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Happy Trails (entry 3)

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From the diary of Keith Rawkings:

Long weekend. Started on high speed, ended in a crash. Met someone the other night. Big bonfire. Crazy zombie guy with a shovel playing music there. She liked my threads. Must be the hattt..  Chick magnet. Enforcer gal...with a fiery red sombrero and cute pink revolvers.  Bet they shoot bubblegum. Why do opposites attract?
Showed her around the sites and sounds. Parused the bar at Hope Springs. I hit on a girl there while she watched. Real turn on. No bar tender. Rode on down to Serenity Falls to try our luck there.  Got stopped by the Union bastards on the road. Taught em a lesson. Love a woman who can handle a piece like that. Love the smell of gunsmoke and sweat. Didn't find anything but lukewarm and sour beer on those corpses. Ghost town. We got bored. Started brawlin' and shootin' the place up.  Lost a tooth. Might a pissed some folks off. Good times.
Didn't stay long. Campfire, pup tent. Back massage. ..(next part is crossed out on the page) Woke up the next day and she was gone....

((the page empties off until a fresh entry begins on the next))

Gonna be the last party at Beuville for a while. Zombie King needs to take a break. Do the undead ever rest? I don't think so. Mr. Volk sure wasn't tonight. Came outside for a smoke and him and this "Torello" guy were sittin' top a some guy named Jax.  There was claws and teeth and blood. Good show when ur buzzed on redman whiskey and vista grass. I think he was gonna drag that guy from the back of his car like we used to do back in the old days with a horse and a rope. Rumiko and this Whiteline feller just watched, so I took the cue to do the same. Them tough sons a bitches aint gettin' involved, then I sure as hell aint.  That guy, the Whiteline stiff, jesus, he looked hard as nails. Sober as a cold shower. Offered him a drink but he refused. I thnk he's one a them "straight edge" type a folk. He don't talk much. Anyway, that vamp and the other one didn't kill that Jax guy. Just sharpened their nails on em. Shame. would a been a more eventful evenin'. 

Rumiko' still lookin' for that Doctor. I told her 'bout the reward that Hope Springs guy was offerin' cause I seen the posters all over New Flagstaff. Apparently she knows about it already. I wonder what the heck they want with him? That guy cost me a lot a chips trackin' his sorry butt. When he does turn up, I want a free checkup or lollipops or somethin' Better yet, toilet paper would do. I grade a towns economy when I pass through it, by the quality and availability of their toilet paper. And They were hoardin' a shitload of it back at Serenity Falls.

Lotta lesbians in that bar tonight, cause they don't seem to want a piece of the Rawkings. Maybe I need a shower. Been a few days. Back to sleepin' with my lonesome tonight. Well, at least I got ma dog, Poopis...And ma horse, of course.
I miss my sombrero gal...

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