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Judgment day

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*the following is on a large patch of leather of unknown source, nailed to the door of the Black Beer Bar*

To the residents of Hope Springs:
 Despite non-aggression agreements with several of your townsfolk, it is clear that mercenaries have been hired for the single prosperous of gunning me down like an animal. 

Three times I have come to your town, peacefully and unarmed.  I avoided conflict and conducted business under the terms set by the other party.  Every time I was gunned down as soon as I was spotted, for no reason and without provocation. 

It is clear to me that your claims of non-aggression are a lie, and I am viewed as nothing more than a rabid beast.  As that is the case, that is what I shall be. 

All peace agreements are now null and void.  There will be blood for blood, and it will start with the ones that attempted to play me the fool.


(Very nice, very nice indeed. Cant wait for the fun to begin.)

( when did this happen? Am I being kept outa the loop on clandestine dealings again? If it involves abyss probably for the best Doc doesn't know. =p )

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(Some people just don't know how to make and maintain a deal :P Can I watch?)


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*Zybella stands at the door, looking upon the note and shakes her head.Both her hands at her hips, she sighs.".....shit."*

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Blue might be wanting to join you on some deserved revenge... You don't just shoot a man while he's drinking.

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(( wonders if Elijah's new home is worth visiting..... ))

Kaylee Fryes

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