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Who are you, Archer? Part 1: Into the Void

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((I'm taking a break from RP for god knows how long, mainly just to get to level 40+. Usually I have an IC excuse for disappearing for a week or longer. This is going to involve Archer's journey across the wastes to get to Alaska. Why? Read and find out))


As the Osprey pummeled into the ground, Tony jerked forward in the pilot's seat. The seatbelt kept him from crashing through the windshield and making a bloody mess on the scorched earth. How could I be so fucking stupid...? Tony thought to himself. The V-22 Osprey he took from an Outsider base was low on fuel. He didn't even know if he made it past the radiation field. Was this it? Did he fail to find his father? Tony frantically reached into his backpack and pulled out his Geiger counter. Luckily for him, the radiation levels were low. Either way, he was still going to wear his gas mask and protective garments. First, he had to check up on a friend of his. Tony tapped the button on his BlueTooth earpiece. "Nat? Check these coordinates." Tony waited a few minutes. As he started walking to the Northwest, away from the Grand Canyon Province, Natasha responded. "Ummm...Tony?" Natasha said. "Don't die." Tony chuckled. "I wasn't planning on it."

Minutes passed by and Tony kept walking north, carrying a backpack filled with ammo and canned food. After an interesting conversation with Natasha, Tony heard something that made his stomach drop. A loud guttural roar, and then a sickening crack before his vision faded. The mutant assailant picked up Tony's body and hauled him over to a large wagon. Slaves young and old, were crying and sobbing in the wagon. Tony however, was the only one untouched by physical mutations, which to them, made him an outsider, and a light in their world of darkness.

Nat continued to try and get Tony's attention, even though he was already far away from his discarded BlueTooth earpiece. "Tooooonnnnyyy..." Nat said. "I love you! Tony? Are you there? Well fuck you then!"


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((*grins* Boy do I love toying with archer's mind))

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((I think he be knowing we be on to sometin..))

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