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Out of the frying pan...

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The stranger rode into the yard, as if nothing was going on.  The bandits looked confused and turned from the fire they had started.  The woman continued to cry with a dead man in her arms.

“Who da fuck are you!?!?”  Yelled one of bandits, the presence of his companions giving him confidence.  “You ain’t got no business here, stranger.  I suggest you keep ridein.”

The stranger stood next to his bike, and tilted his head as if not understanding the man.  “What’s the matter, ya deaf or just stupid? “  The leader said advancing on the stranger, till he was inches away. 

The stranger suddenly snapped both arms out, the glint of sun reflecting off small leaf shaped blades.  As his companions dropped to the ground choking on the knives sticking out of their throats, the leader feels a clawed hand grip his throat.  The stranger slowly unwraps his face, revealing coal black eyes and smile of feral teeth.  The cold gaze of a predator stops the bandit from struggling.  “Wha… what the hell are you?”

The stranger lets go with one hand and buries a knife to the hilt under the man’s chin with the other.  As life fades quickly from the bandits eyes, the stranger speaks in multiple voices at the same time.  “Hell is exactly what I am.”

Synn grins at the woman, his demonic voice causing her to turn and run screaming in fear.

“Hello, pretty.”


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Woo Abyss is back !!! Can't wait for the shower of shattered glass and bleeding ears :D


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Epic, can not wait to see this one play. Awesome read.


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(( good read .. and I enjoyed having canni meet abyss at the black beer today ... kinda scary how they got along so well ))

One minute your calm, the next your shooting someone in the face, then your doing your chickendance. If that is not chaos I dont know what is - Aiid

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[[ I know.  Should be interesting to see them interact more. :)

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Never enough torture and mayhem in the world. Time to feed the Abyss then?!


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