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Enter the Abyss

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{{ An intro into my character.  Hope you enjoy it.}}

Abyss sat staring forward at what he considered his latest work of art.  It consisted of a simple metal frame.  He had pulled it from the door of a ruined building and attached it to the sturdy base he had found in the building he called home.  Next he started weaving barbed wire, and created a net.  Stretching it over the frame, he welded it in place.  It sat at the edge of the room, directly in front of the last work of art he finished, his throne.   It had taken him a while to gather and arrange everything, and he was proud of the results.

His latest piece was unfinished, and he thought of how it would look when he had the final piece.  A demonic smile spread across his face, exposing his elongated canines.  Having a large amount of Blight Wolf DNA effected his looks and had made him an ideal hunter.  He had black eyes, and a feral look about him.  Something in his sent disturbed horses, and he regularly gave them a wide berth.  His nails were thick and strong like claws.  His vision was enhanced to the point he could see as well during the darkest night as he could during high noon.  His hearing was capable of picking up the faintest noises.  His smell was well above normal, and once he met someone he could track them buy it.

Picking up a leather mask, he sniffs the sent it held.  He had taken it easily from his latest target, moving silently into their home as they sang softly while bathing.  He could have easily finished the hunt then and there, but that would have not held any satisfaction.  He preferred to chase his prey.  He had let them know what he wanted, and gave a hint of what was to come.

The garment he had taken was well worn, and held his chosen preys sent.  Abyss used the black leather to fashion a mask.  He looked up at the full moon coming thru the large round window.

“Tick, Tock.” He said to no one in particular, as he pulled the mask over his head setting it in place.

“Times up.”


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(( I like the sick artistic sculptures made of junk and barbwire - very post apocalyptic. Let's hope we never meet in game :D

Welcome Abyss! ))

"There was a girl, a girl named Lost. Her eyes, they were like frost" - from the infernal journal of Zane Gore

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A Truely intresting character, i fancy the idea of his DNA being crossed with that of a blight wolf and how it altered him. reminded me of the song Lycatrope by moonspell. If you seek equaly minded Dark company There is my clan the Revenants and there are the Reavers whom are the two Dark clans of RP community.

Blood For The Blood God.

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(( *Gulps*, very sinister and creative ))


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(( Freaking awesome. Scary as hell but awesome. Almost feel sorry for the prey but the odds are in your favor big bad wolf.))


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{{ Thank you all for the kind words. }}

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(The Hybrid, DNA mixed with Blightwolf, I did that Also the higher Senses part Canines,pretty much everything apart from the night vision :). good idea building on the Artist bit though



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((and a guilty weakness to....*shakes a small paper bag* :DDD not sayin!))

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(*Gets all shifty eye'd and snatches the bag*



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((Hey! You can't have ALL those treats *takes off a slipper and brandishes it at Fox* *points to a kennel and says one word very loudly* "CRATE!" ))




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Fox's picture

(*Grrs and takes em anyway, goin to the Kennel*



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