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Forced Lifenet inquiry

Submission type:

The Graham laid underneath the consoles inside the cloning bunker, trying to determine if the blackout had something to the with the cables or a power shortage. A pair of bare feet skulked their way down the hallways without making the slightest sound, the feet stopped just in front on the legs and shoes that stuck out from underneath the console.
The Graham's hands stiffened as its senses screamed out that it was no longer alone, slowly the Graham laid his head down on the cold metal floor trying to peek out from its confined position. At that moment the Graham was pulled out with a single powerful jerk, the Graham only caught a glimpse of a pair of green snake like eyes before a small club impacted several times to the head, knocking him out.

The Graham laid still on the cold floor, a small flow of blood trailed down its head onto the metal as a hoarse and deep voice spoke into a radio "It is done"
Moments later the sound of footsteps echoed through the bunker, a man dressed in an outfit that resembled a Lifenet uniform reached and stood towering over the unconscious Graham. The man paused as his troubled eyes studied the Graham followed by an askance glance to the man dressed in grey beside him.
Hands belonging to the owner of the Lifenet uniform searched the Graham and removed several items from its possession, the man abruptly snapped up to a standing position and then spun about and marched out of the bunker.

A grim smirk escaped the slim lips from the man dressed in grey as his green eyes cast one last glance at the Graham before following the other man outside.

If anyone were to travel to the Lifenet cloning bunker south of Hope Springs they would meet a disgruntled Graham complaining.

I was dispatched to investigate and reactivate the facility after it went black or in other words it simply shut down. But while attempting to fix the problem, I was assaulted and knocked out. The only feature I was able to catch a glimpse of were a pair of green snake like eyes.
While I was unconscious my tools were stolen along with a piece of paper containing my username and password that gives access equivalent to a Lifenet technician.

I ask for assistance to solve whoever is behind this and return the tools back to me and I wouldn't mind having the device that shut down the bunker handed to me as well.
I have surveillance images of a man entering the bunker shortly before it shut down, the image clearly shows the man holding a device which he inserted into the console. The device did not damage anything but simply shut down the bunker.
There has recently been a similar incident in Odenville but no Graham has been dispatched to investigate.



Shortly after my items were removed, my username logged in the facility at the south outskirts of New Flagstaff. I can show you the log if you wish?

*The log from the activities is presented to the person inquiring and offering to help*


Welcome Graham 812

Accessing locations of Lifenet facilities in Northfields.

Accessing locations of GlobalTech structures in Northfields.

Accessing log over potential threats to residents due to Lifenet related incidents.

Accessing Digger incidents
Accessing Rotter incidents
Accessing Failed clones

Accessing potential threats to Lifenet
Accessing TETRAX
TETRAX is an artificial intelligence designed by the Brenhauer corporation to provide expertise in economic efficiency. It was located in Terance,it became deranged sometime before the fall and slaughtered a bunch of workers. The Brenhauer corporation buried the AI but after the fall it was  dug up by a Jacob Phillips. 

TETRAX has designs on overwhelming and superseding the Lifenet AI that controls the regen pods throughout the province.
TETRAX has escaped his confines in Terance and begun attempts of infesting Lifenet's data core, its last know location is in the area of Trader's Flat.
TETRAX has confirmed shards active in the province, they appear to be like normal Lifenet clones.

Accessing Lifenet Shards.......Access denied.


Logging you out.

*End of log*

I can only surmice of the intentions of this or these individuals but if it involves robbing Grahams and looking into TETRAX, it can't be good.

((If anyone wishes to actually rp with the Graham, I can offer this in S1 but he wont be able to give much more information))


Gina Keyes's picture

Is this the LifeNet station for Hope Springs or just another one?

Joe Spivey's picture

((Oh Oh... someone waking TETRAX up? That could get a few sphincters twitching. Nice story and a lot of possibilities, interesting to see where it progresses.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

Robert Lancaster's picture

(( It saids South of Hope Springs, Im not a 100% sure but I think it meant the one in between Hope and Serenity. Right before the bridge perhaps ? I did the questline in S1 about TETRAX and being a Chota I feel I must root for it xD Go Go crazy AI !!! Very interesting. ))


Japanese porn: Schoolgirl on a bullet train being molested by Godzilla.

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(( Wait no if I'm not mistaken there are 3 other Lifenets stations between Hope and Serenity besides the one of Hope. (Devon-Redfield, One east of Devon and One before the bridge, that's the one you get sent to if you die in the Mother Larissa quest. ))


Japanese porn: Schoolgirl on a bullet train being molested by Godzilla.

((The bunker is located south of Hope Springs. The first bunker you stumble across after leaving Hope traveling south, there is a Graham inside))

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