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Tough lesson

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Abyss walked into his new haunt.  The shadows in the room danced, as it was lit from the converted coal cookers around the room.  The low fires within, providing both heat and light, while adding the unnerving smell of being in the middle of a burning room.

The bundle over his shoulder started to groan and he simple drops it on the floor, causing the groan to end in a grunt of pain.  As he wanders the room, gathering items, the bag stirs, and the noises grow.
Abyss smiles and the sound of a group of children giggling begins to build from him, eventually filling the large room and causing the bundle to stop moving or making noise.  Soft whimpers can be heard when Abyss stops making noise, and walks over to the bag and unzips the opening.

The young enforcer’s eyes go wide when he sees the masked face come into focus, and the large hook in Abyss’s grip.  Abyss ignores the gagged screams as he pushes the hook in just under the man’s collarbone and out his back.  He actually laughs at the screams caused by dragging the man by the hook to a rope hanging from the roof, and hauling him up till he swings free of the floor.

The room falls silent as the Enforcer mercifully passes out.  Abyss places another hook in the opposite shoulder and binds the man’s ankles spreading his legs apart, while he is unconscious. Working deftly with a large knife he cuts away the man’s clothing.  Abyss then takes a hypo-gun from a portable table and injects the man with it.  Almost instantly his eyes open, yet do not seem to focus.

Abyss speaks, as he walks behind the man and out of site.  His voice wavers in pitch, and volume making him sound demonically possessed..  “You have been injected with a nanite solution mixed with a few psychotropics, hallucinogens, and a healthy dose of Storm.  The end result being that you will no longer pass out, no sleep for that matter. And you will feel not only what I am doing, but your mind will add to your real pain as it mixes with your fears.”

Walking back around, Abyss holds up a vest made of barbed wire and slips it over the man’s head, letting it rest on his body.  “This will be your first step in learning that asking the wrong questions will lead you on a path you will regret the rest of your life.” Stooping down Abyss picks up two large clamps and attaches the vest between the man’s legs, clipping his scrotum as well.
He walks over to a box that has two cables running from it, one is to the clamps and another to a rod in Abyss’s hand.  As he throws a switch a brief hum is emitted and static fills the air.
Abyss tilts his head and looks at his captive.  “Did you ever dance with the Devil, in the pale moon light?”

The Enforcer’s screams can be heard clearly outside and continue almost non- stop well into the night and most of the next day.  The next morning a skinned body nailed to a X of boards is discovered atop the gazebo in the center of town.  The lidless eyes plead for help and the broken jaw hangs open, revealing a missing tounge.


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(( did you vote Evil as the devil himself on the poll? either way impressive writing keep it up))

"May Honor know your name, and Smile."

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*strangely enough - no one saw who and how stretched the skinned corpse at the Serenity Falls gazebo. Even more puzzling is the fact that Union was rather slow to remove the tongueless warning since they had to fill up proper paperwork, and this procedure takes time as we all know - so I guess that this mutilated body might be on display for a while.

"There was a girl, a girl named Lost. Her eyes, they were like frost" - from the infernal journal of Zane Gore

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