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"I dont know...Dawn. [period.Piss] mmmmm...maybe,, /'' Bring it back to me",MMMM gRoWns a moans, to Hey JOE,sING ME a song hEY Joe SAYS TO ME,Gone down to MEXICO does the game go that far? through the WIRES.......HUM a Om "A JAG A JUGG AHHHHHHHH . But not to the Joe,....... Coyotes OF Jackhalls mob the way north of here nothere Nothere . sun Light? MMMM.....Dave Not ANYWHERE not any more ...One Two there three? No Two. three? Two of u IS "Ur not us, Just dusk dawn CREEPS again and ANYWHERE moans back. AGAIN all this again ... "iknow the CREEPS R my fiends SUNLIGHT of the spirit dave thinks '' Go " bACK, where?u saysaid . TO the sunlight throught the window panes,,,,,,,,,,,,u say, u saw usaid Dave dave nothere SOMEWHEREpass Notheredave / / ,, SOMEWHEREpass " U have become Irrelevant '' Nothere Not THERE? Dave , ''om '' Chota! i INOTHEREDAVE REPLYS , "wHO saYs tHis Stuff to Meeeee........davenothere replys irrelevant ? WHAT is this ? U DRAW A RING OF DUST IN THE DUST ,thats What u get ur joe joe Mojo back.......heeeN dish fiendish FABULIST DIE all day..........turn back ur not welcome here read the sign


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not even/ start of some /hree sons buried THREE SON CAME OVER THE HILL and burned and burroughed through the glands sweating hands THREE SON CAME OVER THE HILL in light U DIE THE BEARs shadow engulf U notheredave HERE HAD two THE JUST RIGHT NIGGER
JUST WRIGHT RIGHT deadly night done right...sealed SO hiss CAME TOO
JUST ignore not and do 200000 needed i wanted to before i drew i needed to caress my cock FEEL IT GET GOOD AND STIFF hard as , touch everywhere u seek me to wind so around whip you and kiss u up .........so hot wind to trot feed ur anticapation of every feelin good nook every One,'' ''" Just how much wood

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