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Out of Hell: Abyss returns

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{{Just a smal snip setting the return of Abyss}}

As the curvy redhead enters the room, she pauses.  Abyss is still in his chair and appears to be sleeping soundly.  As he never sleeps soundly she finds this odd.  He has changed due to the chemicals introduced to his system, and the nanites the Techs were using.   His muscles are more defined, and his claws and teeth more pronounced.  With the loss of his sonic attack he has pushed his primal side further.  The mimic voice now a mere tool for the Apex Predator he has become.

Carefully she approaches and grins as his body reacts to her presence.  Her scent excites him as usual and she straddles him.  It takes her a moment to realize that his breathing has not changed and has no time to react as his hand materializes around her throat.  Abyss’s claws make pin marks in her neck as fear paralyzes her.  His eyes gaze at her with a look that shows no humanity whatsoever, before a small light of recognition shows and he grins. 

A shiver runs thru her body despite the death grip, and her eyes flutter half closed as she moans.  Abyss leans forward till his face is less than an inch from hers.   He speaks in the voice only she has heard,

“You’ve been a bad girl…  just like I like you.”

Abyss’s laughter echoes down the hall and fade to groans.  Shortly they change to screams of ecstasy mixed with guttural sounds no human should be able to make.

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