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View from the Abyss: Red Vision

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[[Same warning as Nisha.  The following is from Abyss’s view, and gets graphic.  You have been warned.]]

Abyss was strapped in the chair.  It was clear he fought for control, as the Techs worked around him.  It had taken several hundred chips to hire and equip them for what he needed.  Now it was just a matter of not going insane as every fiber in his being screamed for release, the pure instinct to rip free and fight his way out was almost overwhelming.

The damage cause by the hack surgery done in Hope that crippled his screech was irreversible.  He was forced to research other options and this was the most desirable.  His throat would be repaired, leaving it easier to speak, but still be able to mimic voices and sounds.  Hi DNA would be left alone, leaving his bestial nature intact.  Teeth, claws, smell, hearing, and reflexes, all raised to levels above normal human.  He was an Apex Predator, designed to hunt rouge clones by GlobalTech Security.

As he felt the drugs start to take effect he barely heard “Something’s wrong.”

Even as the room suddenly erupted in small arms gunfire, and he was splattered in blood and gore, the scent hit him.  Sweet and earthy, it registered as vanilla in his human side, but struck at his core as what it truly was.  She was here.  He realized he could not move even as his body reacted, and his cock hardened in response.  Al low growl rumbled in his chest as she entered his vision, twin pistols in each hand.

“Easy Wolfy, this is for your own good.” She leaned in and kissed him.  The glint of insanity in her eyes shown in the light as she mounted him, her warmth sliding easily over his hard flesh.  Slowly she started bucking as casual shots finished of any tech that survived her surprise attack.

She drops the pistols when there is no more movement in the room except her.  “You are safe.  Just relax and let me make it all better.”  Gripping Abyss’s shoulders she starts thrashing on him her rising moans filling the room.  His mind screams to react, to take her as instinct tells him to.  But he can only lay there as his heart races, and he feels chemicals flood his system. 

“You’re my Wolf!!!” she screams, as she arches her back in orgasm.  He erupts deep within her, as she spasms around his hard length.


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*covers canni's eyes while she reads this*


Hawt.. looks like abyss is gonna be "tied up" for a while....

poor wolfy lol

One minute your calm, the next your shooting someone in the face, then your doing your chickendance. If that is not chaos I dont know what is - Aiid

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Well that was enjoyable to read.

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(( wait a sec..... I'm a Tech.... frick.... keep on armor and keep guns loaded and at alll times.... *goes and hides in a rock*


"Neutrality at it's best."

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(( reminds me of Axtons Fear big of girls


"Neutrality at it's best."

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(( Shit, im a rouge clone and a Tech. Well, im not rouge anymore, thank god. But, still ... *loads shells into a shotgun* ))

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