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{{ It seems I am inspired.}} 

Abyss sat and watched his prey.   Their sent was strong here, filling the room, despite the many other possible targets.   He listened as his target spoke with one that could be a problem.   Another Alpha, and it was interested in his chosen prey.  He needed to eliminate the threat quietly.
Abyss finished his drink, and left quietly.  He had learned long ago to move silently, despite his size.  Once outside he takes a deep breath.  Something had changed.  There were more people around now.  Some were now looking closer at strangers, rather than avoiding them.  His prey would be harder to catch now.

Abyss chuckles to himself as he walks down the well-established street.  Glancing at the shelter of his secondary, he peers thru a window.  They are home and as usual not alone.  He observes a moment and moves on; wondering if the secondary is limited or gifted.  Further research will be needed.
Almost to his lair, Abyss sees the man lurking in the shadows well before he reaches him.  The man is in all black, the long coat a dead giveaway as to who his friends are.  Abyss notices he twitches as if cold, and wonders why until the chemical smell reaches out to him.  Storm.  The man was obviously a junkie, and would probably attack looking for chips or anything valuable he could sell.  Abyss shifts his stance and starts staggering as if intoxicated.  He starts singing a nameless tune to enhance the image.

Just as predicted the bandit, comes out of the shadows to what he sees as an easy victim.  Abyss walks up and almost runs into the man, acting startled.  “Where da fug, joo come frum?”  He blabbers drunkenly.

The bandit brandishes a gun in Abyss’s face.  “Anything you got worth anything, give to me…  NOW!”  The bandit says, becoming braver by the moment.

Abyss stagers in place and peers as if trying to focus his vision on the bandit.  “Whu joo say?”

The bandit moves forward and grabs Abyss by the front of his vest. “I sai… GURKK!!” 

Abyss drops the drunken act as he holds the spike buried under the bandits chin.  It was long enough to pierce the throat and cause major bleeding, but short enough to not damage the brain and kill instantly.  The bandit started drowning in his own blood as Abyss leaned in close.  He licks the blood running over his hand and shivers as if in ecstasy.  Abyss grins, turning his face into a demonic horror that causes the bandit to futilely try and pull away despite his life fading away.

Abyss’s horse whisper reaches the bandit’s ears, just as the life fades from his eyes. “Depart from me, I never knew you.”

Abyss pulls the spike out and lets the body drop.  Turning slightly he give a low whistle, and continues walking.  From the shadows a skin dog moves to the body and sniffs it.  Abyss smiles and licks his hand again as wet tearing and crunching sounds reach his ears.  He laughs, continuing his stroll as if nothing happened.


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(( I cant help wonder where you get your inspiration from,  maybe Jack the Ripper? )) 

*leaves a nightlight on when going to bed* 


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I like this guy

Blood For The Blood God.

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*kneels next to the gnawed corpse with expressionless face. The body was dragged out into the cornfield by mutated rabbits. Lost examines it thoroughly before heading into Hope not saying a word about what she found.

"There was a girl, a girl named Lost. Her eyes, they were like frost" - from the infernal journal of Zane Gore

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(( Good Read Abyss. ))


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(( This is just gruesome. A man can't no longer steal for his fix without getting killed.))


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