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Blood and Fire

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{{Another glimpse into my character.  I hope you enjoy it.}}

A smell like gasoline fills the area, despite the ventilation.  Abyss is using a wooden spoon to mix the gel-like substance in the bowl he holds.  Pausing a moment, he glances at the bowl, then scans the work bench in front of him.  It was taken up by a plastic bowl filled with gunpowder, dozens of empty shells he had made from the heavy paper he had found, Neat rows of carefully crafted needles of lead, and a small bottle with the light blue powder he had located.
Abyss picks up the bottle and adds a little more of the chemical to his mixture and stirs it once again.  He takes almost reverent care as the contents combine and thicken. The acidic smell becomes even stronger.  Satisfied with the results he sets the bowl down in front of the shells.  Using a small measuring spoon, he carefully pours some of the gel into the top of each shell.  A plastic tube keeps the gel from mixing with the gunpowder underneath, or soaking thru the paper casing.  The tube is packed with needles he had crafted a while ago, and the gel flows into the spaces between the barbed rods.
Abyss knows that the resulting shell will fire a cone of flame igniting anything in front of the weapon, while the barbed shrapnel will shred into any soft item they come in contact with.
Abyss chuckles softly recalling the last time he had used the weapon.  He watched the man he gut-shot, beg for a quick death, while deciding if he would burn to death first or bleed out.
After filling each shell, he places a cap on the tube and folds the top of the shell casing over it. He then takes the completed shell and places it in a box designed to hold 100 rounds.  One the box is full; Abyss then places the completed box of shells on a shelf filled with dozens of other similar boxes.
Leaving the room he walks into the main space containing a long rifle he had recently acquired.  Abyss sits and starts cleaning and reassembling the weapon.  He speaks to himself, as he works.  The low raspy whisper of his voice somehow carries down the hall.
“Take from my hand this cup filled to the brim with my anger, and make all the nations to whom I send you drink from it.  When they drink from it, they will stagger; crazed by the warfare I will send against them.”


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((A client of mine is putting together a.... hmm, what's a good word? ... Club? Yes, let's use that. A client of mine is putting together a little club and I think you might be just the kind of chap they would be interested in having as a member. Look out for the er.... 'enrolement form'))

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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{{ *Slowly nods once* }}

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You have a most intresting character, i wonder how he shall proceed.

Blood For The Blood God.

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