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View from the Abyss: The Unknown

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“Badgers!”  The Union man croaked as Abyss lifted the man up the wall, by the throat. “They just returned, that is all I know…  Please.”

Abyss lets the man hang a moment longer, before letting him drop. “Leave.”  Walking to the wolf standing a few feet away he pats the beasts head, staring into the city.  Who were these new people?  They seemed confidant, and knew what they were doing.  It was clear they knew the area.  Watching them was almost a challenge when he did not want to be seen.  Abyss decides it is time to collect on a promise, and get some answers.

“Go feed, I will wait here.”

The Wolf takes off at the command and shortly a scream can be heard that is abruptly cut off.  Abyss smiles, the action making him look all the more the predator.

“Life is about to get interesting.”

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