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Traders Flat, AZ - The Note

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Well, yesterday proved interestin ta say the least.

Really, what stand out much ta me was a simple little note. Innocent yee might think were it not for all the other troubles dat seem to abound of late. Slavers, Reavers, Killers, Cops no longer on job, some one attempting ta nab Jade, an so much more...but that note, came ta me.

Was Blue, one o the Reavers I helped dust a few days ago who brought it. Was being covert about it no doubt, though he be only one in bar at that time. He'd orders a refill of whisky in `is flask. Alright, seemed legit enough and as usual, charged slight bit more to the Reaver (dont think they caught on yet that). When he pay, he paid well over double what asked for in chips. had mentioned that but he say what he wanted, so fine, took the chips. Was then as he be leaving found note tuck under the chips.

Of course read it. Would be fool enough not to if some one making that kinda effort ta deliver a simple note. Ha. Not so simple after reading an thinking about it. Of course, whom ever wrote it likely knows well enough by now thos girls connection ta Reavy, not hard to know she'd find out about it. Decided since bar was empty after He left that might as well go fond some other payin work, got in Reavy's car (Still aint recovered the wreck o me car from Sin Falls) and went ta Flag. 

Was pleasently surprise ta find Reavy there an pounced on her, she was busy with auction man and slightly surprised. *laughs softly* That changed though when tell her about note an what says. We spoke awhile and figure two things, if not go then wont know who wanted me an why. If do go, may find out...an likely be trap. Me real friends, the ones who know me well enough, know they dont need a note ta reach me. Whom ever this be must think he be friend, but...instinct tell me otherwise to no trust this.

Right now, unsure of what will do.

So, ended up in Trader's Flat. Had some buisiness since an old friend had thought long gone was actually in town an had a few things fer me. Yay! I missed Baron Marsh, he always been sweet ta me and helped when needed. We talked and I told him nothing about the note. Did mention was looking for a few piees o tech an could he look? He said sure, even had two of the items was looking for already. Other, he said would take little time an a skilled Medica to finish the work, is fine I said, I know one. Is good, took the two he had then, one...scares me a little, but has it just in case. He said th changes would be permantent and may result in side affects unforseen by original Genetic-Engineers who made it. Other item gave, already delivered to person I wanted for and told Her what needed know.

Did have talk with Rabbit and Bella, things seem little less stressed wit them, though they still worry about ones they care about. Seems lot going on wit them as well, might be part of this Note thing. Hope not, would not want them hurt as well if is something from me past...or what have done recently that some one coming after me for...

Well, have work ta  see to...chips wont make themselves fer me.


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(( "Beginings are such delicate times." Hopefully I will catch you in game later today. ))

"There was a girl, a girl named Lost. Her eyes, they were like frost" - from the infernal journal of Zane Gore

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