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Disturbed sleep

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Joe was roused from his dreams by an incoming radio call. For a few moments he thought that his brain had seized up because the stream of gibberish he was hearing meant nothing to him. It was only after he had hauled himself into a sitting position and swung his legs over the side of the bed that he realised it was Flyp calling. Flyp was Chinese... or something like that, Joe didn't really care. What was important was that he worked for very little money.

Scratching his head and yawning as the non stop gabble continued in his ear, Joe waited for Flyp to pause for breath.

"Flyp..." The gobbledegook started again. "Flyp..." Joe took a deep breath "Flyp! Shut the fuck up!" The torrent of chinese ended suddenly. "Ok, now. Try that again in english... eeengleesh... savvy?"

Flyp started again in his broken english. By the time he had finished telling Joe that there had been a break-in at the lock-up, Joe had pulled on his sneakers and pants and was heading for the door... grabbing his duster and sawn-off shotgun on the way out.

At the scene Joe ignored Flyp's agitated chatter while he quickly scanned the stacked boxes and crates that pretty much filled the available floor area. Nothing seemed to be missing thank God. Only then did he tune in to what Flyp was saying. A figure in black, another figure at the door, guns being pointed... Joe scratched at his unshaven chin, not kids then. There had been several attempted break-ins, nearly all off them by young bucks trying to make a name. This was why Joe had Flyp set up home here.

But this smacked of something different. The lock on the door hadn't been forced, it had been carefully removed. That would have taken time. Union guards regularly patroled the street outside so that meant the perps had at least one look-out. Organised then. Joe didn't keep anything valuable in the lock-up, so why would they bother? He turned his head slowly to the side, towards the bench where... Feeling a growing chill in his guts, Joe crossed to where a white anti-static sheet shrouded what She had been working on for the last couple of days. He swallowed, the sheet had been moved. She was always so particular about making sure the sheet was properly placed. Now it was drooped and wrinkled. Flyp wouldn't have touched it, he was far to afraid of the 'Scaly Rady' as he called her. Joe carefully lifted the sheet and actually gasped with relief when he saw the thyratron still safely held on its rests.

But she had to be told.

Reluctantly, he raised his hand to his collar. He waited for the call to be answered.

"It's Joe.......... There's been a break-in at the lock-up........... No, nothing taken as far as I can see.......... No, it's fine but.... But it's been disturbed............... I don't know, but the sheet has been lifted..... Ok.......... Ok........... I'll wait here........... Yes...... yes...... I don't know, they might come back, can't say for sure.......................... ok, see you soon."

Joe turned to Flyp, who was crouching in front of a camping stove, stirring something in an old battered pan.

"Flyp." Flyp looked up at him. "Make coffee, lots of coffee," he grinned at the little chinaman, he couldn't resist the tease. "Scary Lady is coming."


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(( Good Lord this thing keeps getting thicker and thicker. Nice entry Joe can't wait to see what else these diabolical minds can create next. Keeping an eye on this. ))


Japanese porn: Schoolgirl on a bullet train being molested by Godzilla.

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( Oooooooooh yeeeeeah baby. Gotta love FERP for these snippets of raw fun! )

- this comment was brought to you by Oilville Primo™ -

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((Very nice and I must say you are good at adding colors to your characters. They are fun and realistic. *thumbs up*))

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