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Hope Springs, AZ - Broken Promise

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One is saddened...nay, more so than that, hurt is better word fer what happen last night.

Ser Vekthaur broke `is promise to me. He hurt me. Slapped me fer not givin what he want, not lettin him just take what he wanted. Seemed vey drunk last night an demanding, even yelling at me ta get him a drink. Didna give him exactly what he wanted, had enough in opinion. Threats follows of not supply me with more, not like am hurting since last time he decide ta load me up, gods was so much still barely even used a quarter of was given. Then he say will have his girlfriend fire me, says she be deputy Mayor. Only person can think of might be Hyle way seen him an her together. 

Suppose she should know of his behavior last night an see just she feel about his being this way. That he didna seem ta like that I told him that I dun work for her, I work fer Jade an only she can fire me or the Doc, an I dun think either o them are displeased with me efforts so far.

Was not until he decided to just take from bar that upset me some what. More so that he be actin like this in front of Reavy an Gina was dissapointing. I woulda taken bottle from him but he some how seemed ta know was going to take it, guess I over reacted...I shot teh bottle instead.

Was then he hurt me. Broke his promise. he came around behind the bar and slapped me like some slave or worse...and it made me feel that way again. To think I was starting to think of him as more than just a nice man, had thought of him as like Father, only better, he had promised he'd help me, he'd protect me.

It hurt deeply when he did that.

I returned later, thinking that running was the wrong thing ta do, but at time I left town it felt right. Went over to Doc's house ta see if he or jade were home. She was an told her breifly what happened. That didna make Jade happy at all. Then Reavy showed up there s well, guess she noticed the car I barrow from her out front. *sigh* Can't seem to leave, Jade be unhappy wit me if I do, can't go without hurtuing Reavy...And I worry from rumors have heard about Him, things will happen bad.

To leave anyway, I dun know. But have thought about it.

-end journal entry-


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-edit to break up lines better, allowed comments-

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{{ Nice read Jess.

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(( *stands up and starts to get paranoid when slaves and Black are in the same sentence. I am watching the progression of Black over FERP - and not in game sadly.

EDIT: ...and progression of Vek too :D ))

"There was a girl, a girl named Lost. Her eyes, they were like frost" - from the infernal journal of Zane Gore

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{{ you and me both Lost.  Jess and Abyss have unfinished business. :)

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(( Jeassiah was a bad girl, Vek did nothing wrong and you almost shot him :O


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(( If Vek did nothing wrong, then how would he almost get shot? I sense someone is lying! *Insert evil smiley here*


"May God have mercy upon my enemies, because I won't."

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((Oh...if Bella finds out.....tsk tsk ))

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