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Zombies Ate My Neighbors: My Brother's Keeper

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(( I have been working this a while.  Though it is written IC.  The infor is OOC unless discovered IC.  *in game or via contact with me here*  Please enjoy))

Synn slowly approached the compound he last sensed Abyss at.  With the whole canyon going crazy with the new “super” rotters, he was concerned that his link with his twin ended.  Normally Damion new where Abyss was, no matter where in the canyon either of them were. 

A couple weeks ago, Abyss had said he was going on a supply run.   That was the last Damion had heard directly from him.  He had an increasing sense of anger and excitement, but that was normal when Abyss was hunting.  Damion assumed it was just that till the fear set in.  Something was not right, and he set out to find his sibling.

He knew Abyss was in Deadfall, and was able to narrow down a small area before the link stopped.  A bit of scouting and it was easy to find the correct location.  It was an abandoned LifeNet bunker, and the area looked like a scene from a bad horror movie. 

Bodies were everywhere you looked, and everything was covered in blood.  It looked almost like the bunker was filled to the point it exploded outward.  Most of the bodies were gutted or miss limbs.  Every last one was decapitated.  Looking around Damion carefully made his way to the door.  From the flickering light within, he could see the carnage just increased.  Before he even crossed the doorway his boots were making sucking sounds as he walked across the blood soaked ground.  At the top of the stairs he paused.  A low growl could be heard from below. 

“Abyss is that you?”

Damion paused on the top step and closed his eyes.  Reaching out with his mind he took a step back at what he found.  Whatever was below was completely feral, in pain, and definitely his brother.  There was split second recognition of the name Abyss, but it ended in another wave of Pain and Rage.

“Calm down little brother.   I can help.”  Even as Damion spoke the lie, he knew it would do no good.  He let a small oddly shaped blade drop into his hand and pulled a plastic box from his pocket with the other.  “We have danced this dance before.  You know how it will end.”

Reaching the bottom of the stairs Damion’s face dropped his usual mask and the pain and sadness was clear.  His twin was crouched watching the door to the pods below.  He was almost naked, his clothes having been torn to shreds.  From head to toe he was covered in blood, with various wounds visible from bites and scratches.  When he turned to face Damion there was not an ounce of human left in his eyes.

The next few second were a blur, but time slowed for the two combatants.   Abyss turned and leapt in one fluid motion.  Clawed hands reaching to rip flesh from bone, teeth bared to finish the job.  Damion calmly spun as Abyss’s leap carried him past.  Reversing the knife in his grip he struck Abyss at the back of his neck, just below the clone collar.  The bend of the blade stopping it at the exact point it severed the spine.  His spin finished as we watched Abyss drop to the floor and remain there.

“I am sorry Brother.  But there is nothing I can do for you, but end your pain.”  Stepping over Damion turns Abyss over and looks into his eyes as he presses the plastic box to the clone collar.  After a few seconds there is a beep and the collar falls in half. 

Cradling Abyss’s head he wipes away some of the blood.  He slimes sadly as the life fades from Abyss’s eyes.  “I will find the source of this my brother.  I promise you that.  And the person responsible will wish I allowed them the sweet release of death.  I will burn the canyon to the ground if I have to, but there will be retrobution.”

Holding his brother’s body a few moments after it finally relaxes in death; Damion wipes a tear from his cheek and heads out.  When his face is once again seen in the sun it is a mask of determination and his eyes burn with rage.


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(( I get this picture of Synn finding out its a flower that caused the madness and hes going to be seen throught he canyon angrilly stomping flowers.. ))

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((  LOL yeah.  Assuming there is no person who is responcable for creating it.  :)

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Nisha drove all over the Kaibab, searching for her missing lover, finally decided to head towards Northfields. Eyes red from tears.

"Oh Wolfy .. where are you? I have such a bad feeling something is wrong"

(( Great write up <3

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