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It has begun

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{{ Shortly after the events that took place in Hope Springs tonight}}

Abyss falls forward as the pod doors open.  He immediately vomits up the fluid this body was preserved in.  Retching till nothing comes out, he swallows and breaths deep.  The rattle of a chain, causes him to look up.

The tech is small, and she fidgets with the collar attached to a chain around her neck.  She notices the stare and stops, standing still and silent.
Abyss stands and walks calmly over to her.  He lashes out grabbing her by the neck and lifting her small frame from the ground. 

“They are like roaches, more and more everywhere I turn.”

The girl nods as best she can, trying to gasp for air and hold herself from completely choking.  Abyss, pulls a key from her pocket, and unlocks her collar, dropping her to the floor. 

“Go.  Find a way to get my prize alone.  They are scared and desperate.  Fear and paranoia spread like flames.  You know the consequences of failure, or any attempt to flee.”

The girl shudders, and nods once.

“Good. Take the letter and see it delivered.  Report when you have completed the task.”


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(( Abyss and is player is clever))


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(( A bit gross, but I like the vomiting part. The birth is never easy as it looks in the game. ))

"There was a girl, a girl named Lost. Her eyes, they were like frost" - from the infernal journal of Zane Gore

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this is my kinda guy to hang with hahaha

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