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Hmm I've been thinking of next steps to do for a journal entry, and it just seems boring to be an immortal clone. Especially when the people recreating clones of you are the very people who you want to bury underground...I think I'm going to figure a way to have the clone thing continue, but have like a "final betrayal" moment in my story to truely free me from my creators, and turn me into a "one-lifer" If you have any ideas let me hear it, I'll see what kind of twists I can put down to turn me into an actual character, and not some clone mr. stu.


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I've heard the only way to get the collar off without making another clone of you the moment it falls off, is to hire some sort of technician. These people seem to be affordable, but I have a plotline ready to get my own collar off with these kinds of people. There may be more ways too.

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