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Hope Springs, AZ - Journal Entry

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1462 5.56mm rifle rounds

978 .410 shotgun rounds

53 9mm pistol rounds

17 bandages

6 liters regular gasoline

7 repair kits (note to self: find more)

1 vehical repair kit

3.7R Chips various expense (ie..damn expensive mercs...)


Well, now...what a day that turned into. For the most part is was relitively busy, all the jobs the townsfolk in Hope Springs had for me are compleat, so I had to travel somewhat to find some more work, went south to Devon. Not bad `cept place is a hive of scum and villiany...Devils Own, Union pricks, even some few Crow. One waled by like he thought he owned the place, has some smart ass comment for me about my place and such. HA, was bad idea when he turned his back...Soooo worth the chip cost of round to put him down before he relised his stupidity.

Anyhow, some how I ran into Sora. Don't know why or how he even had a clue to look for me there, but he did. I doubt Reavy would have told him since she was busy with some other personal stuff today I believe. Either way, he wanted to talk to me privately and I refused, gave him a chance and he asked for something I could not...answer...not there, not then. I tried to set some conditions that I might answer what he wanted to know, hoped he stop, but he accepted those terms anyway. Damn stubborn puppy.

Anyway, a little bit after I finished one short contract in Devon, I went to Reavy's place, having commed and asked her to be there...and maybe have to kill Sora. He showed up before I did, which is fine, guess they spoke a little before I got there. Anyway, I told him he had three questions and I did not think I could handle more than that, not with what I knew he was after. I don't think he thought it very carefully, his first two questions were...too easily answered. His last took a bit more to answer...at least not in a way that I would have to consider leaving town and never returning...and leaving her.

Still, I know he was dissapointed with what little he actually learned, which honestly was not much. I still have a hard time with my past...what I I didnt was..still am in many ways. I did not think I would see him for awhile at least.

Well, yeah, i should know better than that. Not that he came looking for me...just I needed some help killing something, so made a quick call on the Merc Net (Reavy was really busy and I didnt want to bother her yet). Got a response from a man named Kendrick, said he'd send two of his best. That was fine. First one I saw was Gine, I like her, she's been nice to me even if we may not talk much. Then I saw Sora. Oh. Damn. Still...he helps kill the bastard and I paid them both (frack, I should know better how expensive it can be, trying to be a Merc myself)

Reavy and I talked a little here and there over the rest of the evening via radio, not a lot happened in town the couple times I passed through to bring supplies in, grab a bit more ammo, grab some food from the fridge...So, went back to Devon again and worked as much as I could until they had nothing left for me. Did get pointed at a couple of potential places that would offer some work for a young merc like me. Some was easy enough..a little not so easy, so had to delay those jobs awhile.

DID finally find time to run into Blain and drop off the parcel a banker wanted delivered. oh boy, suddenly they had jobs and could I do this,t hat and frack everything else their precious Watch could not (or would not) do for them. One particular girl wanted me to act as messenger girl. Hell why not, quick chip...HA. Her soon to be ex was an idiot, pulled a hammer out on me..A Hammer? Seriously? Was he THAT bloody blind not to see the shotgun? The combat rifle? Didn't end well for him, got paid anyway, just enough to cover the liter of gas it took just to get here...and oh would you accept these contracts for "quick" jobs around here...gods I am a sucker...Yes I will...and they will get done tomarow...

Its bed time...and damnit, she's not home to snuggle with!


 ((IF I missed anyone that should or did have anything to do with any of the event shared here, please let me know. As always, events are based on memory and my impression of the day and things said or done. Grammar is not my strong suit, so please no corrections. Please enjoy the reading as much as I did playing this out with everyone and remembering as I wrote about it))

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