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Happy Trails

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((Howdy. Just a test post really. Recapping some midnite mischief. At work today, so very rough style))


From the diary of Keith Rawkings:




*sloppy scratches on rough paper*


 Crashin’ in the cemetery tonight. No one checks it in this town, I think. Good times tonight. Hung out with Fox Dogg. Cool dude there. We got wasted on good ol’ vista grass and scavenged whiskey. Got the munchies. My dog Poopis had a good idea. Waffle house empty. Had no coordination, damn near fell on the waffle iron. Remember to use spatula not hand axe. Let Fox Dogg make the beer waffles. Have to replace eggs for Deuce. Hope he dont notice too soon. Hid behind the counter when the Pale One passed by.


A little girl sniffed us out. Tried to wave the smell off my jacket. Cute kid, but a little odd. Clone I heard. Kind of cruel to do that to a kid. Dr. Dorado is her dad I think. His name, sounds like a place, I was at, long time ago. Makes me think of lots of chips. The kind you dont eat. *Mmm, chips, still hungry*Was too high, but, think kid said something about, how tasty people are? Kids say da darnest things. Wont remember this laterrr. Funny little lizard with hat and cane was singing. Chicken jerky all around. Out of whiskey, damn. Have to revisit one a those damned zombie towns for more booze. Maybe Fox Dogg will help. We shared the last flask tonight. Those girls outside the wafflehouse never pipe down about the politics. Nice boots on one of ‘em though...short shorts.. kinda cute… *scratches turn into indiscernible jabbering, fading off the page*



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(( LOL, this guy was a hoot.. but so stoned he totally twisted everything Canni said ..

Doc is not her dad, Ardenn is her parent (think bananamomma) Aiid was a father figure and Doc is.. well.. maybe an uncle but the only semi-sane member of a rather disfunctional family. 

 When Keith said lizards taste like chicken she replied... so do people. 

Funny character and write up, I look forward to Canni interacting with him more))

One minute your calm, the next your shooting someone in the face, then your doing your chickendance. If that is not chaos I dont know what is - Aiid

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((Aerinn wasn't in the most patient frame of mind when she encountered Keith in the clinic (which admittedly is fairly typical of her lately) - I'm looking forward to meeting him in a more relaxed state.  He seems fun))


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