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Codename: Archer Part 1: Operation FAWL

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October 24th, 2049     Somewhere in the Caucasus Mountains


Tony aimed his USP 45 at the wounded man, lying on the floor of the bunker. The man was lungshot, battered, and beaten. He coughed up blood and looked at Tony, down the barrel of the gun. His dying words were, "Orders are orders, Archer. Complete your mission...". Tony aimed the gun at the man's head, and pulled the trigger. He will never forget that day. The red mist, the loud bang, the muzzle flash. It would haunt him till the day he died. There was a reason, this mission was not like the others he took.



98 hours earlier      Russian airspace, nearing St. Petersburg, Russia

Tony took a sip from his glass of tequila as the plane passed over the border, leading into Russia. He pulled his smartphone from his pocket and called his boss. This was going to be a different conversation though. A video conference. An old man in his late sixties appeared on the screen of his phone. "Archer, I'm sure you've read the file about your mission by now." he said. "This could be one of the most important assignments we've given you." Tony shook his head. "That's what you said about the job in Kandahar. All I did was do a bit of dirty work for a few Marines so they wouldn't be charged with torture." The man nodded and said, "This is different. Are you familiar with Dmitri Kaprov? You're old instructor from training?" Tony jumped a bit. Dmitri never needed help on a mission. The ex Spetsnaz Vympel operative was tougher than nails.

"What happened to him?" Tony said. An image popped up on Tony's screen. It was a picture of Moscow. "A few days ago Major Kaprov was investigating a possible leak in GlobalTech's security. His trail lead him to Moscow, Russia where we lost contact with him. Every man we've sent hasn't found him yet." the man said. Another image appeared. This time, it looked like a back alley nightclub. "What am I looking at?" Tony said. "Is this a strip club? You know my wife would kill me if she found out I went into a strip club."

"Unfortunately, yes. It is a strip club. Since it's ran under the table, they have all sorts of "entertainment" for everyone." the man said. Tony shook his head and finished off his glass of tequila. "Alright, so I go into a strip club to see if the old geezer is coming up with one of his half assed vodka soaked schemes?" Tony said jokingly. The man shook his head. "The man that runs the place, is a notorious Russian Nationalist. He uses the funds obtained from the services to fund the war going on between the Russian Federation and the various Nationalist groups." the man said. "We need you to find Kaprov and bring him back. Once you get to the club, pose as a regular customer and try to get as close as you can to the owner. When he is alone, get Kaprov's location out of him by any means necessary. We don't care about what happens after the interrogation, but it would be recommended if you disposed of the owner. Got it Archer?"

"Of course, Mr. Chairman." Tony said with a smile. After the screen went black, Tony slumped back in his chair. "God dammit, Dmitri," Tony said to himself. "What the fuck are you doing?" The small jet landed  on the runway of the Pulkovo International Airport. As it taxied to the terminal, Tony stood up, carrying a suitcase with the only things he would need on that trip. A Beretta PX4 Storm, an extra suit, a kevlar vest, and extra 9mm ammunition. Unfortunately, he was a little under packed.

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