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Happy Trails (entry 14)

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((From the Diary fo Keith Rawkings))

Man shit is finally startin to look in ma favor. I'm like approachin cloud nine so fast, aint no one gonna shoot me down, not even that "Maverick" from that old Top Gun movie.
Do I believe in fate? Maybe...
As fate would have it, I walked into that bar door down at Hope Springs, and who did I see sitting there?
Hmm I jist lovee the sound a that name. Kinda gives me that goosepimples. Spooky right?
I there a god? Did he place me in that doorway today? Or maybe there's a Satan, and I was about to push it one step too far.
But ol' Rawkings is a risk taker. Aint no time like the present.

I jist walked on in there all casual like, noticed one other gal there, dressed up in that black commandbo stuff. That stuff I remember seeing Ghostlyn wearin when I saw er fer the first time back at Serenity. Ya know, when she was all pissy and wantin to shoot poor ol Rawkings in tha head? Yeah thank kinda sexy stuff.
They were both heavily armed to the got dang teeth. Typical bounty hunter look.
The other girl was cute and all, but sorry ladies, you cant be puttin "cute" girl next to tha supermodel and be expectin Rawkings to give all his attentions to the former.

I was kinda speechless and all. Somethin bout such a fine lookin gal was beginning to throw off ma game.
I think I was all like "bu bu bu bu" er somethin. Damn I could jist kick maself in the ass fer that now.
I did want ta know who the heck this gal was givin me the ol' suspicious eye, so I asked and she told me to git em some drinks first.
I got em some real girly ice tea drink figurin they like those. They was all like "what the hell is this?" like them gals was used to drinkin whiskey. Don' messed that one up.

She didn't shoot at me though yet. That was a good sign.
I noticed she wasn't wearing her usual black leathery garb. She was wearing some kinda like tough gal gangster lookin suit. All green. Shit was hot cause I could see her stomach and some of those curves poppin through. I told her "green brings ya luck," and how it musta been her lucky day since I happened to walk into there.

She was all bein smart with me and pokin fun at the ol Rawkings. Talkin bad bout me to er friend.  Like how I jist give out ma personal comm frequency to any ol women. Shit, I never gave my frequency out to anyone but her! I told her I dont want no yap yap yapin from pissed of women comin over ma comm. She was bein all mean. Probably cause she missed me. Wouldn't admit it though.
Her friend got all jealous and Ghostlyn was like tellin her she can shoot me and all but I was like "yeah whatever" and jist turned around. I dont think she woulda let er shoot me.
I decided it would be a good idea to not test that theory though and I asked Ghostlyn to wait a sec while I went out to my horse and got her something nice.

I brought her back some flowers and her friend was all laughin and shit and put the gun down. Ghostlyn was all actin pissed off and tough about it . Maybe like embarassed.

But she cracked a smile.

That was jist the most prettiest smile I ever did see. Really hard to tell with them sunglasses she be wearing all the time but I swear she looked like one of those Eastern European gals. The real sexy kind. Think I saw it more so in that smile. Her friend decided to go away.
Girl was still being real hard up though but a little less on er guard and all. Started the chit chat. We showed each other our guns. Hers was revolvers. Mine was these two big ones I keep connected to ma fists. She laughed at that one.

So now I got her to smile a few times and then laugh. She was a tough nut to crack, but ol Rawkings loves a challenge.
We got into the discussion about the past events. She asked why I kissed Fuzzy. I told her it was a diversion, and obviously I had nothin to want fer er. Felt kinda sorry fer Fuzzy actually, since she was so damn confused and actin all violent as an outlet. Explained tha situation to Ghostlyn.

She said that Agression guy was her friend and all. Then that kinda rang a bell as to somethin I got hired to do but fergot all about around this woman. Can't really blame me.
There had been this real scary lookin CHOTA guy who ran into me and Fox the other day at this same bar. He had been relentlessly hitin on Fuzzy earlier on the front steps. Then he got all pissed off and come on down tryin to start a fight with us about someone "scratchin" his car with their ATV. Course neither of us a had one, and I kindly told him to back off.(although I'm glad I scratched it) Especially when I saw Fox was about to pulverize him. Apparently when he figured out he was fuckin with Fox, he all apologized and backed the fuck down. I was glad. Really jist wanted to get laid that night, not be cleaning up dead bodies.

Thought that was the end of running into him, but then I done ran into him in Serentiy Falls later on. He was all hanging around the graveyard and it was lookin mighty suspicious. I came up and yelled at him asking him what the heck he was doin. He got all offended and said he was visitin his son's grave. I apologized and left him be. Then he came up to me later like "YOU!" I thought "oh fuck, here we go"
I was up on ma horse and asked him to kindly step off cause ma horse down run over bigger men. But he kinda changed the subject a conversation. He was apparently lookin fer someone to do a job fer em. He wanted a message delivered to Agression that basically "snowflake (thats Fuzzy), will be his, and no one will come between them!" He practially rammed the big bag of chips in my hands, and I was not going to refuse that. I didn't need to kill the guy, just tell em. Easy job.

Well it wasn't seemin so damn easy now. Now that I knew ma dream gal was friends with Agression. I had to spill it to her what I was going to do, and hoped she wouldnt take it the wrong way. She thought it over and all. Then she told me "bounty hunters have no sides." I was real happy about this. And she said she wasn't mad at me no more.
I kinda was talkin so fast, and part a me felt like I was being a dick her it, but the other part was all excited at this point. I kept havin make ma self shut the hell up jist to let er git a word in.
I kinda begged at her a little to take them shades off jist once. I bet she had real nice eyes under there. I bet they "shine like diamonds" I told er. Told her I jist wanted to remember her smiling lookin at me with them eyes when Im out on tha prairie alone at night. She seemed to like the compliment but was still a little reserved and all and wouldn't take em off yet. That's awright. Tommorrow's another day.

I thought it would be a good idea to part ways fer now.
Didn't wanna be too agressive and spoil shit.
She thanked me fer the tulips, and as I got up from that bar stool, I kinda just ran ma hand along her arm to see her reaction. Testin the waters. Hopin she wouldn't break ma hand. Much to my surprise she gave me a big ol kiss on tha cheek.
Yeah, that pretty much made me shut up fer the rest of the night. Except fer the part when I left on ma horse and bellowed a big ol' "YEEHAW!" fer I galloped outa town.

Someone really weird showed up into Serenity later on. Girl looked a little bit like a country gal in appearance but that was about it. She was definitely off. She was all like "stop cursin" when Aulrwak was bitchin up some GIJOE guy at the bank. I told er this aint no damn Hope Springs, and we cuss all we need to here down south.

She kept ramblin on about "Wednesday."  "Where's Wednesday, where's Wednesday?" she kept sayin over and over like a got dang broken record. I told the woman it wasnt long past Sunday evenin', and she was jist gonna have to wait a few days. I told her to go take a nap, er go fishin, er paint a damn fence and watch the paint dry."

I thought she was here to maybe kill me er somethin and she was jist fuckin with me. Deuce trotted up on his horse and was like "And there she is," and then galloped off back to his house. I was thinkin "ah great that sucker did hire someone to kill me." Probably was all jealous there was more than one mac in town.

But she kept going on and on about this fuckin "Wednesday." I thought maybe she was one of them "alpha clones" lookin around fer an Adams family member from the recesses a that scrambled up ol brain she obviously was totin around in er skull. She kept asking and asking. She was till insistin "Wednesday" was "right here," and I told er "Tuesdays gone with the wind lady!"
She started wanderin off down the road about the direction a Deuce's house. I figured "screw that."

Then I started thinkin about them mentally disabled people my wife used to work with and I started to feel guilty bout it. So I ran back on down that street and caught up with her while she was headed towards Deuces and Dr. Theira's direction. I was hollerin at em this lady needed some medication. Apparently he seemed to know who this person was and said he would handle it. Why the fuck he let some crazy lady walk around town like that fer? She coulda got hurt, man.

((entry ends and goes onto another day))

Ran into that Agression guy today. Wanted to git ma business settled. I still dont think people git the fact that I make it ma fuckin job to track people down. They always seem so friggen surprised about it. I think he was surprised when I bolted out in front of tha man with my horse while he was a runnin to god knows where. He keeps wearin that labcoat. He was fuckin with me like he didnt know who the hell I was. I told em not to fuck with me. Told em who the hell else matches such a description as I did? Aint nobody look this good in a cowboy hat. Unless it's Ghostlyn a course and there's nothin els---.
Anyway. I don told em I wasnt there fer revenge. Kinda thanked em fer whinin about me kissin Fuzzy. He he hadn't pussed out and hired Ghostlyn, then I wouldn't a ran into the finest angel I don ever seen.
I guess he seemed to accept that. Then I got down to the business a tellin em what Mr. Levi had to say about Fuzzy and his fatal attraction to her. Told em to watch his back, since that man seemed a little off, and pretty capable a destruction. Man seemed none to worried about it.

I decided to probe the question of jist what the fuck he was doing in the cemetary that day I thought I saw him bodysnatchin. He said he was "cleanin up the streets" a dead bodies. I told em Deuce called him a "friend" and that Deuce said he was "honorin his head." I wanted him to tell me jist what the fuck that means. What's with all these dang CHOTA hangin around the friggen cemetary anyway? He basically couldn't explain his actions so I left it. Told em to to try not to git blood on that pearly white labcoat a his. Cause blood is a bitch to get outta white clothin'.

((later entry))

Ran into Mr. Levi again at the bar in Hope Springs. Told em the work was finished but this man seemed to have another job in store fer me. He really seemed to like what I was smokin. And I mean REALLY like it. I was much appreciative of the comment. Told em I grow the best shit out here, and unless someone's a farmer, (like Dru er Shawnee) they're talkin out their ass if they say otherwise. He was interested in aquirrin' more of it. I was offerin ma blunt since I always like to share what I smoke, but he was like "No, I need significantly more." I asked em how much, and the size he showed me would make ol Rawkings look like a fat over the hill man if I shoved as much as that under ma shirt. He was serious too, and he wanted horse tranqs. I said "damn you really want ta throw a party dont ya mister Levi?"
I knew how to get both, but I aint been dealin a long time. I told em it would take me least a day to ride that far east and aquire what I needed to git. It was gonna cost em too. The man seems to be full of chips. I agreed to the job, but I told em I jist didn't want to know what the hell he planned on doin with all that shit.
This relationship may prove a bit lucrative.

I also finally met the mysterious"cyndi" girl in the same bar a little earlier. I walked in ta git a drink, and that girl I saw a few weeks back on the deck, well, she was like dancin all over the countertops. Seemed to be makin a livin outta it too. Nice to watch and all, but Rawkings gotta keep his shit in his pants now. Hard to control maself but I can. Besides, women talk, shit travels. I aint fuckin stupid. I aint bout to git ma nuts cut off by Ghostlyn now that I got this far with er. And she would find out too I reckon. That girl could probably give me a run fer the money when it comes to trackin. And she likes to kill the people she hunts.

Anyway, I'm glad I refrained from hittin on the striper and the mysterious red head sittin near ma left.
I knew I recognized them revolvers she was wearin. Same kind as Ghostlyn. As I brought up how nice the guns were, it all became pretty clear.

Found out this was "cyndi" or Cyndhria as others called her. She was Iniyas sister and apparently some president a this "Dust motors corporation." I didnt ask what they made. Probably make like vaccuum cleaners er somethin. Come to find out she had been the one to send me that message through Ghostlyn about Khalil being "alright." I hadn't seen em in a while actually. Her and Ghostlyn are also apparently friends. Good thing I didn't fuck that one up and hit on her.

Later on that night I went back into town. Heard a lot a voices comin from the backyard a the mayors house. Like I could giva shit right now. Coulda walked back there and all, but I figured ah fuck em. Dont need no people laughin at Rawkings tonight. I was sittin down in front of the waffle house jist enjoyin a blunt, havin a smoke. Place is never open. I was gitin hungry too and contemplatin sneakin in there to ya know "borrow" some stuff. Good thing I held that thought cause Miss Rumiko showed up doing a patrol. She was lookin fer someone though. I told er there was some racoons runnin around if she wanted somethin ta do. She asked me to keep an eye on the alley and she would be back later. She had some trouble on the radio.

So I am sitting there glad that stole her attention away from me when I hear some drunk guy on the radio. Sounded a lot like Khalil. I took a walk around the street and saw em walkin down it towards a northernly direction. He was drunk as shit. Wasn't talkin to me really. I followed em a little since I was wonderin how the hell he was. Cyndi and Ghostlyn had both mentioned em. Course they didnt or wouldnt mention if he was even alive. I figured Id jist let em be all angry and pass out down the street a bit and sleep it off. I went back down the road to the Waffle House.

Well, let me tell ya, when Rawkings gits bored, he gits curious. I was in a giddy mood. I decided to take a little ride on ma horse and see how far Khalil got. I was surprised. He seemed to have made it half a mile outta town. I thought id mess with em a little. Git his attention. I rode up and down past em a bit. I remember playin fetch with Poopis, ma dog, all around Khalil a bit. Hit em in the head with the stick by accident too but he didnt respond and kept walkin. I threw a bananna peel on the ground and he slipped but kept goin. I got hungry and shared some peanuts with ma dog. Threw one or two at Khalils head, but he didnt seem to give a shit.

He just kept walkin. I decided to pick his brain and he kept tryin to sway me off. I got ma harmonica out and started playin some ol sad country love song, tryin to git em to open up. When I was done I had a little discussion about him and his obvious pain. I kept trottin along tryin to pick his brain. Started goin on about the pain he was appearin to be feelin' in his heart. He told me "monsters' got no heart. I told em "everything has a heart, even monsters" Sounds messed up but I wasnt here to argue with him about his self image. Just wanted him to stop walkin. I told em anything that breathes and has a heart can feel pain.

It was bout this time that Fox Dogg happened to roll up down the road in his car. I'm glad he did. I needed the man power. There wasnt no reasonin with Khalil. I wasn't about to let this drunk walk all the way to New flagstaff(which was his intention he told me) and get robbed or shot. Fox, bein the buddy that he is, agreed to help no questions asked.
Thats when shit got interestin.

I tried a lot a stuff to stop Khalil. I remembered takin one of his shoes off so he couldnt walk right. Figured Id let em jist walk till he got tired and maybe he'd pass out around Hope Springs in a ditch some where. He jist took the other shoe off and kept goin in a drunk stupor. I saw that shit hurt his feet though. There was a lot a broken glass on the road. It looked promisin that he wouldn't make it far. I eyed him in my rifle scope for a time while he got near the bridge.

A few minutes later I heard em on the radio, with new apparent energy, exclaiming he was gonna "Walk the whole way!" to New flagstaff on bare cut up feet. Well I had enough. It was obvious we were gun have to take the sum bitch down now.
We caught back up to em slightly north a tha bridge and I asked Fox to assist. Fox took note and bonked em on the head. But the crazy fanger kept walking and he took out a machete and started swingin it at us. We jist kinda circled em and I yelled to Fox to let Khalil tried himself out. Which he eventually did and he ploppled down on the ground.

Me and Fox came up with two different solutions at the same time. I lit up a blunt and right before I managed to blow a big all smoke cloud into Khalils eyes, Fox took a more direct initiative and bit into khalil with them big ol dog fangs and injected some kinda venom into em to slow em down. I dont know how the hell Fox can do that without gitin sick but I dont care. Cause it looked like it was startin to work.

About then Mr. Levi showed up slowin down in his car askin what was goin on. He asked if he could help but he basically wasnt talkin to me, he was talkin to Fox. Must look up to him like a boss in some kinda CHOTA heirarchy. Course I explained to the man that he'd be helpin Fox who was help me and I was helpin Khalil. That seemed to confuse em a bit, but it got things goin and he decided to come along for the walk and watch out fer bandits. Then it happened...

Khalil got some crazy burst a energy and bolted. I chased after em on foot and knew there was no other choice what but what I had to do next...
As I was runnin I got ma rifle out and took a shot at em. Clipped em right in the heel and he fell over. As the other two ran up to me I think they were quite surprised I did that. I  really didn't see any other solution at this point. Man was definitely not gonna walk now. Fucker was actually trying to crawl. Fox bonked em on the head and he went out like a light bulb this time. I'm glad Fox was there to lift em.

I mean the last time I drug Khalil just across the street in Hope Springs it reminded me a draggin a bear through the woods after Id shoot one back in the ol days. Khalil was literally as tall as a bear, had to have been over 7 feet tall and 300 lbs to boot. No where no damn way I was draggin him all the way down the road to Hope Springs. Fox being only a few inches shorter, managed to toss the man over his shoulder and carry him with ease."He's not that heavy," he said.

Mr Levi asked Fox if they could eat em but he told em no. Then I saw Mr. Levi eyeballin Poopis and I told em not to even think about it. I guess he got too hungry and decided to part ways with us.
Fox and I walked all the way to the garage at Hope Springs, where Id figure we'd leave Khalil for the night. I talked about what happened with Ghostlyn the day before. He seemed happy fer me.
My plan with Khalil, consdiering I gave em a minor injury and all,  was to git em some blood from that trunk a that ol' car where he kept his shit.

When I got there though I noticed most of the stuff was cleared out for some reason. And the blood packs were all gone. Well shit. Now what. Fox suggested I get some from the med center. But that crotchety old Dr. Dorado was not gonng be partin with those blood bags anytime soon for a fanger I was pretty sure.

Ah well. Plan B.
I think it's safe to say if I have to steal somethin' I will. I didn't git this far without havin' to everynow and then. And if anyone was gonna steal somethin like that, it be me.
I told Fox I'd be quick about it.

I remember some really odd and kinda funny shit happenin after that.
I snuck in through the front window of the med lab cause I saw no one in front and the door was locked.
Started snoopin around making sure the place was clear. Stuck ma head around the corner a the patient room and saw somethin kinda funny. Ol cranky Dr. Dorado was in there with that dancer half naked doing who knows what. Well, good fer him. Maybe he wont be such a got dang windbag next time he goes to work. They were busy, so that was good. I slipped into the kitchen and unlocked the fridge with some lockpicks. Found some blood bags. Took one. Stole a piece a pizza too.
Ran down the street and it appeared no one saw me.

When I got back to the garage I had to improvise. Dug around the tool chest and found a little bit a that ol nasty siphon tubing I used for an IV on Yvette last time I was here. I popped a hole in the blood bag, stuck the tubing in and put the other end in Khalils mouth like a little sippy juice bag. He looked like a little baby suckin on a bottle.

Fox got a radio call and had to run like hell. Probably that war thing that's going on. I locked up the main door to the garage and slipped out the back door. He'd be alright fer the night. Let em sort shit out in the morning when he sobered up.

Now don't ask me exactly why I did all of that. Maybe I was being a good samaritan. Maybe it was because I felt bad fer em. He's kinda like an outsider like me. We'd probably be friends under different circumstances. Maybe I felt bad for Iniya and couldn't bear any guilt if I left him in the road to git killed. Or maybe it was more of a preservation kinda thing. Ya know if Iniya is happy then her sister Cyndi is. If Cyndi is happy, then maybe she'll be happier around her friends like Ghostlyn and then maybe Ghostlyn will be happier!
Or fuck what if I didn't do nothin? What if someone found out I left him. What if Iniya found out? Then Cyndi would be pretty pissed that Iniya was upset. In turn Ghostlyn might get pretty angry Cyndi was mad. Then maybe Ghostlyn would git pissed off and decide to chop ma nuts off.
Call it a twisted logic, but I think it makes sense one way or another. Rawkings aint no dummy.

On top of that regardless of it all, this man was ma good luck charm. Last time I helped em out,. good things happened to me. Ghostlyn started talkin to me. If I didn't help him now, I think bad shit might start happenin to me.


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((epic as always..



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((I really do love these posts.  Keith, you're pure entertainment))


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((Enjoyable read! I love Keith's perspective on things and the way you tell his tales. Even his "boring days" are entertaining, lol. This is one guy I bet could turn sitting in the middle of a rad zone and dying slowly of radiation poisoning into an epically amusing adventure :D))

Hugs: There are far too many broken hearts.  Fortunately, anyone can be a mechanic!

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((perhaps I shoulda been me one a them "entertainment" clones.))

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((Nah - the most entertaining moments are always the unintentionally entertaining ones :) ))

Hugs: There are far too many broken hearts.  Fortunately, anyone can be a mechanic!

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((Hehehe, I get such a kick out of reading of Rawkings' adventures and his perceptions of them. Too funny. He's a really neat character. :)  ))

(( DMC "Probably make like vaccuum cleaners er somethin."

Awsome ! Damn i'm still laughing on that.

*note* try to fit a V8 engine in a vaccuum cleaner

Anyway, good write to read, i enjoyed it much ))

cyndy bando

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((thanks :D))

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((Well if you can't get a V8 on a vacuum, you could always try food blenders:


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((lol, James May wll drink anything. You should see the shit Gordon Ramsey had him try on "The "F" Word."

(( Just awsome !

I've got a bike's engine in my garage, i'm gonna built a V2 blender ))

cyndy bando

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