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~`A Anticlimatic begining`~

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He sighs softly sifting through rubbish squinting as he looks through it for anything deemed "Valuable", Every now and then he pockets somthing or stops to drink some water and wipe the sweat from his brow as he sorts through the pile, A crows call heard in the distance as he looks up at birds cirling over head he stands up picking his rifle up and slinging his backpack onto his back with ease and turns heading off into the unforgiving wasteland.



((Hello, i very recently joined the game and found this site (((I am a avid roleplayer))) and was overjoyed to find this place active, i hope we can meet in the game sometime or talk over the radio))


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((Welcome to FERP. I hope as you sift you will find what you are looking for, valuables, danger, adventure))

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More like valuables haha could careless for adventure...more cash less danger is more fun by my books.

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Fe doesn't have new players, just new alts from vets!!


If ya really are new welcome. Always nice to see and read stuff from fresh players.

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Thanks you, and i am new haha don't have any alts.

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I have too many alts. Tbh I thought I made this post with an alt of an alt and talking to myself as an alts alt alt.








lol welcome to the waste!!

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*Makes an alt to talk to Jaci's alts and convince them they're all NPCs*

Current Status; Fully Operational, Slightly Cheesy


“I destroy my enemies when I make them my friends”

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*sits on bonito street giving out a quest to kill ten badgers.*

((lol....That's funny.


*Contact me to Join the "Original" Police Force*

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(( Ahem, yes, Welcome to FERP, all kinds of inanity going on here. If you last a month, this place will get stuck in your mind forever. ;) ))

Current Status; Fully Operational, Slightly Cheesy


“I destroy my enemies when I make them my friends”

I got suggested reading in my signature, if you're up for some mild reading. Welcome to FE! (aware you're not new, but new to FERP, so it might be worth at least looking at)

I can scavenge trash... but this? This is rubbish! - Post Fall scavenger problems.

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Thank you pyrok, That was very helpful to me :)~

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(( Hello and welcome! Pyrok's signature does indeed have some very helpful links that generally give off the state of the RP in FE, both good and bad.


Enjoy your stay, don't feed the Trolls. And, good luck understanding what's going on in the shout box! ))

mah sig!

Interested in roleplaying? Check out this thread for some great advice

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Welcome to FERP filled with Critics, Helpers, Clan memebers and much more!



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