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*late night in an unknown location*

The full moon shines thru the window, illuminating Abyss face as he stares out at the rain.   A flash of lightning shines along the large blade in his hand.  Turning toward the soft sounds coming from the back room he makes his way thru the house in the near darkness.  His bare feet make no noise as he effortlessly maneuvers around furniture, absent mindedly twirling the blade in his hand.  The night’s events have him craving action.  The smile that spreads on his face has no humor in it as he decides on how to first use his blades again.

Entering the back room Abyss pauses in the doorway at the sound of movement.  Watching the female form on the bed stir and settle, he grins and slowly moves closer.  Reaching the bed he stops and stares down at the lady watching her carefully.  Gripping the covers he pulls them back over her and kisses her forehead.
Turning he walks out as quietly as he came in, gathering his gear and locking the door behind him.

{{ Hey all.  After a fun night of RP, Abyss is free.  *dramatic music*    Local rumors circulate that witnesses saw a female dressed as a Traveler enter the jail and then gunshots were heard.  Shortly after it was discovered that the locks on Abyss’s chains were all shot at point blank range shattering them.  No trace was found of either party.

I have decided to leave the screech out for a while just having fun with the mimicking.  Abyss has settled on a “personal voice”  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvnq_W0i3Bs&feature=related  }}


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((that voice clip reminded me of this for some reason https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOFZ5fv_pb8 ))

Si vis pacem, para bellum.


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{{ That would be the "Rolling voices" Abyss uses.  Random tone changes. }}

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