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Out of the Womb

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((Its been a while since I tried making an RP journal like this, so please easy on the Critiques xD))

Prrrsshhhhh. Woooosh.

The first few things I hear as my pod opens as I awaken, air rushing to fill my surrounding area.. Bright lights burn into my eyes, bluring my vision. Cannot look away! Close eyes. Breathing heavily, panicing. What the hell is going on!? Turn head. Turn again. Squirm! Open your eyes! Bright lights dim. Vision...clear. It's okay, calm down.  Breathe. 

I close my eyes and take a deep breath, then open them back up as I start to analyze my surroundings. Filthy. Dirty. I lean my head down and take a look at my pod. Clean. Comfortable. Cold...

I then stare at my outfit. Stareing, Stareing...A fit of rage fills up inside of me when I stare at the LifeTech logo on my suit. Pain. Suffering. Wrong...I just can't stand it. With a mighty roar, I grab the ends of my pod, and lift myself out slowly, weight suddenly pushing down on my feet. Must keep balance. Standing now, I grab ahold of the collar of my suit fiercely, and rip it right off of my body. (Ahh, the miricles of velcro...) My pants matched the top of my outfit. Must be LifeTech as well! Pants are a little more...ackward to rip...must slide off. The breeze feels weird in my briefs...

I don't really remember anything before right now, yet for some reason, the name LifeTech burns in my head. I wish I knew why. Stairs lead up away from this hole in the ground lab. Hopefully I can make better sense of my situation outside...

Only two things are clear to me. I am a LifeTech Clone, and I am free.   


This journal isn't mature...or atleast not this first page, but I can't edit the tabs...so enjoy :D

Walk proud, or stay in the shadows.

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