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Do as your told.

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*events from a few days ago*

Abyss drove along, ignoring the noise coming from behind him.  The wind blew thru the open space where his windshield used to be.  His arm and chest still stung from the dozens of cuts he received after gamma shot the windshield out, trying to stop his current assignment.  Growls rumbled from Abyss, loud enough to cause whimpers from the back seat.  “Do not harm, deliver alive and in one piece.” He had been told.

“Do I look like a fucking taxi driver?”  He mutters to himself.  Slamming the breaks he slides to a halt.  Exiting the car he move to the trunk and opens it, grinning at the terrified look, Marrissa give him.  “End of the ride, Sugar Tits.” Grabbing the bindings at her throat he hauls her up and out of the trunk.  Her protests increase as she notices the direction he walks.

Setting her down at the bridge rail, he growls at her. “You one lucky bitch, I have direct orders to leave you in one piece.  Enjoy the trip.”  Without warning he pushes her over the edge, laughing.  She screams till the rope attached to her catches halting her short fall.  Marissa’s relief is short lived when she realizes that she now dangles thousands of feet from the ground.

Abyss sits and has a smoke, radioing in the delivery point.  He grins at the muffled screams from below, an almost pleasurable look on his face.


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As Marissa dangled there, her eyes wide and frightened looking around at the vast space. Whimpers and tears clouded her judgement , the small form wrapped tightly, bound stiff swung and and blew in the funneled winds that rose from far below.

"Where am I?" , she thought to herself. Panic encumbering her mind.

"Why has no one come for her?", She knew Kyra ( The Chief ) and Gamma saw her taken.

"Does Subdane know?Was he told?" , She knew he would would do his best to find her.There was no way he would sit by idely unless he was forced to do so.How she missed him so and wished he was here. Briefly her mind flashed back to the tree, how gentle he was, so eager to be one with his surroundings. She was proud of him.He would hold her hand and tell her it would be ok. He would never abandon her.Still in this dark time, her faith in him remaind strong.She knew there was something in him, it was unbreakable and she adored him for it.

"Hush, Girl, you need to focus. This isn't your end.You are stronger than this. You made it through the last kidnapping and you have to admit."So far, this one didn't seem to be as horrible.Perhaps it will end different.'Just business". she told herself.Was to be delivered in one piece, she was told. What does this have to do with? She couldn't help but think someone , somewhere was pissed at those other than her. The N.F.P.D.? Was this for them? "Focus, Rissa. They haven't killed you...not yet.This seems like a hostage situation. Does this mean I will ever get out?" < She looked straight down, hoping that rope would hold.>

Footsteps came.She could hear them. A woman's voice? Marissa tried to scream with her gag, but only muffles came. A few words were spoken from above and then she felt herself being pulled up, Inch by inch.

" Here we go, Rissa.........Focus and breathe,....."


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{{ BRAVO!!!  :)  Very well done.

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((Two beautifull little vignettes that perfectly compliment each other.))

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((So well written and in perfect sync with the theme :) I am looking forward to the "pause" is lifted again

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(( Perfect and tense. Made my skin crawl from the "cliffhanger" end... And that "clifhanger" was not intended as a joke in Marrisa's situation. ))

"There was a girl, a girl named Lost. Her eyes, they were like frost" - from the infernal journal of Zane Gore

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