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Human Nature

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An alive body was dragged inside a poorly lit room and once the doors were shut muffled screams could be heard. The corridor leading to that door was well guarded by men who anger arose after seeing their own town raided by complety strangers.

    Inside that room lies Dr. Hilkins, the man who had warned Veronica Volt about his patient's situation, and now is being questioned. He was found near a huge flame caused by some burned oil, minutes after the raid team returned from the Gully Dogs' camp and "coincidentally" on the same day that Oilville was raided and his own patient kidnapped.
    The doctor was restrained in a chair and a man with a moustache was looking down to him, shaking his head with his arms crossed. That is Captain Orlando, one of the most influent military men in Oilville. With those two there are other soldiers who are doing the "dirty" work for Orland, trying to get some information from the doctor.

    With a foot pressed against Dr. Hilkin's leg, Cap. Orlando started his interrogatory:

    - I'm a brief man doctor, but today I'm feeling a bit... talkative. I think it's very curious a group break into our town hospital AND our gates and the final results are a missing patient who interrogatory raised some... intriguing questions like "radio station" or "crazy clone", or even something about... "war?"

     The captain made a brief stop, cynical smile towards the doctor and then continued.

    - Well, it's only a little girl. Who would take a little girl seriously, right? But as I was talking, it's very curious that when all this happen you are found next to an even odder event, that is OUR oil being burned for nothing. Why would you be burning our oil, doctor? Huh?

    The doctor kept looking down to the floor, avoiding eye contact with the captain all the time, as he proceeded.

    - Here's the deal dear doctor: I'll ask only once, and I hope that you answer. Since you are a doctor I can't do much with your hands, or your precious brain, right?

    As soon as the captain said, a soldier came closer to Dr. Hilkins, holding a small pliers.

    - But I don't think your teeth are that precious. Don't you think so doctor? Huh? That'll give me about... 32 questions. Am I correct? - with a not brief smile, the captain giggled in silence - Well why don't we start the first question? What about: Are you involved in all this outbreak?

    The doctor's body was already shaking when he glanced the pliers and nodded after a moment.

    - Very good doctor, very good. You saved one of your teeth. Why the girl has been taken and where?

    Hilkins got a bit reluctant to answer the question, pondering what answering that could cause. But when he oppened his mouth to answer it was already too late. The soldier grabbed his jaw in a firm grip and pressed the pliers against one of the doctor's incisive and in an attempt to pull it, the tortured man started to shake his head. Cutting the doctor's gum, the soldier managed to retrieve a piece of his tooth along with some blood.

    - Oh look at you doctor. You'll hurt yourself like that. But anyway, you were saying...?

    The doctor was crying in pain and when he realised the soldier moving the pliers towards his mouth again he shaked his head quickly, starting to mumble and answering the previous question.

    - North! To north! To Dorado! Doctor Dorado!

    The eyes of the captain suddenly widened after hearing that name. For a moment even the soldiers in the room didn't understand what had just happened but in an outburst the captain took the pliers from the soldier's hand and grabbed Hilkin's mouth, trying to pull off all his teeth, while screaming in a rage.

    - Dorado?! That fucking doctor?! That fucking clone who came here and just screwed us along with that fucking traitor from our regiment?!

    By that time, The captain was torning the doctor's mouth into pieces and required some of his soldiers to contain him. The captain screamed to take the doctor out of his sight before he kill him and mumbled something about pockets being made lighter, when he started to thought about Dorado once more. All soldiers were just staring their captain waiting for any response, that came after some minutes.

    - I want a team to find those fucking clones and keep an eye on them. And send Irwin to check that damn station in Spider Hill, I want to know what's that. Also I want a meeting

with the mayor. We must stop these crazy clones and their... human lovers.

    The soldiers quickly nodded and stormed out of the room, in order to fulfil their tasks. Captain Orland just stood there in the room, mumbling "so many chips... so many chips..."


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( Background info about Oilville as a "clone hating fort" : Sean sparked this idea with his "Butch" NPC who is a barkeeper with a long reach over the whole sector. After that, when Ally was brought into Oilville to the doctors, Engel followed this story by role playing that the group encountered clone haters. This, fueled by the Valkyrie plot line came naturally together. I am glad this thing is picking up and the fort is really looking formidable now that some role play effort was put into it by the RP caravan.

Looking forward where this will go next! Also, the story is disturbing. )

- this comment was brought to you by Oilville Primo™ -

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(*Cough Cough* Not forgetting that a Clone terrorist (A player Rped out planting the bombs and that) Blew up Oilville ICly to boost the Rp about fuel and that, but no one ever Rp'ed the fuel shortage Ect (Blowing up the storage tanks and pumps for the oil)



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That's interesting! Can you give me more details please? :D


@Engel, thanks for the background info Broda! And for keeping track of the whole thing as well :)

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There you go:



 I am not sure the NF newspaper mentions a clone behind the attack, but I could be wrong.

- this comment was brought to you by Oilville Primo™ -

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It looks like it doesn't :( but it's pretty easy to blame one >:D


edit: awesome post by the way! I'll try to work on some news (casual or not) when the station is on :O

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Hehehe..Trust me it was a clone, and who else would bomb it except a pissed off Vista ECo Terrorist



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((Poor Doctor Hilkins. I hope he learns to smile again but think it may take some time.))

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