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{{OOC}} Big Thanks and moving forward

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{{Hey Everyone.  For those that do not know Abyss has been captured by Hope Springs and currently is in Jail.  Due to events during his capture, he is now mute.  (People got tired of replacing windows and bottles *snicker*)  The reason for this post is the side effect that is now in effect.  Abyss cannot "speak” but due to the experiment that gave him the screech, he can mimic any sound or voice.  This means that now when he does speak it is in someone else’s voice, or simply making a noise.
My sincere thanks to all who have made playing Abyss so much fun, and helping in my experimentation with the Sonic Mutation RP applications.   I look forward to more encounters, should Abyss survive to roam again.}}


( well ya did make docs glasses shatter into his eyes. Plus it was a field tracheotomy done with no glasses and one eye. The method your using with the rp is very interesting to say the least. Left it open for you on how successful/ failure Doc would have. =p )

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{{I know Doc.  Not complaining in the least. :)   I will think on the screech returning, and in the mean time have fun with the mimicing.}}

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(( The experience of being held captive by him so long made changes in Jade also which maybe will not be obvious at first.  It has been very intense rp and made me think of a quote that fit perfect here ))

He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you.



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{{ *ques dramatic music and thunder* }}

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(( The mimic of peoples voices and sounds was one of most creepy things I seen in rp ))


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(( I have only seen Abyss once in game, and still his impact on the game is immense from all the stories that were spinning around this character and others involved. Not sure if I should feel sad or safe that we are in so different time zone :D ))

"There was a girl, a girl named Lost. Her eyes, they were like frost" - from the infernal journal of Zane Gore

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((I'd go with safe..... yeah, definately.))

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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