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Life, The Universe and Everything puckers up.

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Joe was standing by the window looking at the photo of another long ago girl and was feeling pretty low. Around him, the apartment, and Joe himself for that matter, was reverting back to its original state. It was the morning of the third day after Kirsten had gone and the washing up, the laundry and Joe's personal hygene were all equally neglected. Cigar smoke floated in the morning sunlight flooding in through the windows and though the pungent aroma was still managing to keep the smell of old sweat and unwashed plates at bay, any casual visitor would say it was close. Joe was dragged from his meandering self pity by a voice from downstairs accompanied by the loud thumps and bangs that suggested painted walls were suffering.


Joe's feet carried him to the top of the stairs, his head too busy trying to process conflicting data to direct them there himself. He stopped at the top, peering down.

"Wha... Kirsten?!"

Kirsten came into view, all smiles and arms full of bags.

"No! It's Raquel Welch!"

Joe's brain was still struggling to catch up.

"You... I thought..." His brows furrowed as his brain came back with an error report. "What...?"

"You got my note didn't you?"

"Note? What note...? Here let me carry..." He took a step down the stairs, then stopped. "What note?"

And so Kirsten had returned. The note, the one that explained about the trip to Trumble. The one that told him not to worry and that she would be back in a few days. The one that ended with a neat inverted pyramid of 'X's. The one that Kirsten eventually found in her pocket. Should have been left on the dresser. The conversation that followed the discovery of the note was held amidst the jerky choreography of Joe running hither and yon, hiding things in drawers or under tea towels while Kirsten looked on with the raised eyebrow of a woman who doesn't need to mention what she is thinking.

Eventually, the misplaced was revealed, the misunderstandings were understood and the jumped to conclusions were voiced and forgiven. They sat down on the bed together and, while Joe watched from his fluffy white cloud of disbelief, Kirsten began to pull carefully wrapped packages from one of her bags.

"You are so kind," She was saying as she put package after package in front of Joe. "I wanted to give something back. You know, which I bought... not you. So I had to scavenge to get the money to..."  She took a deep breath, her cheeks tinging pink. " Something which is... all mine."

Joe swallowed.

Kirsten put the first parcel into his hands, forestalling anything he was about to say.



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Noooo! The wasteland does not reward love and care and forgiveness! 

*crosses arms*


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CUUUT! This! This is all wrong!! This is the part where he went out and cheats on her and gets stabbed! God thats just common Wasteland knowledge!!



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((Ohhh yes it does. Joe hasn't stopped smiling all day.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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(( Yay for Joe! :) ))

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((  Aww Josey Posey, sorry I rushed out with the note. You know how planning for a shopping trip takes all a girl's attention.. it's important !

((  I really enjoy doing the RP's with Joe, RP with chuckles :)

"Be the change you want to see in your man." 

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