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You're A Vision Song Contest

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Studio: Welcome listeners to our coverage of the You're A Vision Song Contest. We have all the factions tonight in the town of Haven uniting through song to bring us joy and pleasure, hopefully. We go now to our presenter Kobe in Haven for the contest...

Kobe: Thank you, Kobe here in the beautiful town of Haven at the You're A Vision Song Contest. To my side I have the delightful Legolass. Our listeners may remember that she was part of the Lightbearer team to win last year's contest with their light hearted song 'I Cannot Bearer It Any Longer'. Legolass welcome, are you excited about tonights contest?

Legolass: Lighthearted? Oh, indeed Kobe I think tonight we will be treated to a delight of music, melody and...

Kobe: Madness?

Legolass: Err... I was about to say music.

Kobe: Oh, of course. That is right folks, so much music tonight we have to say it twice. Well coming to the stage we have our first act of the night...

Act 1 - The Enforcers

Kobe: Well that was the Enforcers with their song 'Do What I Say not What I Do' and I have to say I have never before seen so many boots stamping at once.

Legolass: Yes Kobe, it was a very forceful song, one not be argued with but to be agreed with would you not say?

Kobe: Absolutely Legolass, absolutely.

Act 2 - The Techs

Kobe: That was the Techs with their song 'My Perfect Little Number', not an exciting song I would have to say. What do you think Legolass?

Legolass: *gentle snoring*

Kobe: Legolass? Legolass?

Legolass: Eh? What? Where am I? Oh... Hi err... Kobe. Oh yes, the Tech guys, yes very good, very good...

Kobe: Really?

Legolass: Oh? Was it not?

Act 3 - The Vistas

Kobe: That was the Vistas and their act 'What On Earth' and I have to say what on Earth? Confused I would call that, the melody did not seem sure of where to go. What did you think Legolass?

Legolass: I do not know, I did not like it, yet did not dislike it. I thought the audience participation was interesting.

Kobe: You mean the throwing of old fruit and vegetable?

Legolass: Yes, it gave it a real Vista nature feel to it.

Act 4 The Lightbearers

Kobe: We have just heard the Lightbearers with their song 'Teatime'. It was a cheerful song but I am confused by the elephant costumes.

Legolass: I think they were dressed as teapots Kobe, to represent pouring of tea the old fashioned way.

Kobe: Oh, I guess that seem more sensible.

Legolass: I have to agree, it was cheerful and I really liked that song. The best so far and probably in the contest.

Kobe: Of course you are probably more familiar with Lightbearer efforts being one yourself Legolass.

Legolass: Err...yes Kobe...

Act 5 - The Travellers

Kobe: Well that was the Travellers with 'A Better Deal'. Their singer you may remember was involved in that Diner protection scandal a few months ago but was cleared of blame from the investigator who was looking into the matter before the dreadful accident where he accidentally dropped a hammer on his knuckles giving himself a black eye in the process. Well personally I think their song could have been better, what about you Legolass?

Legolass: Yes I agree Kobe, it seemed almost a song written with money rather than art in mind. I know these guys are very generous, offering new vehicles to the judges from their kindness for example but still I think the song lacked... well... honesty.

Act 6 - The Chota

Kobe: Err... err... that was the Chota... with 'Bleeding Heart'... err... a very lively love song... very lively... Legolass?

Legolass: *silence*

Kobe: Legolass? Are you okay?

Legolass: Err... Sorry Kobe... yes... that was... different. So much blood. And whose heart was that?

Kobe: Best not to think about that. But you are right, so much blood, on stage and into the audience. So Legolass how do you feel about that one?

Legolass: Afraid.

The Votes Have Been Counted

Kobe: Well after the judges of each Faction voted on the other teams songs the votes have been counted and the results are here. The winner is now being announced. It is... oh my... oh my... It is the Chota with 'Bleeding Heart' Well that is a shock, the audience are looking terrified. Okay the lead singer is accepting the trophy and we shall now listen in to his Winners Speech.

Chota Singer: Thanks.

Kobe: Okay, okay, that was short but meaningful. The Chota are about to return and perform again their winning song. It is time for us to get out of here, over to you in the studio. Legolass we have to go! NOW!

Studio: Thank you Kobe and Legolass. well that was the You're A Vision Song Contest sweeping away stereotypes and bringing peace and harmony to these Lands. And now the News, one of the song contest judges has been shot...


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((LOL, really nicely put together.))

I was the third teapot on the left.... tell them. Tell them I was the third.... ((I think they heard you)). I made it myself. ((Is there a responsible adult in the thread?))

Erm................ Oops?

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Out of all the factions Travelers are the only ones with Performance Troupes and a plethora of singers/actors. I deny your contest and it's outcome, and that Lightbearer bitch just for added measure.


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Isn't there a player named Legolass? Or a NPC in some stories here? I could swear I've seen that name out of Tolkien's books and in here.

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All that time I was thinking about one of those Lego figures.


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Keep thinking on Lego. Maybe if you follow the Lego Brick Road it would lead to a city with some connection here.

Spider Hill Radio Station is a neutral location built and shaped through role play. At the moment it is operational.

I can scavenge trash... but this? This is rubbish! - Post Fall scavenger problems.

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I just spent a solid ten minutes reading/laughing at that.

Fucking Canadians


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( That was cool. A comic relief. I wonder if the mutant wining the Eurosong has anything to do with it. )

- this comment was brought to you by Oilville Primo™ -

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