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Who? What? Where? -1- The Phone

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 (( This is a scrap of information about the backstory of my char, John Rose.  He has amnesia and is trying to find out who he is, you can get involved in the storyline.  I will be posting bits and pieces of information with a small puzzle or riddle or something like that at the end, be the first to figure it out and send me a PM... You have permission to be the person to have officially come across the info in the game.  If you decide to be the person to claim the right to be the one who finds out the information, please be involved in the story so it isnt wasted. Thanks for taking the time to read this ))

          Somewhere in the wasteland

While roaming across the Province, you come across a completely wrecked shack, it clearly hasn't been used for a long time but you decide to check if there is anything of value within.  Inside you find a few chips, a handgun (which falls apart as you pick it up) and an old smart phone.  You press the power button and wait as it starts up, moments later it glitches then cuts to some sort of black screen where theres some sort of recording playing.  You raise the volume on the phone and listen as some European guy speaks...


" - to plan, we got the White Crow guy to speak to the guard and he has the codes, we will meet later this month to discuss the plan in full.  Don't forget, we need you to bring the flash drives so we can bypass any automated security or doors.  Wipe the phone's memory when you are done listening, don't just leave it laying around for the last second like you always do.  End recording."


Just then, the phone runs out of power... Shame.  You decide to hold onto it incase you find a way to charge it then leave and continue your travels.



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