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First days in Hope Springs

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((first run at wrting like this, is different than what i am used to, please bear with me as all writing based on memory and impression of events...))            ((added note: anyone involved in any rp mentioned more than welcome to add side to this, will write it in as best as I can or just copy it over, though I may not mention most by name due to lack of remembering everyone's name who i may have seen or interacted with))

Three Days ago, New Flagstaff;

What to do, only few jobs left in this town and well, not all that thrilled to having them...but can not complain, they paying chips, or in Bankers case, guns AND chips. So, get some work done before making stop at Bankers to dump some junk into the vaults there, picked up replacement shot gun when I hear on radion about party of some sort in place called Hope Springs. 

Oh what the hell, need change of pace. All other work leading up to Flag just been work, getting things done and moving on as quickly as possible...well, some one might call it running from something, though the few people I talk with most not asked about my past more than what would I like to do and give me pointers on how to get it done best so far...

So I get my Suzuki topped off with some petrol, load a few spare bits of ammo and nibbles for the trip. I've no idea how far this place is, but I find the more I think about it, the more I *want* to go, to be gone from this city, its...reminder of certain things. Does not take me long to be ready, since most what I need is on the bike already, stowed in a pack, or hidden on some Buggies I've got stashed in the waste where (I hope!) no one will find them.

So, I get there eventually, actualy it was a not so bad a ride from Flag to Hope Springs, could make that trip more than a few times if I need something from the Bankers. Found a Waffle house actually open (thought those all close down, oh well, hot food!) and went in, made an order for burger, forgot to ask for drink, but was distracted, talk about party going on, so asked and got directions to location. Relised it was a costume thing and cursed it...maybe can make run *back* to Flag for something that might work out, remembr some what of old school girl outfit. I think I got something that will work out.

Trip there and back went well enough, only one Devil's Own stuck his head out a window as I rode by. Think I surprised him since I didn't hear any shots this time around. But I made it back just after party start, so went in. For most part, danced a little...reminded me of some of the better days I've had, though some of them were...never mind...anyway, danced, yea. Some men and women, a few were cute, some in really cool costume, like one of some old signer guy called Jackson I think, another looked like real Doctor although something went down with him and he got shot. Nothing serious I think, saw him a bit later wandering around.

Were a couple of others, lady dressed like Native Indian, very nice to look at. trying to remember more about others, well other than bartender, he was dressed like skelton, served a few mean drinks, even actually understood what a Gravedigger is ment to be...Ok, had two of those. Next time hun: ONE!

Sometime after party wound down, mostly some couples together wandered off, be it drink getting to them or other more enjoyable things (well thats what I think some were leaving for), met with lady, her name is Reavy and offered me a place to fall out on. Sounds good to me, and besides, she looked good too. Unfortunately, seems she had a call or something, had to come and go a few times. I dressed down some what, ok, not so much to take off from what little my outfit was supposed to be, and settled onto couch...opps, it was occupied already by another lady, Claire by name after learning it later.

Spoiled evening though, some one thought to be sneaky, came in through kitchen window and snuck upstairs at some point, maybe when i looked out front thinking Reavy was back. Was not her, but noise upstairs cuaght my attention. So I woulda walked blindly upstairs when I heard something more...aww hell with this...got gun from jacket and pulled trigger once. That sure got reaction, heard thump, cussing and ran up just in time to see jumper from window. (hope that hurt on the way down!). Woke up Claire, scared her little maybe, Reavy showed up just after, so don't thinkw as her. Had found some snagged goggles in kitchen, definately not anyone in house owned them.

Damn, cant remember the rest of the night now, two too many gravediggers (ONE next time damnit).

Ah well, next day was little better, some running around town, getting lay of the land, loking at houses though many seen far far better days. Those in best condition think they occupied so didnt pry into them. Ran into Sora, he was nice enough, offered some drinks, kept company while I had one more job crop up from Bankers. They needed some bug uglies dead in a hurry, so why not. Can tell at glance, Sora was far better outfitted than I...then again, almost everyone I meeting in Hope seems to be, but didnt bother me much at that time. So we went hunting. And boy, were they bag nasty, I guess even they impressed Sora how tough they were, but in the end, got em bagged and tagged for Bankers. Got paid decent chips and some guns, not up to type using now, but can use them for barter somewhere.

Rest of day was more or less uneventful, seen some people come an go from town, saw reavy for a moment, couple others like the Reavers scuttling about I noticed. Had heard some bits about them, none of it good so far, though they seem to be both welcome in some odd way and unwelcome at same time. Strange.


Kings! WHY am I so worthless...Was not long in town when saw something between reavy and some Reavers. Sora was there, few others I recall some what from party, another few from simply passing in town. Seemed like reavers little more than angry and wanted a throw down, but really, five on one? if not for Sora getting little pissy I might have jumped in as well, no matter how little my skills are currently...

I had to stand by and watch as reavy was about to get it on with one reaver when suddenly everything just went to hell in a hurry, even before I really understood what was happening, reavy was down, another lady was down, and i think that idiot Sora got involved, though why that sanctomonious SOB growled at me and made me step down...

It fustrated me to watch and do nothing, worse...to know I could do nothing for some one I actually like...fine, yes, I like her, maybe more than i should for barely even knowing a few days. Maybe just feels like she would know me, understand my pain...my...past. Later that night, saw her again and we talked after she showed me bunk house. Told her some things about me...about my fustration...my...no...not saying here, not now, not this soon wehn They might find me again...

She knows, that will be enough for now.

I hope.


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 (( Nice reminder of past few nights, keep them coming!


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"There was a girl, a girl named Lost. Her eyes, they were like frost" - from the infernal journal of Zane Gore

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