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Who's yer Daddy? Part 2 - Hide and Seek

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** Mood music **

((Most of lyrics also included in story))

**Continuation from pt 1

**A house just outside Tannerfield**

Ding Dong, I know that you can hear me, open up the door, I only want to play .. a little.

Ding Dong, You cant keep me waiting, it's already to late, for you to try and run away.

Glenda gasped after her failed scream and scrambled out from under the table, and away from the thing that was rolled beneath it.  Knowing that she was now all alone, except for what was outside.

The knob turned slowly as if being tested, she held her breath, frozen in place until the crack of wood splintering beneath the shiny end of an axe-blade sent her feet pushing away on their own accord. A primeval body memory kicked in, direct messages to muscles and bypassing all conscious thought was a key survival mechanism of prey. 

She ran from the kitchen and into the living room. The front door normally remained locked, with trembling fingers she reached out to make sure and wondered if she should attempt to find help in town. The panicked woman almost had it unlatched when a figure thumped up against the window, its silhouette like a small scarecrow holding a hand axe. One pale blue eye through the gap in the curtains and this time she found her voice and issued an ear piercing scream and stumbled towards the stairs leading up to the bedrooms.

I see you through the window, our eyes are locked together

I can sense your horror, although I would like to see it closer

Ding Dong, Here I come to find you, hurry up and run

Let's play a little game and have fun!

 The terrified woman ran up the stairs faster then shaking legs were able, left foot missing one and causing her to lose both a shoe and a toenail. Tears flowed into her mouth as she sobbed loudly and and looked frantically about for a place to hide. Her breaths coming in short painfully shallow gulps but she felt her way along the upstairs hallway into a bedroom.

Ding Dong, where is it you've gone to? Do you think you've won?

Our game of hide and seek has just begun.

I hear your footsteps running down the hallway, I can hear your sharp breaths

You're not very good at hiding, just wait, you cant hide from me

(I'm coming)

 The wind had calmed, she became aware that it had stopped lashing against the house, in fact it was making no noise at all and all she could hear was her heart drumming so hard and fast against her aching chest she almost missed the soft little giggle that moved closer ... searching.

Knock Knock, I am at your door now, I am coming in, no need to ask permission

Knock Knock, I am in your room now, where is it you've hid?

Our game of hide and seeks about to end.

Glenda could smell it now and the foulness of it made bile rise in her throat, her hand flew to her mouth to hold it back, she could hear it rummaging around in the bedroom and wanted to see what it was, but the darkness and her fright kept her statue-still in her hiding spot.

I'm coming closer, looking underneath your bed but you're not here,

I wonder, could you be in the closet?

The smell was upon her and the tinkling child's laugh that seemed so perversely wrong came with it.

When the closet door was flung open she heard a horrific scream that seemed far away and briefly wondered where it was coming from, hope surged and then was dashed when she realized it was her own

Ding Dong I have found you, you were hiding here..

now you are it and I have won


Part 3 coming soon....



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((OMFG! The hairs on my legs have all stood on end. That was, my heart is racing and I haven't even had a sip of my morning coffee yet. Wait, there's a part three? 0.0

...Note to self, buy razors.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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((Never knew erect leg hairs would be such a satisfying reaction .. ty Joe

One minute your calm, the next your shooting someone in the face, then your doing your chickendance. If that is not chaos I dont know what is - Aiid

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(( *holds breath))

- this comment was brought to you by Oilville Primo™ -

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{{  Awsome read!!  Can't wait to see more.

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