my eyes. But apparently, the wound wasn't fatal and he had worked some kind of first aid on me to revive me. He must have felt bad about shootin at me. As soon as my vision cleared and I saw him standing there I punched him square in the jaw and cussed at him. He ran back to his hiding spot while I was recovering and issued the same warning to basically "fuck off." Never thought that guy had it in em. Always seemed like a non-violent man after ma own heart. Guess I was wrong. Ya think ya know people...

So I turn 'round and right there at the gas station is this big ol' Viking lookin' fella who was heavily armed. He starts asking me what I am doing there and if I've seen Deuce. After some assurances Deuce wouldn't be harmed (cause I didnt want no bad blood with anybody after this) and after he confirms on his mic to Aerin who I was, I was jist about to show where Deuce was behind me, when a grenade went off in my direction. I ducked behind an old beat up fire truck and told this big guy to do the same and take cover. I turn around and this Viking  is gone. Deuce has gone postal.

I issued one last call to this Vista for the sake of of our kinship. I shouted to 'em that he aint in Serenity Falls anymore and if someone is after him he better head for the damn hills, because they will shoot him out here. I rode off north way the hell away from that mess.


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((Lol fun stuff. He really didn't want to shoot you, didn't feel he was going to convince you to leave any other way))

Deuce Sig

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((I LoL'd on the " I was gonna have to take the some bitch in" part. :D  Good write up, I enjoyed it.))

Hugs: There are far too many broken hearts.  Fortunately, anyone can be a mechanic!

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((thanks for the comments, did a little grammar check, of course, where the spelling was unintended to be erroroneous))

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((Hahahaha, Keith seems like such a rascal! I love your entries!))

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