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Happy Trails (entry 10)

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((I really didn't know how to write this entry up at first, so I put a whole mix of styles in. When the conversations came with Sybil I thought the chat logs were so cool (a lot of one on one character developement) that I felt it was better to just post them here. I really felt like it would give people an inside look at what Sybil is about and how she can express the stolen youth of a young girl locked up under a very tough exterior. Sybs if you dont like the chat logs being up here, tell me, and Ill take it down. I know you read up on FERP, so I hope you like this entry instead. I just thought it was a very cool log. I cant express the nuances of the conversation the same way as just posting it. Maybe it will inspire more people to write?))


((From the Diary of Keith Rawkings))

Now I clearly remember wakin up jist outside a Serenity Falls. I got to lookin' at ma clothing and gear that mornin' and I realized it was starting to come apart at the seams. Guns needed real good cleanin' too, and I was out of oil. I rode into town cautiously, considerin' it was daytime and all, and I didn't think it was a good idea for day timers to be seein' me on account a what happened at the waffle house.
I was jist tryin' to git some stuff outta the vault and when I went outside I jist remember a lotof people.
First this gal came up on a motorcycle, real nice, gal, and she came right up and introduced herself to me. Poopis seemed to like her too, so she couldnt be that bad.As she was scratching Poopis' head I was jist gittin to tell her about how much I liked her the blue color on that bike, when around ma shoulder I noticed Rumiko.
Now, I thought "shieett" I wonder if she knows about ma involvement with tha breakin in the other day. I eyed 'er up real carefull like. Course she was wearin that crazy black and red getup. Looked like some go go dancing commando stuff. We exchanged pleasantries and she didn't seem to give me any reason to believe she was gonna kick ma teeth in and haul me down to jail.
Somehow in our conversatin' the subject a ma buddy Fox Dogg came up. Her eyebrows went up at this with great concern as did the ears of the nearby citizens. She started goin on about this man bein' a "Reaver" and CHOTA, and what they do for recreation. Which I guess from her description, involves shootin', killin' burnin villages, rapin, eatin babies, err something like that. I dunno, I thought some a that was soundin' like rank bullshit but maybe not totally impossible.
I mean shit, Fox Dogg didn't do any a that when we go around drinkin and partyin. I mean he didn't kill no one round me. Not sayin he hasn't or aint capable. Jist sayin' he didn't commit no dang attrocities in my company. Little rough around the edges maybe. Surely he's capable of destruction. I mean he did rip the damn top of that metal beer keg wit his bear hands the other night. He talks to dogs. He is definitely a unique individual.

I started arguin' with her that her logic was flawed and prejudice at that, considerin' the fact Fuzzy,  a known CHOTA gal with pretty violent tendencies was a dang resident who lived right up here in Serenity Falls! I guess she rephrased the statement that it's really these "Reavers"  I should be concerned with. She mentioned some feller by tha name a "Boruhai" that apparently founded these people, and how I should meet him one day, I giss to git the "real story." She said the people in this town got a lot a history with them Reavers. J
udgin by what Rumiko and I discussed about them Reavers "kilin what whatever is weaker" than them, I knew that if that were true, then Fox woulda ripped ma head off jist like he ripped the top a that beer keg off last night. At 7 foot tall and with strength like that, Id never walk out of a brawl alive with the man on the other end, so what Rumi was sayin bout that had to be hogwash.

I told her how a lot of these people's history is spillin right outta the book all over the street. I told er I'd trust what she was sayin more if I didn't see so much a that damn drama goin on between her and the rest of them hierarchy here. I jist wanted no part a that "history" and was jist tryin' to write "new chapters" in ma life at this point. She seemed to be acknowledgin' this and ma point but insisted I take her words into consideration bout Fox Dogg. Course I told her I respect her word and all, but that I could watch ma back. We parted ways and I noticed Deuce was standin over there in full on conversation with the woman I had jist been talkin to not ten minutes earlier. Yeah he was a damn pimp alright. Between the shit Fuzzy told me bout his love triangle involvin' her and Aerinn and the way the man talks to like all the women, I knew his "boy scout" game pretty well. Seen it before. Gotta admit though, the boy's got game, I'll give em that. I jist got on ma horse, gave em a real stern look and rode on north to New Flagstaff to resupply.

Started thinkin 'bout the stuff Rumiko was tellin' me bout ma boy. And ya know what, if people are afraid of em, good. That'll be less people fuckin' wit me when we're hangin out together.
Which may be a benefit of our friendship I'd come to value sooner than later, judging by the radio conversation I had later that evening eith Fuzzy, on ma way home back from New Flagstaff.
She was talkin' bout her boyfriend bein all pissy about me kissin her last night and how he was aimin' to cook ma goose next time he saw me.((Keith continues to write about the radio call. I posted some in game chat her to better capture the moment))

(( Clan] [Keith Rawkings] *R* on the road again
[Clan] [Keith Rawkings] *R* like a band a gypsies we go down tha highway
[Clan] [Sybil Snow] *R* what the hell?
[Clan] [Keith Rawkings] *R* hell is for children
[Clan] [Sybil Snow] *R* ya speakin some werid stuff... just got me wondering
[Clan] [Keith Rawkings] *R* who's that? Fuzzy?
[Clan] [Sybil Snow] *R* *chuckles* yeh, its me
[Clan] [Keith Rawkings] *R* how ya doin' darlin'?
[Clan] [Sybil Snow] *R* ya want to play some more? you HAVE to play when Wabbit gets to you... he will make you do so
[Clan] [Keith Rawkings] *R* I like wabbits, whos the wabbit?
[Clan] [Keith Rawkings] *R* I likes playin with bunnies
[Clan] [Sybil Snow] *R* Wabbit... hell i think i mentioned him many times just yesterday
[Clan] [Keith Rawkings] *R* yeah ma'am dont member too much
[Clan] [Sybil Snow] *R* my boyfriend would propably refresh yer memory...
[Clan] [Sybil Snow] *R* thats what he is
[Clan] [Keith Rawkings] *R* yer boyfriend's got a wabbit?
[Clan] [Keith Rawkings] *R* yer boyfriends a wabbit?
[Clan] [Sybil Snow] *R* Wabbit, -IS- my boyfriend!
[Clan] [Keith Rawkings] *R* yeah I like wabbits too, but I don wanna marry em r nothin'
[Clan] [Sybil Snow] ((LOL))
[Clan] [Keith Rawkings] *R* yer funny!
[Clan] [Keith Rawkings] *R* anyway I didnt think CHOTA played wit wabbits, jist figured theyd sooner eat 'em
[Clan] [Sybil Snow] *R* yeh well... wabbit mentioned something about shoving a pink quitar up yer ass...
[Clan] [Leranna] *R* Primary Threat Spotted, Lethal Force Authorized
[Clan] [Keith Rawkings] *R* der someone's gitin shot?
[Clan] [Sybil Snow] *R* well here is... im shootin shitbags))

I remember gitin back into town shortly after the radio conversation, and I was lookin' to git a bite to eat at the waffle house even if I had to deal with Deuce. Unfortunately it was closed..
((more chat logs for fun))

(( Izii Helfari stifles a laugh, a hand covering his mouth.
[Keith Rawkings] says: notices the Waffle House is closed
Keith Rawkings mutters *got damnit*
Iniya looks over at Keith.  "Hungry?"
[Iniya] says: I've got sandwiches, if you want one.
Keith Rawkings ears perk up
[Clan] [Keith Rawkings] ya got sammichs?
[Iniya] says: One sec, Izii...I'm sorry.
[Izii Helfari] says: Right.. right.
[Keith Rawkings] says: sammichs?
[Clan] [Sybil Snow] ((was that a mt?))
[Clan] [Keith Rawkings] ((yeah lol))
Iniya fishes around in her bike's bag, and produces a [Hoagie Sandwich] and an apple juice.
[Clan] [Keith Rawkings] oh ma god
[Clan] [Keith Rawkings] mt lol
[Iniya] says: Here ya go.
[Keith Rawkings] says: thank ya ma'am might kind a ya
Iniya turns back and nods, with a smile.
[Keith Rawkings] says: wait a sec *pokes into pocket*
[Keith Rawkings] says: pardon but maybe i could return the favor
Keith Rawkings pulls out [Impure Pain Killer]
[Iniya] says: No, that's okay - you can have it for free.
[Keith Rawkings] says: oh  awright then suit yerself
[Keith Rawkings] says: thank ya kindly
Iniya smiles, and nods again.
Keith Rawkings tips hit hat ))

Yeah then Fuzzy showed up. She was in a good mood but seemed in an even happier mood at the possibility of a fight between me and er boyfriend. I tried to quell the idea of violence in her mind. I didn't have to be shootin' up the guy over some misunderstandin' over me kissin a girl I didn't even 'member hearing was "taken."  I basically waved some painkillers in a bag at her (yep, I know, that was a pretty fucked up thang to do in retrospect), and I basically said to go git high with 'er boyfriend on me. Maybe that would settle the man's ire. Course if he still had concerns he could always seek me out, but if I told 'er if he came trainin' a gun on me, I couldn't be held responsible for the aftermath. I suddenly thought of Fox Dogg and that beer keg, and him rippin this guys head off at the bar the same way as he did that keg can. At this point I was jist hopin' that this "Wabbit" fucker would be smart enough to take the drugs and ferget about it.
I changed the subject. I started askin her about her life and how long she'd been around. What 'er deal was.  She told me how young she was (somethin' like six to eight weeks fresh outta the lifenet pod). So that answers one question: she didn't exist before "The Fall" like I did. Although I still don' member some shit from those days.
She went on about how she was engineered to basically be a a perfect match of strength and skills in combat and all. I don't think she knew she was probably meant for a military purpose. I tried to see if she had any other interests than shootin' and gitin wasted. Ya know,somethin' more constructive...
((Keith writes more about Sybils interests. more chat logs since they looked so cool afterwards))


Keith Rawkings] says: hmmm
[Keith Rawkings] says: so you dont member anything about a life before the dam eh?
[Sybil Snow] says: and i been around the wastes no for... 6-8 weeks... maybe even 7-9 now im not sure... i cant count months or years
Sybil Snow shakes her ehad
Keith Rawkings realizes she hasn't lived before the Fall
[Keith Rawkings] says: Wow, yer jist a little tad pole still, Fuzzy
[Keith Rawkings] says: no wonder yer so confused but things
[Keith Rawkings] says: bout*
[Sybil Snow] says: no... the lifenet thingie tells me that im a perfected human being made from over 40 samples of alpha DNA, good reflexes and perfect muscle tissues... i dont know really what the fuck does that all+
[Sybil Snow] says: +even mean but thats what i am if ya aske lifenet
Keith Rawkings has a good idea what that means
Keith Rawkings *says in a low voice almost nondiscernable *you were made for war*
[Keith Rawkings] says: *cough*
[Keith Rawkings] says: erm
[Keith Rawkings] says: anyway, Fuzzy...
[Keith Rawkings] says: you got anything ya like to do other than killin g and gitin wasted?
[Keith Rawkings] says: like some interest thats more constructive?
[Sybil Snow] says: they were usin my "bodies" as spare parts and shit before the CHOTA woke me up... thats what i was told... im just not exactly sure if its true..
[Sybil Snow] says: oh... well, i dance... i make good food!
[Keith Rawkings] says: *the conversation starts to bring back old memories from before the Fall in Keiths mind*
[Sybil Snow] says: and i make some guns aswell
[Keith Rawkings] says: yeah there ya go!
[Keith Rawkings] says: yeah you oughta clean guns and fix em and all
Sybil Snow points at her Devil
[Keith Rawkings] says: maybe help out Shui er somethin
[Sybil Snow] says: i made that aswell
[Keith Rawkings] says: nice job
[Sybil Snow] says: its a gashoggler
[Sybil Snow] says: so i call it the Devil...
[Keith Rawkings] says: see now if ya put as much effort into this stuff as you do the really violent stuff...
[Sybil Snow] says: Tiny Devil
[Keith Rawkings] says: maybe ya should git a horse *pats Old Overholt on the nose*
[Sybil Snow] says: well im quite good cook really... and i can make quite good booze aswell
Keith Rawkings thinks booze would be a good idea but...
[Sybil Snow] says: well, not the best around but very drinkable and i can guarantee it goes to yer head!
Keith Rawkings is going to put that one out of the conversation for the sake of the girl...
[Keith Rawkings] says: eh yeah, you cook any good pies er anything?
[Sybil Snow] says: well i make alot of different food... but i really love to make cookies and cakes... cause i love em
[Keith Rawkings] says: ah there ya go! A natural baker
[Keith Rawkings] says: see now you could do a little bakin and sell them there pies to Deuce fer the Waffle House
[Sybil Snow] says: ey... i kind of... well at least were workin with Deuce there
[Sybil Snow] says: its just... i havent really been working in like 2 weeks
[Keith Rawkings] says: And thats about the time people used to take vacations
Keith Rawkings just realized she has no idea what that meant
[Keith Rawkings] says: erm
[Sybil Snow] says: take vacations? what the hell?
[Keith Rawkings] says: what im sayin is..
[Keith Rawkings] says: dont ya think yav taken nough time off?
[Keith Rawkings] says: how bout gitin back into the swing of things?
[Keith Rawkings] says: Bake a little care er something, hell, ill try em, maybe buy a few
Sybil Snow nods "yeh... and im headed back to Bone... pete... progresstown just as i get on my Devil"
Keith Rawkings thinks *progress town.. and bad memories stir up*
[Keith Rawkings] says: eh what the heck you got goin fer ya out there? its a lost cause out there Fuzzy
[Sybil Snow] says: oh... and i got some cakes with me just now... ya can get one for 1 blue or 2 for 1 blue and 50 whites!
[Sybil Snow] says: theyre not exactly the best food around... but hell theyre sweet and soft
[Keith Rawkings] says: yeah ill try a cake, give it 'er *gets out some chips*
Sybil Snow takes 2 wrapped up cakes out from her ATV
[Keith Rawkings] says: hey douche watch where ya ridin next time!!!
Keith Rawkings shakes his fists at the horse rider
Sybil Snow grins, offering the cakes to him
[Keith Rawkings] says: anyway sorry
Sybil Snow nods, counting the chips
[Sybil Snow] says: thanks!
[Keith Rawkings] says: no problem, thank you!
[Sybil Snow] says: im practisin hard to make different ones
Keith Rawkings sneaks a bite
[Sybil Snow] says: itll not take away yer hunger too good... but its sweet
[Sybil Snow] says: and soft!
[Keith Rawkings] says: mmm, see this is good
[Keith Rawkings] says: keep it up Fuzzy, ya got somethin' good goin er
Sybil Snow smirks "thanks"
[Keith Rawkings] says: Id tell Deuce, but , not feelin much like talkin to his sorry butt at the moment
[Sybil Snow] says: well Deuce has eaten my cakes ya know?
[Sybil Snow] says: i used to go out with him and work in the Waffle with him...
[Keith Rawkings] says: Yeah well, if he sees people like em he might start to ask you for more orders
Sybil Snow nods  )))))))

Anyway. the subject a Deuce came up and I took the opporunity to probe what she knew a little about him...
((Keith writes about what he found out about Deuce... more chat logs))

[Keith Rawkings] says: Yeah fuzzy, youmentioned something about him and you and you were really pissed about it remember?
[Keith Rawkings] says: We was stoned a little though
[Sybil Snow] says: yeh... i was
Sybil Snow sighs
[Sybil Snow] says: im still little mad at him... but i think he tries his best to fix things up
[Sybil Snow] says: like.. he screwed me, Aerinn and himself quite bad with just a few little lies...
[Keith Rawkings] says: Yeah well im seein now its in his nature to pick up a lot of women with his  "boy scout" approach"
[Keith Rawkings] says: You know what a boy scout is?
Sybil Snow shakes her head
[Sybil Snow] says: never heard
Sybil Snow lights her blunt again, it being nearly finished already
[Keith Rawkings] says: Thems used to be little uppitty kids that walked around in funny little uniforms and helped people for no money and got badges for it
[Keith Rawkings] says: crazy kids
Sybil Snow nods slowly "so... they were either really kind or stupid"
[Keith Rawkings] says: yeah they were
[Keith Rawkings] says: but Deuce is maybe usin that as a game I think
[Keith Rawkings] says: ya git the correlation?
[Sybil Snow] says: yeh well... it wasnt too far away for me to shoot his balls off with my 12 gauge... thats where his game got him
[Keith Rawkings] says: you actually do that? Is he a clone?
Keith Rawkings shells some peanuts
Sybil Snow grins "like i care if someone is a clone... i try not to hurt nabi's too much but like... if someone deserves to get hurt, i dont care if he or she is a clone"
Sybil Snow takes a long drag from her blunt
[Keith Rawkings] says: I was jist wonderin actually now that the subject kinda presented itself
[Keith Rawkings] says: ya know, what he is actually
[Sybil Snow] says: well... yeh i would have done it and he is a clone
[Keith Rawkings] says: comes off all light hearted and all but...
[Sybil Snow] says: but still i guess that shooting his balls off would have hurt him...
[Keith Rawkings] says: I mean you seem to share no love for em anyway, maybe you wouldnt mind tellin me what that guy is about
[Sybil Snow] says: like... if i shoot to face, the one i shoot just dies... i never have felt too much pain if i have died from a headshot...
[Keith Rawkings] says: I mean a man comes off like a mellow hippie and goes psychotic
[Sybil Snow] says: goes psychotic?
[Keith Rawkings] says: ah yeah, didnt I tell you about ma head wound? maybe I was too stoned that day
Keith Rawkings takes off hat
[Keith Rawkings] says: see? *points to side of forehead
[Sybil Snow] says: what the fuck yer babblin about? like... i never seen him hurtin no one physically... only from inside
[Keith Rawkings] says: man done shot me jist because he wanted to hide the fuck out in some ol house and be left alone
Sybil Snow looks closely and will notice if there is anything to notice
[Keith Rawkings] says: Rumiko asked me to go find em and even though I didnt really take the job, i went later anyway
[Sybil Snow] says: allright
[Keith Rawkings] says: ((big scar))
[Keith Rawkings] says: Anyway needless to say I went and found his ass hiding on a rooftop of some ol shit house
[Keith Rawkings] says: and in the end I got this fer ma efforts
[Keith Rawkings] says: so, im jist sayin you knew em pretty well and all
Sybil Snow shakes her head "ya must have picked a wrong time"
[Keith Rawkings] says: maybe he spilled something during "pillow talk"
[Keith Rawkings] says: man dont jist go from 0-100 without a history
[Sybil Snow] says: like... he went all crazy after i told him its over and he spoke to Aerinn...
[Keith Rawkings] says: ((death metal!!))
[Keith Rawkings] says: ((you hear this? hehe))
[Sybil Snow] says: like... i think Aerinn might have said something to make him go all... well...
[Sybil Snow] says: ((yeh i hear this, i got Demonville on 24/7 :P))
[Sybil Snow] says: ((and it was Slayer - Raining Blood))
Keith Rawkings listens with earnest
[Keith Rawkings] says: ((oh yeah thats a classic one I just don own it))
[Sybil Snow] says: well he went nuts... lost his horses from his stables
[Sybil Snow] says: but hes better now i think
[Keith Rawkings] says: Mans got real training with a rifle though, Fuzzy
Sybil Snow nods
[Sybil Snow] says: yeh... i got no doubt about that
[Sybil Snow] says: hes a hunter
[Keith Rawkings] says: He musta done some real bad shit before comin here to start up this town
[Keith Rawkings] says: Yeah well, ya make friendly with them Vistas and they teach ya lots about huntin
[Keith Rawkings] says: I used to hunt a lot, long time ago....
[Sybil Snow] says: and well... i have heard that he was in progresstown or whatever it was called then
Keith Rawkings thinks *bingo*
[Keith Rawkings] says: mm hmm
[Keith Rawkings] says: tell me more?
Sybil Snow grins "i learned to hunt from the CHOTA, they gave me an axe and said to go whack some beasts for meat..."
Keith Rawkings frowns *oh dont tell me bout killin bunnies*
[Sybil Snow] says: then i learned to use guns on my own
[Sybil Snow] says: like... i still handle a knife or a baton in a fight quite good but i prefer usin guns for sneaky hunting
[Keith Rawkings] says: ah I see what yer huntin and it aint rabbits heh
Keith Rawkings has a light bulb blow up in his head with surprise
Sybil Snow grins, taking another puff from the blunt, noticing that it burns her lips, she swallows the rest
Keith Rawkings realizes this is the girlfriend of the guy he saw in the cemetary probably eating the dead
[Keith Rawkings] says: shhhit* in a low whisper
Sybil Snow listens carefully, lowering her voice herself "what?"
[Keith Rawkings] says: ((that was ma minds thoughts)
[Keith Rawkings] says: ah yeah nothin ))

Yeah, so she was gitin tired a little and I was goin' to cut it short, but I wanted to make a small stop down the street before turnin in fer the night. I invitied her to come along for the walk.


Keith Rawkings] says: hey a I gotta take a walk somewhere before i git goin and
[Keith Rawkings] says: yer welcome to tag along
[Keith Rawkings] says: im goin on foot
[Keith Rawkings] says: jist down the road a spell
[Sybil Snow] says: oh... well.... i guess i could but i also think that im late already
[Keith Rawkings] says: its down there i think
Keith Rawkings points left down the road
[Sybil Snow] says: well... im already late so ill come with ya
Keith Rawkings whistles along the way
Keith Rawkings looks around for a red car
Keith Rawkings notices the trailer in the back
[Keith Rawkings] says: yeah this is the place
[Sybil Snow] says: what place?
[Keith Rawkings] says: and I knew i fixed the right got dang washer machine yesterday
[Keith Rawkings] says: ya think the person who lives in the trailer uses that washer?
[Sybil Snow] says: ask
[Keith Rawkings] says: yeah let me see if someone is home
Keith Rawkings pokes his head in the trailer door
Keith Rawkings looks around for Dru
[Keith Rawkings] says: dang
[Keith Rawkings] says: Someone told me they move er
[Keith Rawkings] says: jist gotta do somethin real quick
Keith Rawkings takes a pair of [Black Riding Boots] from his sack
Keith Rawkings leaves them on the doorstep to the trailer
Sybil Snow pulls another blunt out from her pocket to notice it to be her last, she pets the[Teddy Bear] which hangs from her belt with a smile
Keith Rawkings notices the teddy bear
[Keith Rawkings] says: ok
[Keith Rawkings] says: they aint home
[Keith Rawkings] says: had to do somethin
Sybil Snow nods
[Sybil Snow] says: allright
Sybil Snow lights the blunt
[Keith Rawkings] says: guess I should not hang out in the yard, theyll probably think im snoopin
[Sybil Snow] says: i got a Teddy from Wabbit today...
[Keith Rawkings] says: yeah those are hard to find
Keith Rawkings starts reflecting on something far away in his mind
Sybil Snow smiles "and hell... he filled it with weed!"
[Keith Rawkings] says: hah
[Keith Rawkings] says: catnip...
[Keith Rawkings] says: a joke haha
[Keith Rawkings] says: you ever seen a cat?
[Sybil Snow] says: like... it got this zipper... its like a small bag
[Sybil Snow] says: cat?
Sybil Snow shakes her head
[Sybil Snow] says: i dont think i have
[Keith Rawkings] says: yeah all i see are these damn dogs
[Sybil Snow] says: at least i dont really know what a cat is... it an animal?
[Keith Rawkings] says: yeah its smaller than a dog has a little bushy tail, two pointy ears and claws
[Keith Rawkings] says: kinda reminds me a you actually Fuzzy!
Sybil Snow smiles brightly "i bet one is cute!"
[Keith Rawkings] says: yeah they were good hunters too
[Keith Rawkings] says: people kept em around for pleasure and sometimes to hunt vermin
[Sybil Snow] says: oh... wow, like... i had a pet dog
[Sybil Snow] says: like, pets like dogs?
Keith Rawkings notices the dog running around the yard
[Keith Rawkings] says: yeah
[Keith Rawkings] says: cept dogs liked to chase em
[Keith Rawkings] says: they were sometimes known as mortal enemies to some
[Keith Rawkings] says: but best friends in the eyes of others
[Keith Rawkings] says: confusin' right?
[Keith Rawkings] says: kinda like people
[Sybil Snow] says: i lost my Pawsy... stupid raiders got her...
[Keith Rawkings] says: sorry, fuzzy
Sybil Snow nods "alot like people... and cause of that... confusing, as people are confusing"
[Keith Rawkings] says: Maybe I'll find a stray er something
Sybil Snow smiles as she thinks of her dog "she was funny... and i was thinkin of a name for her... and she started wavin her paw, so i named her Pawsy"
[Keith Rawkings] says: aww thats cute
[Keith Rawkings] says: You want another dog? ya think ya can take care a it now?
[Keith Rawkings] says: welp ill keep ma eyes peeled when im out there in the wastes
[Sybil Snow] says: i dont know... like, last one got shot down by raiders... other than that we got along just good
[Keith Rawkings] says: yeah I think ya could use a little companion

((Keith writes about going back down the street and trying to teach Sybil a conception of time and what it means. In the background other conversations bleed into the mix there. I left them in for posterity and fun since this "journal" is completely out of character so it's not like I'm spilling anything juicy IC about the tidbits at the end. But the thing about "nina" is a teaser.))

[Keith Rawkings] says: We should git outta this yard\
Keith Rawkings gestures for Sybil to follow him
Sybil Snow grins "oh? more company? well... im always with Wabbit and i got alot of friends"
[Keith Rawkings] says: yeah but a dog is always loyal
[Keith Rawkings] says: wont screw ya over like some dudes
[Sybil Snow] says: Deuce is the only dude who screwed me over...
[Keith Rawkings] says: dont hold ya breath, life can be long as a clone
Sybil Snow nods
[Sybil Snow] says: i been wondering that... like... a year
[Sybil Snow] says: its quite long time right?
[Keith Rawkings] says: for some yeah
[Keith Rawkings] says: fer people like us
[Keith Rawkings] says: jist sand in the hour glass
[Iniya] says: So...heading out then?
[Sybil Snow] says: i dont really know how many weeks a year is...
[Keith Rawkings] says: yeah its gitin late
[Keith Rawkings] says: you see when the moon gets real full up in the sky?
[Izii Helfari] says: Well, if I kept you out all night, I'm certain Cyndy will hunt me down - thinking I'd done something ungentleman like.
[Keith Rawkings] says: That happens once a month
Iniya laughs.  "Cyndy's not my -mom-, y'know."
[Sybil Snow] says: once a month? allright
[Keith Rawkings] says: Got twelve months a year
[Izii Helfari] says: She sure can act like it.
[Izii Helfari] says: Remember when she thought I was an Enforcer?
[Keith Rawkings] says: but whos countin anymo
[Izii Helfari] says: I thought I'd have to dive off the balcony.
[Iniya] says: Well you did look rather Enforcery.
[Sybil Snow] says: twelve... allright... how many weeks is one month?
[Sybil Snow] says: i can count only weeks you know...
[Sybil Snow] says: like i havent got any idea about months...
[Keith Rawkings] says: bout 4 weeks a month
[Izii Helfari] says: I think I still do.
[Izii Helfari] says: Though, the alternative is to look like I rolled myself in warpaint.
[Iniya] says: I think you look a lot less like an Enforcer now, actually.  Maybe it's the colors.
Iniya glances across the street at Aulwrak, then back to Izii.
[Izii Helfari] says: Well, everything is kind of.. red and orange now. Given the weather most places.
[Sybil Snow] says: hey again
[Keith Rawkings] says: ((sorry man was doing PMS))
[Aulwrak Blackclaw] says: Hey.
Keith Rawkings nods to Aulwrak
[Keith Rawkings] says: eh, hey man
[Aulwrak Blackclaw] says: She come back?
[Sybil Snow] says: the one ya killed?
[Sybil Snow] says: nah
[Sybil Snow] says: not seen her around
[Iniya] says: I guess I should lt you go, then.
[Aulwrak Blackclaw] says: Alright.
[Izii Helfari] says: I'll be in that shack I found, I'll see about visiting you later.
Iniya nods.  "Okay."
[Sybil Snow] says: im way too late already... but had to stay for a bit longer as this dude...
[Iniya] says: Take care, hm?
[Sybil Snow] says: Keith was it?
Izii Helfari leans over to give Iniya a kiss on the forehead. "Just make sure Joe doesn't mess up your yard."
[Keith Rawkings] says: Rawkings, Keith Rawkings
[Izii Helfari] says: He
[Izii Helfari] says: He's gotten to digging a lot.
Iniya laughs. "-You- had better make sure of that, or you'll be cleaning it up."
[Izii Helfari] says: Well, I'll bring the shovel, then.
Aulwrak Blackclaw snorts
Izii Helfari clears his throat. "Alright, until then."
Sybil Snow nods, grinning a bit "thanks for the peace offering and all... but i cant really promise nothing... i dont got nothin against you no more, you know NOT to kiss me"
[Iniya] says: I don't even want to think about the size of the messes he drops...
[Izii Helfari] says: .. eh, yeah, lets not.
Iniya looks to Aulwrak.
[Keith Rawkings] says: uh yeah, i know now fer sure
[Keith Rawkings] says: jist dont kiss me and say it was me!! heehe
Izii Helfari pulls his beret from his vest pouch, putting it back on. "The Rack, tomorrow, I'll be there."
Aulwrak Blackclaw's hands and wrists are stained with blood, his knees as well, and the core of his shirt
Iniya waves to Izii.
[Keith Rawkings] says: ((rack is on hold till may 20th))
[Izii Helfari] says: \\ The world just died a little.
[Iniya] says: ((Oh?  I missed that))
[Aulwrak Blackclaw] says: (( well, vader isnt doing the rack
[Aulwrak Blackclaw] says: (( that doesnt mean we can't gather
[Keith Rawkings] says: (( I know it sucks man))
[Aulwrak Blackclaw] says: (( i'm sure just as many people will be there
[Izii Helfari] says: \\ I say we still gather.
[Keith Rawkings] says: ((yeah thats what I was thinking))
Sybil Snow keeps grinning as she chuckles "i wont be doin that.... but yeh... catch ya later, maybe with a pink guitar up in yer arse" laughs out loud
[Aulwrak Blackclaw] says: What do you know about Nina?
[Keith Rawkings] says: ((just put the demonville mix on and do it in the spirit))
[Keith Rawkings] says: At least ya know what a guitar is!
[Sybil Snow] says: ((i need to go afk but IC Syb left already))
[Keith Rawkings] says: ((cya have a gnight))
Iniya taps her chin smartly and says, "Hm...well, I know that you tried to help her find and kill Dr. D.  That's something, right?"
[Sybil Snow] says: ((well... its morning in here already :P))
[Sybil Snow] says: ((anyways... afk for a bit))
[Aulwrak Blackclaw] says: No.
[Aulwrak Blackclaw] says: I tried to get her to come with me, so I didnt have to kill her in the streets.
[Iniya] says: ....it's been like, 2 hours.  Why haven't you washed up yet?
Aulwrak Blackclaw looks at his hands and holds out his shirt to view
[Aulwrak Blackclaw] says: Don't know.
[Aulwrak Blackclaw] says: Come?
[Iniya] says: Don't know?  .....
[Aulwrak Blackclaw] says: Yes.
[Aulwrak Blackclaw] says: Coming?
[Iniya] says: Where am I "coming" to?



Deuce Sinclair's picture

((Lol good stuff. How did Boruhai end up founder of the Reavers? I hope Aiid doesn't hear about that one. And Deuce's boy scout thing isn't some game to him, that's just who is is darnit!))

Deuce Sig

Fox's picture

((i noticed that too...Boruhai is deffently not the leader of the Reavers!!! Aiid will always be our leader..when..he gets back hopefully... *sad face panda..* :(...))



Calliope's picture

(( Fun reading. How do you take logs like that? ))

Aerinn's picture

((Click the little plus sign on the left of your chat bar, select options from the menu and you should see 'Save chat log' under that.  Once it's saved you'll be able to find it as a text file in the game directory in a folder called 'Logs'.))


Agression's picture

(( Nice entry man, was fun to read those chat logs. But... My char do not eat dead people, you silly !


To save chat logs, click + bubble near chat line, option, save chat log, it'll be saved as a .txt file located into your FE folder -> Logs.))


Iniya's picture

((Interesting, as always :) 

Also...yay!  I met Keith! :D  And Shawnee, and Theira, too...t'was a good day for RP yesterday.))

Hugs: There are far too many broken hearts.  Fortunately, anyone can be a mechanic!

Keith Rawkings's picture

((Thanks for the comments everyone. Just woke up about a half hour ago, reading them on my phone. About "Boruhai." Yeah Keith never heard of this person until the conversation with Rumiko happened. And if you don't save your chat logs often enough in one session, they don't go back far enough :(. But I'm pretty sure there was something about founding involved. Maybe Keith remembered wrong. That's why Keith is like a real person. Because it's like a game of telephone with all the new info coming out in the story IC. But Rumiko was pretty tired in RL if those words came out like that.

Anyway. About Deuce and the women... I know that (OOC) Deuce really believes he's doin no harm. But Keith's perception (C) looking on the outside in, and judging by what his clues are into the multiple partners/lrelationships Deuce has been involved with, Deuce will have a hard time shaking that image of a womanizer in his mind. I think even reading the blogs of Deuce (OOC) of course, that it seems like Deuce is a bit nieve to the idea of his own influence on women he helps, and doesn't seem to know when to throw a little restraint on when needed. He also lets all that drama cloud his mind to the fact that he could really wind up hurting people by forgetting about the consequences of "helping" everyone at once. IE: the mix up with Dru and Shawnee just after they first moved into Serentiy. Can't really explain what reading all of the different entries between him and Aerinn and all of the newcomers would. However, it seems at the end of the day, even when those characters (mainly Deuce and Aerinn for example) who are trying to feel empathetic to the other side of the arguement and that person's feelings, are all still selfishly looking out for "#1,". I gather this by the perceptions of the conflicts within their journal writing(not something Keith could totally get since he doesnt read those),  which is why they can never seem to quite figure out how to resolve things. (Please dont figure it out, I need ma drama mamas!)

Keith just kind of senses that conflict in the town through reading people's mannerism to each other. He doesn't have to know big details all the time to observe and predict simple human nature (seen this so much in real life, people can be too predictable). Keith can be just as much a womanizer as the next guy. The problem is because of his age and his jagged memories of being an adult with a family at one point, the crude womanizing only gets so far when he's not drunk or stoned, because he starts to see people as persons, not objects and starts feeling guilty for it. He's a torn individual, which is why he doesn't hang out to committ himself too much and would prefer to forget those memories and obligations to the world whenever there is the opportunity to drown that away at the bottom of a bottle.

Like Sybil, for example. If Keith was a total asshole with girls, he would have totally tried kissing her again, and probably would have taken full advantage of her softer side if he was a real son of a bitch. What does he have to lose anyway? Instead he sees that lost little girl and feels some kind of small pity and obligation to try and steer her right, even if it may be futile, at least while he's in a lucid state and remembering what it was like to be a responsible adult at one point.

Oh and the people eating thing, lol. @Agression, you may or may not remember Keith waking up in the cemetary once and seeing Agression running around the cemetery in a white lab coat doing something weird in there. He also saw him later on in there from way down the street when Dr. Dorado disapeared and some of the citizens were distracted. When Keith went to Deuce pretty much exclaiming the man he saw must have been "stealing bodies!", Deuce confirmed who the man was based on description(a friend), but he had a hard time coughin' up direct details, due to the discomfort he clearly felt explaining the subject. Deuce went on to tell Keith that Agression was a CHOTA and what he was doing was something the CHOTA do to "honor their dead." It seemed to Keith what Deuce was saying was that some CHOTA "eat their dead" to honor them but Keith kind of got disgusted and a little afraid when Deuce was so open about accepting this activity in his town. Keith, being very new to the area, decided he didn't want to be "next," so he quickly interjected to Deuce that he must have imagined things, was drunk or whatever, and he forgot all about it already. Then he changed the subject, lol.))

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[[Awesome entry. And now that I know how to save chat logs, I'll be able to remember more too.]]

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