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Who Is..?

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A collaboration between Hyle & Joe to list all the created characters of our collective writings. We have created a circle of characters who interact and enrich our stories together, so this is a kind of Wiki to our world within FE.

It has been becoming harder and harder to keep track of all the characters our stories have produced over the years, so this list was long overdue. If you have read any of our stories, you may find this list entertaining/interesting. If you haven’t then you probably won’t.

Abigail Seven years older than Finny. Abaigail is one of Bethany Ambrose's two 'ladies in waiting'.

Alicia Troy-O’Rourke (HALLOWEEN FANTASY STORY ONLY) Seventeenth child of The Grand Mother, former president of the world. Alicia, along with the current world president, President Floyd, has been instrumental in seeking a higher level of peace and security for the growing population. This has not sat well with Ellie, Alicia's head of security. For complicated political reasons, Alicia and Guliard Pfenious Backstrom are betrothed to be married.

Amy (HALLOWEEN FANTASY STORY ONLY) Full name not yet known. Amy is an anthropology student assigned to Doctor Harry Hubbard-Awolowo. Amy is ambitious and sees her current assignment as potentially a huge step forward in her career.

Amy Pond Amy is two years older than Finny and is a refugee child in Hope Springs. Amy has recovered from a gunshot wound which has left a terrible scar on her left side. Between her ribs and her pelvis is a gap in her side large enough to fit a fist in.

Arch Stanton Arch is a farmer in Hope Springs. He has three sons. Evan is the middle child. Arch saved Evan from being killed by blood rabbits.

Archie & Harvey  You cannot have one without the other so here they are together. Archie and Harvey are both in their seventies, camp as a row of pink tents, and live four doors down from the Spivey-Kjaers. Famous for their many soirees, they have become ‘must know’ characters amongst New Flagstaff’s social elite. However, there is another side to these geriatric gadabouts. Archie and Harvey were once prominent agents of a covert intelligence organisation and, although now very retired, well, old habits die hard. Because of their exciting past they are sure to be on other people’s various shit lists. Consequently, they have protected their house with a plethora of sophisticated technology. Numerous secret panels reveal a startling array of ready to use weaponry and, to top it all, they have their very own hidden underground bunker.

Arno (HALLOWEEN FANTASY STORY ONLY) At fifteen years old, Arno is still an infant in this world of the long-lived. He works at Schloss Egg as one of the household staff but has ambitions to one day become a security officer. He has already applied to get onto the training course, even though he is well below the required minimum entrance age.

Arron Burroughs-Charmondleigh (HALLOWEEN FANTASY STORY ONLY) A professor of pre-Sirtuin history at Brasilia University. Shortly after publishing his treatise on the historical character ‘Lost Bride’ the professor died in a tragic accident.

Arsen (HALLOWEEN FANTASY STORY ONLY) A legend of the Gu-Nar tribe, famous for his heroic exploits and his escape from the lands of the Bru-Mei.

Arthur Hancock (HALLOWEEN FANTASY STORY ONLY) A Ranger at Wembley base assigned to assist in the Troy Foundation’s investigative expedition.

Arthur Stanton Arthur (eight years older than Finny) is Arch Stanton's eldest son. Evan, at twelve, is the middle child. And Dudley, only three is the youngest. Arthur and Evan look after Dudley while Arch is at work.

Aunty Wainwright Aunty is probably the most successful fence in the Union territory and certainly the most successful in New Flagstaff. 'Aunty's Junk Emporium' is on Santa Fe Avenue. The eccentric Aunty W also holds a lot of sway among the other fences in the city, so getting in her bad books is never going to be good for business. Everyone has made use of Aunty’s services, from the snot nosed kid who has just shoplifted a whole jar of candy, up to career criminals and even organised crime families. Above all else, Aunty Wainwright can be trusted to keep a secret. Her age is indeterminate because of her strange habit of wearing several layers of clothes at all times and only rarely washing. Let’s be generous and call her middle aged.

Baka Neko (Clone) An unlikely warrior. Created with a brain, not brawn, and an uncanny ability to see the world as numbers and patterns that can be rearranged for fun and profit. This ditzy twenty-year-old was most surprised to find herself as part of a batch of combat clones spewed out of the cloner in South Burb to fight against the latest attack by hordes of Blade Dancers, the local bad boys. Having survived that, she had the misfortune to run into eight of the local population who were curious to find out if you could actually fuck a clone to death, so they gave it their best shot. Bad things subsequently happened but Baka Neko eventually found herself in New Flagstaff not only with a soon to be fiancé called Scott Moreland but also a bag of eight mummified penises and no idea how she had gotten them. Sometime later she was murdered by a hooded psychopath… And then things got really weird. Baka Neko has an uncanny resemblance to Miss Brown and Tukiko Troy.

Bank Officer Montenegro This worthy oversees the vaults in the Plaza De La Charca in New Flagstaff. He settles any ‘issues’ by applying the Banker rules of business. Basically, if you want to continue using the vaults then you don’t mess with Bank Officer Montenegro. It was with Bank Officer Montenegro’s permission that Finny was granted vault space of her own. What that cost Joe Spivey is a secret between him and his ledgers.

Beth A seamstress on the wrong side of twenty-five and far too keen on the gin. Beth works for Fingal Agin and is the best friend of Nancy, a fellow seamstress also working for Fingal. Beth is a resident of The Borough, that seamy area of New Flagstaff full of narrow streets, dilapidated houses and occupied by the poorest of the poor and the most villainous of scoundrels.

Bethany Ambrose Seven years older than Finny. Bethany is the resident bully of Finny's dorm at the orphange. Know as Queen Bee because of her airs and graces, she and her entourage are the typical teenage bitches found in any of today's haigh schools, but with that extra apocolypse hardness.

Bill Bailey Bill is the manager of the first garage en-route from New Flagstaff to Hope Springs. He also keeps an eye on the LifeNet facility adjacent to the garage. Bill just wants a quiet life. He is in his late twenties and might be called handsome by some. He certainly thinks so and has every intention of not getting his good looks messed up by sticking his nose into other people’s business.

Bill Skye A burly man in his late forties, a bruiser, a robber, a burglar and an expert with ropes. Bill is a resident of The Borough, that seamy area of New Flagstaff full of narrow streets, dilapidated houses and occupied by the poorest of the poor and the most villainous of scoundrels. Even people in The Borough are afraid of Bill due to his hair-trigger temper. Bill has a pet Yorkshire terrier called Tulip.

“Bob” Obviously ‘Bob’ is not his real name, we don’t know his real name. What we do know about Bob is that he is a kind of ‘Department Head’ in the Lightbearer’s secret organisation, the ‘Sun and Moon’. Bob’s long running pet project seems to be centred around Tukiko Troy and has something to do with a pre-Fall scientific venture called ‘Protect Butterfly’. Of interest, when both he and Tukiko Troy were in their mid-teens, and Tukiko was studying at Haven, Bob tried to become romantically linked with the young Tuki but nothing apparently came of it. That was a lot of years ago and Bob is now middle aged.

Bodil Ramsbottom-Hill (HALLOWEEN FANTASY STORY ONLY) Professor of Pre-Sirtuin Archaeology at Brasilia University and head of the archaeology department there. Professor Hill is two hundred and sixty-two years old. She has built her professional reputation on presenting the history of some seven hundred years ago based only on careful research. The professor has no room for fanciful stories. Most annoyingly, however, is that whenever professor Hill researches into the History of the Troy family beyond what is contained in ‘The History’, she is stymied at almost every turn. Often this is due to legal objections from the Troy dynasty itself. Consequently, the professor has ‘issues’ with the Troys.

Britney (HALLOWEEN FANTASY STORY ONLY) At only nineteen years old, Britney is no longer considered to be an infant but she is still very much a child when considering that almost half of the world population is, despite looking no older than their early twenties, aged well into their hundreds. Currently, therefore, she is in a kindergarten archaeology class being carefully supervised at the ongoing dig at Hope Springs.

Bumble A man in his late middle age, overweight, red-faced and usually out of breath… Pretty much a heart attack waiting to happen. When he’s not driving a desk at the Union patrol office he can be found moonlighting as an overseer at Joe Spivey’s ammunition factory in New Flagstaff. For the quick witted and fleet of foot orphans he is a source of amusement. Push him too far, however, and they will see, and feel, Bumble’s nasty side.

Casper Casper (Real name Thomas Baglow) is the same age (albeit a couple of months younger) than Finny and has been a resident of the New Flagstaff Orphanage since he was left at the front door as a baby. Casper, like many other inmates of the orphanage, works at Joe Spivey’s ammunition factory located on the other side of the junk yard from the orphanage building. Casper is a member of a group of four similarly aged orphans collectively known as ‘The Reading Group’. They are obliged to spend some of their time in Joe Spivey’s makeshift schoolroom where he is teaching them all to read and write. Casper is not noted for his bravery, in fact the opposite. Casper has a long list of things that he is afraid of and goes to great lengths in avoiding all of them. In fact, it is unlikely he would ever leave the orphanage if it was not for Finny, the little group’s leader, encouraging him to do so. Maybe because of this, Casper has developed a crush on Finny and even though he thinks he hides this from the others, almost everyone is aware of it.

Charlie Farley Five years older than Finny. Not his real name but a nickname given to him by one of the gangs he was in before Joe Spivey found him. Charlie is the then fourteen year old boy who broke the arms of Bethany Ambrose. When he was twelve, he was the lookout outside the container unit where Finny was held after being caught following Joe.

Christopher Taggert Is eight years older than Finny and is a resident of the New Flagstaff orphanage and resident bully. Also known as ‘Taggs’, this nasty piece of work enjoys making the lives of the younger kids a misery… Backed up by his cronies of course.

Claud (HALLOWEEN FANTASY STORY ONLY) Like almost all household employees on the Troy estate situated on the banks of Lake Griffen in what used to be Switzerland, only first names are used. This is traditional and prevents familial rivalry getting in the way of their jobs. Claud, is the major-domo of Alicia Troy’s household.

Clive (HALLOWEEN FANTASY STORY ONLY) Clive is a security officer at Schloss Egg. He is married, which is unusual in post-Sirtuin society.

Cybil Jónsdóttir-Jonsson (HALLOWEEN FANTASY STORY ONLY) Cybil is a young and eager conservation student based at the museum on the Troy estate. She was assigned to professor Bodil Ramsbottom-Hill as her assistant on the Troy Foundations investigative expedition, after bringing an unusual artefact to the attention of her superiors.

Dan White  A member of the six refugees who sat outside the Constabulary HQ when Stella Mcfarlen was being interviewed in connection with the murder of Magrat. Dan, twenty years older than Finny, became the spokesperson when confronted by the Chief Constable.

David Nesterov-Braben (HALLOWEEN FANTASY STORY ONLY) A field archaeologist working at the Hope Springs dig site. A close friend of professor Bodil Ramsbottom-Hill and is famous for wearing a colourful, multipatterned woollen hat.

Danior Gold Danior is twenty years older than Finny and is the eldest male in the Gold family and its enforcer. The Golds are Travellers and returned to The Borough to assert what they claim to be their family rights. They have grown in power of the last two years from just another thuggish family to a gang running most of the rackets in the neighbourhood. They are violent and use terror tactics to bend other groups to their will. They are now a serious thorn in the side of Joe Spivey.

Deafixha (HALLOWEEN FANTASY STORY ONLY) Financial advisor and court liaison officer to Guliard Pfenious Backstrom. She is the mate of Kratsix and the mother of their daughter Ebaxjapopa (Poppy).

Dean Coutes-Vaughen (HALLOWEEN FANTASY STORY ONLY) The unfortunately named Dean of Brasilia University. Students happily call him Dean Dean, much to his annoyance. Perpetually worried about the university’s financial future, Dean Dean enjoys his drink a little too much.

Derek (HALLOWEEN FANTASY STORY ONLY) One of the most trusted of Alicia Troy’s security team. Derek has, many times, gone above and beyond in serving the head of the Troy household.

Doctor Ducas Forty years older than Finny. He is the lead physician at the Union Medical Centre in New Flaggstaff and member of the council.

Doctor Unwin Forty six years older than Finny. She is a bacteriologist at the Union Medical Centre in New Flaggstaff.

Don Eighteen years older than Finny. One of Joe's henchmen, a friend of Kru's.

Edna Edna is forty one years older than Finny. Every shool and orphanage has an Edna. She is the head cook and rules the kitchen with an iron hand, or more precisely, an aluminium ladle which she will crack around the head of staff and kids alike if they fall foul of her temper. She is, at the same time, both friend and enemy to the kids in the orphanage. A friend if you want to trade whatever you may have for food but an enemy for life if she ever catches you stealing from the kitchen supplies.

Ellie (HALLOWEEN FANTASY STORY ONLY) Ellie is just the name she currently goes by and is a recent change from her previous name, Kathryn. Ellie changes her name frequently, which is understandable considering, as she is the absolute head of the Troy family’s security organisation… Including all the security teams assigned to other Troy family members, she is a huge (if diminutive) target. Except for rare occasions, Ellie constantly wears almost opaque sunglasses, or some other kind of visor. On those rare occasions when she does not, she wears uncomfortable contact lenses. Ellie and Alicia Troy do not see eye to eye on all aspects of Alicia’s and President Floyd’s plan for world peace. She particularly doesn’t like Alicia’s insistence on giving Professor Bodil Ramsbottom-Hill access to the once famous but now closed Troy Archive.

Emile Drewper (HALLOWEEN FANTASY STORY ONLY) Doctor Emile Drewper. A consultant neurologist who reports to Senator Geesh. Dr. Drewper is an elderly man with long white hair and has been in his current position for many years thanks to the patronage of the senator.

Eric Small Eric is twenty-two years older than Finny and is a middle level Union official who works in the Buildings Department of Union headquarters. Eric is a ‘fixer’. If you need a street to be clear of Union patrols at a certain time and day, then Eric will fix it. If you need a sweep of the hovels and cribs in the rundown and crime infested area of New Flagstaff known as The Borough just to find and remove a certain child into the care of the Union orphanage, then again, Eric is your man. Eric, however, lives in constant fear that his side-line will be found out. No amount of persuasion that absolutely nobody in the Union actually cares about what he does has any effect. Nor does telling him that his behaviour is seen as just being ‘part of the system’. Over the years, the poor man has developed a disfiguring psoriasis like skin condition because of his nerves.

Esme Esme is six years older than Finny and was a drudge in the Devil's Own camp north of Hope Springs. After training from Dr. Tukiko Troy she was adopted into the gang as a medic.

Evan Stanton Evan is three years older than Finny and is the middle son of Arch Stanton. Arch saved Evan from being killed by blood rabbits. Evan has an older brother, Arthur, who is a bad influence. His younger brother (Dudley) is a toddler. While being treated by Magrat for serious blood rabbit bites, Evan developed a crush on the young medic.

Fairy Touched Fairy Touched was a young woman in her early twenties and had blue hair. She was also a member of the Devil’s Own gang that had its camp just north of Hope Springs. According to Onetit Dogbreath, another member of the same gang and a close friend, Fairy Touched was also Finny’s mother. Fairy was killed during a raid by the townsfolk of Hope Springs, ably abetted by bloodthirsty hired clones.

Fiesta Five years older than Finny. Fiesta is an inmate of the NF orphange. She is in a relationship with another inmate, Lenny. Both of them became infected with typhoid.

Fingal Agin A geriatric street tailor fifty-four years older than Finny. Fingal is a resident of The Borough, that seamy area of New Flagstaff full of narrow streets, dilapidated houses and occupied by the poorest of the poor and the most villainous of scoundrels. Tall and skinny but usually hunched over to hide his height, Fingal makes specialist clothing for his criminal clientele. He has a taste for sausages, which is fortunate as they seem to be the main part of his diet.

Finny Or Ophelia as she is known when authority is taking aim at her (full name Ophelia Moreland). Finny is a nine-year-old orphan and has been a resident of the New Flagstaff Orphanage for the past two years after being caught up in a Union sweep of The Borough where Finny had lived since she was two. Finny, like many other inmates of the orphanage, works at Joe Spivey’s ammunition factory located on the other side of the junk yard from the orphanage. She is both smart and inquisitive, traits that sometimes get her into trouble, and she leads a little gang comprising of her and three fellow orphans. Collectively known as ‘The Reading Group’, they are obliged to spend some of their time in Joe Spivey’s makeshift schoolroom where he is teaching them all to read and write.

Subsequent to this, Finny has developed a love of reading and looks for books with a strong female protagonist. Outside of work Finny has led her little band into several adventures, two of which have so far been written.

Flyp Called such by Joe Spivey because Joe gave up trying to pronounce the man’s oriental name. Flip is fifteen years older than Finny and was, probably still is to some extent, one of Joe’s men. Flip’s less than basic grasp of English and his tendency to make good situations bad and bad situations infinitely worse led to Joe hiding Flip away way down south in Embry… Before Miss Brown made good on her constant threats to kill him. Flip now runs a reasonably successful Chinese/Japanese/ Thai restaurant in the less choosy parts of Embry. He has also gone a long way to alleviate the feral cat problem in the immediate area.

Fru-Fru An inmate of the New Flagstaff orphanage and is a year younger than Finny. Fru-Fru got her name when she was four and saw a man coming out of the police station dressed in a ballerina’s skirt. She mistakenly called it a fru-fru rather than a tu-tu and the name stuck. Fru-Fru is not an employee of Joe Spivey’s ammunition factory, although she is on the waiting list.

Gavin Hawthorn (HALLOWEEN FANTASY STORY ONLY) Lieutenent Hawthorn is Sergeant Glasser's immediate superior and in command of the Wembly base. He is a professional, top of his class and on his way up the greasy pole lickety-split. He's also a decent sort of man with the unfortunate failing of his favourite reading being the Ranger Manual.

Geesh (HALLOWEEN FANTASY STORY ONLY) Senator Septimus Geesh, to give him his full name and title. The senator seeks ever greater political power and uses intimidation, violence and even murder, not to mention his family’s considerable wealth, to further his aims. A sadistic racist with a nasty side-serving of perversion.

Giles Clegane-Summer (HALLOWEEN FANTASY STORY ONLY) ‘Gillie’ to his friends. Senior conservator at the Troy Foundation museum located on the Troy family estate. Gillie reports directly to Ellie on recent finds and especially on certain ‘specific’ items, should they show up. Described as being short and round, he is much respected by all.

Gregor (HALLOWEEN FANTASY STORY ONLY) Along with Victor, Gregor (only Ellie gets away with calling him Greggie) is one of the longest serving retainers of the Troy family. Both he and Victor were part of the Grand Mother’s original security team. Gregor now serves as Ellie’s personal bodyguard. Though Ellie is his boss, Gregor often treats and talks to her as if she were a naughty child and has been known to disobey a direct order from her if he thinks this will put her in peril. The truth of the matter is that Ellie has given him express and irrefutable orders to do this.

Guliard Pfenious Backstrom (HALLOWEEN FANTASY STORY ONLY) A man of surprising lineage. For tedious political reasons, Guliard and Alicia Troy are betrothed to be married.

Gunman (Clone) Gunman is an itinerant gunsmith well known among the various gangs of the wasteland with whom he plies his trade. For some time now, he has been aware that he is being actively sought by Joe Spivey, a figure from Gunman’s somewhat mysterious past. At the moment, much of that past is mainly speculation but he is a valuable asset to the gangs and they are actively and cooperatively, taking steps to hide and protect him.

Hana Barret Hanna is fifteen years older than Finny and is one of the numerous offspring of the wealthy Barret family. Like a lot of spoiled rich kids she is looking for something to make her life meaningful. Hana, therefore, has decided to become a self-appointed Deputy-cum-Jailer-cum-Town Guard, and this despite being told many times by Hope's mayor Hyle Troy, that this is not the case. Hana likes to get her siblings involved too and her little brother Jonas is often, well, if not by her side, at least hovering in the vicinity.

Harry Hubbard-Awolowo (HALLOWEEN FANTASY STORY ONLY) Doctor Hubbard-Awolowo is an experienced anthropologist currently assigned to the Troy Foundation investigative expedition. His assistant is Amy, is an ambitious young anthropology student.

Helen Glasser (HALLOWEEN FANTASY STORY ONLY) Helen is a decorated Sergeant in the Rangers and has been given the unwelcome assignment of ensuring the safety of the Troy Foundation’s investigative expedition. Already short of staff, she resents spending any of her very limited resources and manpower on fulfilling this responsibility.

Horse An inmate of the New Flagstaff orphanage and is a year older than Finny. Horse was one of those survivors of a massacre who ended up in the orphanage. For the first year or so Horse never walked anywhere but always galloped like he was riding a horse. Then, one day, he suddenly stopped in the middle of the dining hall and just started crying. He cried all day but when he could cry no more, he never galloped again… The name, however, stuck. Horse is on the waiting list to be employed at Joe Spivey’s ammunition factory.

Jake Johnson Is twenty-two years older than Finny and is a casual worker in Hope Springs. Sexually assaulted Magrat while she was treating a broken rib he got from falling off his horse.

Jeremy Jeremy, nine years older than Finny, is one of Joe's senior 'eyes'. He was one of the two boys who, a couple of years previously, had held Finny captive in a shipping container while they waited for Joe to arrive to deal with the little girl who had been following him.

Joe Spivey (Clone) He was fifty-five when he died way back before The Fall. Born and grew up in the east end of London, the young Joe tried to escape the pervading gang culture by joining the army. Specialising as a sniper, Joe was eventually obliged to leave the army due to certain stores irregularities. Back on the streets, Joe was able to put his army training and discipline to very good effect and, over the years, built himself a nice, if legally dodgy, little business empire. Always one to hedge his bets, Joe insured himself against business rivals by taking advantage of the new cloning opportunities recently being advertised for those who could afford it. Shortly after signing up, Joe’s car blew up.

After getting over the shock of finding himself in a post-apocalyptic world, and even worse, in America of all places, Joe set about rebuilding what he once had. And he was doing ok too, but then Miss Brown happened to him and with her ‘help’ Spivey’s Independent Traders rapidly grew beyond anything Joe had dremt of. Lots of things happened during this time and Joe learned first-hand of Miss Brown’s rapid fall into depraved insanity. Eventually, he was able to (mostly) free himself from her clutches and now lives in semi-retirement with Kirsten Kjaer, their daughter Anneka and her nanny Silja Hennigsdottir.

Joel Miller-Straley (HALLOWEEN FANTASY STORY ONLY) Joel is the undernourished looking sculptor of a statue unveiled in the square at the New Flagstaff site. The statue is said to depict Joe Spivey, a minor character from The History. Joel has his own business, Firefly Sculpting and is recognised for creating a bronze bust of President Floyd.

Jonas Barret Hanna Barret's little brother (thirteen years older than Finny) and sometimes assistant to her when she is playing her 'Deputy' role. Jonas and Hanna come from a long list of Barret siblings and it would be unkind to say that Jonas was at the end of the line when brains were being handed out. Unkind, but sadly true.

Joseph Simmet (HALLOWEEN FANTASY STORY ONLY) A famous and important character from The History. Ninety-three years after the last death from old age was recorded in Grand Canyon Province, Joseph Simmet was charged with finding a passageway through the radiation which surrounded the province at that time. Once a way through or around had been found, he was to strike out and locate new lands for the by now burgeoning population to move to and occupy. Ten years later, the first great migration began, a series of migrations that would eventually result in the rebuilding of Brasilia, the new capital city of the world.

Justin Justin is thirteen years older than Finny. He is a gang member and belongs to the Devil’s Own camp just north of Hope Springs. Typical of most gang members, he is a vicious, murdering drug addict who shaves his head and sports numerous tattoos. Justin is currently shacked up with Sadie but, as is usual in the gang, this is likely just a temporary affair and will change when either one of them finds someone higher up in the social pecking order. Justin made the unfortunate mistake of kidnapping four employees of Joe Spivey and as a result came into direct confrontation with Long Hands, the gang’s leader. This happened when Finny was eight.

Kort Chorfaleo (HALLOWEEN FANTASY STORY ONLY) Under Senator Geesh, Kort manages the Qeibrim Station. Kort is corrupt, soooo corrupt… Which made things very easy for a certain independent trader.

Kratsix (HALLOWEEN FANTASY STORY ONLY) Security Chief, Personal bodyguard and second in command to Guliard Pfenious Backstrom. He is the mate of Deafixha and the father of their daughter Ebaxjapopa (Poppy).

Kru (Sally Kruger) Fifteen years older than Finny. One of Joe's henchmen, a friend of Finny's.

LifeNet AI Tasked with saving the remnants of humanity, the LifeNet AI has more than one iron in the fire to achieve this end. Also aware of its own inevitable demise, it created a kind of a backup plan, more of an experiment really and certainly a long shot. As far as AI’s go, however, LifeNet was actually a little proud of this backup plan. The plan was called, Baka Neko… But things didn’t quite go as smoothly as LifeNet expected.

Lili Feyl (HALLOWEEN FANTASY STORY ONLY) A young medical doctor at Qeibrim Station. She was the case handler for a female coma patient brought into the station by a patrol.

Lisa The same age as Finny, Lisa is an orphan resident in the New Flagstaff orphanage. Lisa has the bed next to Finny and the two girls are confidants but do not share the same interests. Whereas Finny is a tomboy and a natural leader, Lisa is a girly girl and a natural follower and has her own little clique of likeminded friends. Lisa has chosen not to work in Joe Spivey’s ammunition factory.

Lenny Five years older than Finny, Lenny is an orphan resident in the New Flagstaff orphanage. In a relationship with another inmate, Fiesta, both of them became infected with typhoid.

Lonely Lonely is five years older than Finny. She was a drudge in the Devil’s Own camp just north of Hope Springs. Whenever Doctor Tukiko Troy visited from Hope Springs, Lonely was one of the three drudges assigned to assist her. The arrangement made between the doctor and Long Hands, the northern gang’s leader was that the three drudges would be medically trained and, once the training was complete, they will be ‘adopted’ by the gang as full members. Technically, then, Doctor Troy owned the three teenagers… Something that does not sit well with her. For Lonely, however, this arrangement has meant an immediate improvement in her living standards and even a degree of respect. Lonely was not only adopted, but given superiority over Esme and Magrat, the other two new medics.

Long Hands At seventeen years older than Finny, Long Hands is the unusually youthful leader of the northern camp of the three Devil’s Own gangs which more or less surround Hope Springs. Although just as fierce, even as vicious, as the other gang leaders, Long Hands is considered ‘progressive’ in that he favours closer relations with the residents of Hope Springs rather than just being constantly at war with them. However, Long Hand’s progressive ideas do not sit well with the other two, older, gang leaders or even with certain elements of his own camp.

Lost Bride (HALLOWEEN FANTASY STORY ONLY) A figure from the pre-Sirtuin past for whose existence there is considerable evidence. In more recent times, her name has been used by a secretive ‘re-enactment’ organisation to give a twisted validity to their extreme views.

Lucille Slater (Clone) Lucille Lucinda Lucy-belle Slater. AKA Lucy Slade. AKA Linda Palmer. AKA Lucinda Palmer. AKA Lucy-belle Higgins. AKA Aunt Lucy
Born: 1984 Odessa Texas Died: 2044 Mountain View Prison, Gatesville, Texas

1994 Shoplifting
1994 Shoplifting
1994 Taking a motor vehicle without consent
1995 Possession of controlled drugs (3 counts)
1995 Burglary
1995 Burglary
1995 Trafficking in controlled drugs
1996 Arson
1996 Assault
1996 Trafficking in controlled drugs
1997 Prostitution
1997 Prostitution
1998 Robbery
1999 Prostitution
1999 Prostitution
2001 Trafficking illegal immigrants
2004 Trafficking illegal immigrants
2008 Abduction
2018 Keeping a Brothel
2018 Abduction (12 counts)
2018 Trafficking in illegal immigrants
2018 Murder (6 counts)
2038 Murder (63 counts)
2038 Attempted murder (121 counts)

2044 Stay of execution. Prisoner transferred to Life Industries (GlobalTech)

Which about sums this woman up. Lucille Slater looks to be in her mid-sixties. Small and thin, old and bent with silver hair. But don’t be deceived and definitely don’t accept a cookie from her. Aunt Lucy is as mean and vicious as they come and would poison a whole town if it meant killing the one person she was after killing… As in the case of those 63 murders and 121 attempted murders among the inmates of the prison where they were foolish enough to let her work in the kitchens. Her racket is prostitution and the wasteland provides her with a never ending supply of young hard luck cases to feed her brothels. Lucille is a clone and is unusual in that when she re-clones she doesn’t get cloning sickness but rather an intense orgasmic experience.

Magrat Magrat, full name Margaret Louise Decker, was fifteen at the time of her death and was a drudge in the Devil's Own camp north of Hope Springs. After training from Dr. Tukiko Troy where it was found that Magrat sometimes let her patients intimidate her, it was decided that Magrat would spend a month working in the Hope Springs clinic to 'toughen her up'. Almost at the end of her stay in Hope Springs, Magrat was killed by Arthur Stanton.

Miss Brown (Clone) Also known as Beatrice or BB to her friends, not that she has many. Whichever name she does decide to use is a misnomer anyway, because Miss Brown is an anomaly of the cloning system. Miss Brown is a political animal and seeks the dominance of clone-kind, whom she sees as superior to non-clones, over lesser, normal humans. To this end she has initiated and fortunately failed in several schemes to bring about war between clones and ‘humans’. With the aid of Joe Spivey, BB amassed a huge fortune and is generous in financing schemes to destabilise the political status quo. She unfortunately suffers from an extreme form of cloning sickness, often requiring a full day to recover. Oh and she is insane, seriously very insane. Miss Brown has an uncanny resemblance to Baka Neko and Tukiko Troy

Miss Maisy Maisy Clinton (seventeen years older than Finny) runs the orphanage in New Flagstaff. She was promoted when the old harridan who used to run it was unexpectedly fired. This sudden promotion came as a big surprise to Maisy, but not to Joe Spivey and several well-paid officials at the Union Headquarters. Miss Maisy is well liked by the inmates and staff alike but it doesn’t do to get in her bad books… at least not unless cleaning everything in sight is really your thing. Miss Maisy is not to be confused with Nurse Maisie from Hope Springs.

Molly Gold Molly is twenty-five years older than Finny and is the eldest sibling of the Gold family and its clan leader. The Golds are Travellers and returned to The Borough to assert what they claim to be their family rights. They have grown in power of the last two years from just another thuggish family to a gang running most of the rackets in the neighbourhood. They are violent and use terror tactics to bend other groups to their will. They are now a serious thorn in the side of Joe Spivey.

Mr. Trent (Clone) Mr. Trent is a book restorer and owns the bookshop on Santa Fe Avenue. Most of the books in Joe Spivey’s study have been supplied by Mr. Trent. He has this thing about kids dirtying up his shop windows and there is a continuing feud between him and the local urchins, some of whom have been known to throw dead rats into his shop and run off. Finny has done occasional work in the shop and rewarded by being allowed to sit at the end of the counter and read.

Nancy A seamstress eighteen years older than Finny and far too keen on the gin. Nancy works for Fingal Agin and is the on/off girlfriend of Bill Skye. Nancy is the best friend of Beth, a fellow seamstress working for Fingal Agin. Nancy is a resident of The Borough, that seamy area of New Flagstaff full of narrow streets, dilapidated houses and occupied by the poorest of the poor and the most villainous of scoundrels.

Nitty Nora Not her real name of course. ‘Nora’ is a matronly woman, forty years older than Finny, who visits schools and orphanages on behalf of the Union Health Authority to help in the war against rickets, lice and other childhood conditions brought about by unending poverty.

Nurse Maisie (Clone) The formidable Nurse Maisie Hawkes is in her late thirties. A solidly built woman who has been a professional nurse for all of her working life. She was Doctor Tukiko Troy’s Head Nurse during the days of the Free Clinic which roamed Sector One for over a year back when the doctor had only recently graduated. When Doctor Troy decided to settle down in her home town of Hope Springs, Nurse Maisie chose to stay with her. She is a no-nonsense woman who tries to protect her employer from over working, even though she herself works all hours… and is quite happy to bemoan the fact to anyone in earshot. Once you have met her, she is unlikely, ever, to be confused with Miss Maisy who runs the New Flagstaff orphanage.

Onetit Dogbreath Onetit was a member of the Devil’s Own gang that had its camp just north of Hope Springs. Along with several small children, she was one of the few survivors of a night raid by the townsfolk of Hope Springs, abetted that night by hired clones. Among the children left in her care was the two-year-old Finny. Onetit looked after the children moderately well (by her standards) for two years until she was arrested during a Union raid on a dangerous area of New Flagstaff populated by low-lifes and ne’er-do-wells known as The Borough, where she was holed up. After her arrest and subsequent imprisonment, the children were left to fend for themselves as best they could. As far as we know, Onetit is still incarcerated.

Onetooth Onetooth (real name Scott Whelan) is a year younger than Finny and is the baby of the reading group. An orphan and is a resident of the New Flagstaff Orphanage. He got his name because of his eagerness to get into fights, which he usually loses, and has lost most of his front teeth as a result. Although we do not yet know his background story it is apparent that he has been a resident for some years. Onetooth, like many other inmates of the orphanage, works at Joe Spivey’s ammunition factory located on the other side of the junk yard from the orphanage. Onetooth is a member of a group of four similarly aged orphans collectively known as ‘The Reading Group’. The reading group are obliged to spend some of their time in Joe Spivey’s makeshift schoolroom where he is teaching them all to read and write.

Patrin Gold Patrin is two years older than Finny and is the youngest male in the Gold family. Patrin is learning the ways of his siblings and is eager to impress. He has yet to kill or seriously injure anyone. The Golds are Travellers and returned to The Borough to assert what they claim to be their family rights. They have grown in power of the last two years from just another thuggish family to a gang running most of the rackets in the neighbourhood. They are violent and use terror tactics to bend other groups to their will. They are now a serious thorn in the side of Joe Spivey.

Phineas Sweetly (Clone) Phineas lives quietly with his wife. He used to be a fire-breathing master sergeant in the Enforcers before retirement caught up with him at the ripe old age of fifty. Now he is… a guard for hire. But that’s all he does, guard stuff. He won’t go chasing down people, he ain’t no assassin either, he’s just a guard. Phineas doesn’t care which side of the law you are on. If you want something guarding, well then, he’ll guard it for you with unwavering loyalty, just as long as you keep paying him. Slow to temper but he is still a big, powerfully built man and he’s seen more action than he can reasonably be expected to bore you with in a single evening. Phineas and his wife are currently resident in Hope Springs where he now works as a constable.

Poppy (HALLOWEEN FANTASY STORY ONLY) Full name Ebaxjapopa. She is the young daughter of Kratsix and Deafixha. Poppy is a good friend of Ellie and also Gregor, who she particularly adores.

President Floyd (HALLOWEEN FANTASY STORY ONLY) President of the world. We do not yet know his full name. He and former president Alicia Troy have been working together on a controversial plan to ensure the peace and security of the whole world for well into the future.

Queenie Watts Is eighteen years older than Finny but looking much older, Queenie is a mentally scared refugee and resident in the women's hostel at Hope Springs.

Rif (HALLOWEEN FANTASY STORY ONLY) Real name Anjalir Buyxlf. The ‘Rif’ is actually a title. He is the security chief of Senator Geesh. He is married with children and really hates his boss. However, for the sake of his family he puts up with the senator’s bullying and abuse and even turns a reluctant blind eye to his boss’s proclivities.

Rodney Hassle Rodney is the auctioneer in New Flagstaff and a friend to everyone. He is certainly a friend to Joe Spivey and often a witness to his nefarious wheeling and dealing. Rodney is married and lives locally. He is also the one to go to when you need to get in touch with Joe Spivey after all other means of communication have failed.

Sadie Sadie is twelve years older than Finny and is a gang member belonging to the Devil’s Own camp just north of Hope Springs. Typical of most gang members she is a vicious, murdering drug addict who shaves her head and sports numerous tattoos. She is currently shacked up with Justin but, as is usual in the gang, this is likely just a temporary affair and will change when either one of them finds someone higher up the social scale.

Shelta Gold Shel is twelve years older than Finny and, along with her twin brother Silvanus are the loose cannons of the family. Shelta may be a psychopath and is often drugged by her brother to curb her more extreme excesses. The Golds are Travellers and returned to The Borough to assert what they claim to be their family rights. They have grown in power of the last two years from just another thuggish family to a gang running most of the rackets in the neighbourhood. They are violent and use terror tactics to bend other groups to their will. They are now a serious thorn in the side of Joe Spivey.

Silvanus Gold Sil is twelve years older than Finny and, along with his twin sister Shelta are the loose cannons of the family. Silvanus of often has to rein in the more extreme acts of his sister. The Golds are Travellers and returned to The Borough to assert what they claim to be their family rights. They have grown in power of the last two years from just another thuggish family to a gang running most of the rackets in the neighbourhood. They are violent and use terror tactics to bend other groups to their will. They are now a serious thorn in the side of Joe Spivey.

Soggy Moise Mr. Moise is forty-five years older than Finny. ‘Soggy’ only to his friends, is a pawn broker… and a fence of expensive and hard to move items like jewellery and fine art. Soggy owns 'Larry's Pawnshop' on Humphreys Street. Not the easiest man to get along with, he has an acerbic tongue and tends to rub people up the wrong way. Moise is in his late forties and almost totally bald, with just a last thin line of black hair circling his head.

Stella Mcfarlen A shattered knee should have made Stella McFarlen, twenty-four years older than Finny, a statistic on the long road up from the south. Stella didn't let that happen though. Instead she became the de facto leader of the survivors from three separate refugee groups and managed to get most of them to the safety of Hope Springs. With that job done, Stella wants nothing more than to settle down in Hope and run a creche for the children of refugees so that they can seek employment to re-establish their lives.

Subdane (HALLOWEEN FANTASY STORY ONLY) It is not known for sure if this supposedly mythical pre-Sirtuin policeman even existed. However, his stories tell of links to The Grand Mother and there is circumstantial evidence to back up at least some of the tales about this hero of the people. There is a considerable movie and book franchise based on his exploits… Action toy anyone?

Sun Feng One of the three Lightbearer guards (all in their twenties) sent by 'Bob' to keep an eye on the comings and goings of Tukiko Troy.

Taiyoko (Clone) Taiyoko joined Tukiko Troy when she was running the Free Clinic in Sector 1. Always smiling, this young Japanese handyman became an indispensable member of the team, managing to keep the often old and badly maintained equipment working well after its lifespan. He became indispensable to Dr. Troy too and they were very soon 'an item'. When the Free Clinic came to an end, Taiyoko joined Tukiko in settling down in Hope Springs. They live in the house next door to the clinic and have a son, Ichiro. Taiyoko works for Joe Spivey in the ammunition factory where he is much overworked and underpaid but a firm favourite of the juvenile employees.

Tati Seven years older than Finny. Tati is one of Bethany Ambrose's two 'ladies in waiting'.

The Grand Mother (HALLOWEEN FANTASY STORY ONLY) The fabled ‘saviour of mankind’. The Grand Mother is famous for two things. The lesser of these being the bringing about the end of the Clone War with the signing of the Treaty of Los Almos. By far the greater thing being that she was the very first carrier of the persistent Sirt 1 gene, the gene that stopped the aging clock.

Tukiko Troy (Clone) Also known as Tuki to her friends and family. Tukiko Troy popped out of the cloner at Spider Hill dazed and confused and was immediately taken in and put to work in a local sweatshop. Forced to work long hours dying spider silk with the ever-present threat of beatings and deliberate scaldings in the boiling dye, the fourteen-year-old Tukiko escaped and ran off north. On foot, she made her way first to Sunshine Corners and then further north towards New Flagstaff, seeking shelter at Post 23 and Picus Ridge. The reaction to her arrival at these places was always the same, chased off, usually with a beating if she wasn’t fast enough. Eventually, Tukiko arrived at Hope Springs with no expectation that things would be any different. Caught stealing scraps from the bins behind the waffle house by Hyle Troy, Tukiko received the first affection she had ever known since stumbling out into the blinding sun of the wasteland all those months ago. Tukiko bloomed under the care of Hyle and her sister Sorja and was eventually even adopted by Hyle. She is now Doctor Tukiko Troy, with a partner Taiyoko and their baby son Ichiro. She is the resident physician at Hope Springs. Tukiko has an uncanny resemblance to Baka Neko and Miss Brown. Since the birth of her son, Tukiko's latent empathic powers have gained in strength.

Timothy Nietzsche-Hobbes (HALLOWEEN FANTASY STORY ONLY) The field archaeologist - who led the Troy Foundation investigation team on its expedition into the underground tunnels. Dapperly dressed but not sure why he was there and not particularly brave, Hobbes nonetheless acquitted himself well.

Ute (HALLOWEEN FANTASY STORY ONLY) One of the security officers of the Martin-Lloyd family, a lesser branch of the Troy dynastic tree. A well-built woman, think Russian shot putter and you are there. Not overly communicative either but a good person to have your back.

Victor (HALLOWEEN FANTASY STORY ONLY) Along with Gregor, Victor is one of the longest serving retainers of the Troy family. Both he and Gregor were part of the Grand Mother’s original security team. Assigned by Ellie to be Professor Ramsbottom-Hill’s bodyguard during the Troy Foundation expedition, Victor is not averse to using his Gaelic charm and mixing duty with pleasure. Victor’s father, according to Victor, was present at the signing of the Treaty of Los Almos.

Weis (HALLOWEEN FANTASY STORY ONLY) Ranger Specialist Weis refuses to give his full name. Short, balding and prone to swearing, Weis is an explosives expert. His knowledge and skills were instrumental in the success of the expedition into the tunnels. Weis is also one of the first offspring of a native Briton and one of the long-lived.

Whiskers Whiskers was a resident at the New Flagstaff orphanage. At sixteen, he was one of the older inmates and so experienced greater freedom than those under fourteen to be away from the orphanage. Whiskers spent his time doing ‘jobs’ for Joe Spivey. Unfortunately for him, he also did the same for one of Joe’s rivals, Fat Eric. This was a dangerous game to play and no one was really surprised when Whiskers went out one day and never returned. What was believed to be his body was eventually discovered in the sewers amongst the dead dogs and other road kill that ended up down there.

Winona Barrow Fifty-five years older than Finny. 'Winnie' is a spinster living in Hope Springs. She was Magrat's first patient, suffering from shingles. Suspicious by nature, Winnie nevertheless is active in Hope's development and is a volunteer at the hostels. Like a lot of elderly people, Winnie can be cantankerous and knowingly uses this to get her own way.

WormsWorms (real name Oliver Rundle) is a year younger than Finny and is an orphan who is a resident of the New Flagstaff Orphanage. He got his unsavoury name due to his proclivity for collecting and playing with dead things. In fact, he is fascinated by anything to do with death and dying. His apparent obsession has resulted in him being the object of much name-calling and even bullying among the other orphans. Oddly, though, he doesn’t seem to mind this. Although we do not yet know his background story it is apparent that he has been a resident orphan for some years. Worms, like many other inmates of the orphanage, works at Joe Spivey’s ammunition factory located on the other side of the junk yard from the orphanage. Worms is a member of a group of four similarly aged orphans collectively known as ‘The Reading Group’. They are obliged to spend some of their time in Joe Spivey’s makeshift schoolroom where he is teaching them all to read and write. Worms is quite happy with his own company but has developed a friendship with Onetooth, another member of the Reading Group, and ‘tags along’ rather than actively participates in the group’s adventures. 




Hyle Troy's picture

Above you find the characters under Joe's creatve. although we sometimes borrow characters from one and other.  But the list is incomplete, Below you find the characters Hyle has created. Albeit a far shorter list

So   Who is, (Hyle's list)


Anneka Kjær-Spivey

Four year old ‘Anni’ is the daughter of Joe and Kirsten Kjær-Spivey. News of her impending arrival came as a complete surprise to Kirsten and Joe, and half of New Flagstaff for that matter. Being born into the richest family in New Flagstaff has its advantages, but she is surrounded by people who love her and care for her, while at the same time are determined to prevent her growing up spoiled and arrogant. Joe’s ‘little princess’ will be brought up to keep her feet firmly on the ground.

Even at the tender age of four, Anneka is already bi-lingual having learned Icelandic from her nanny, Silja Henningsdottir.



One of Joe Spivey’s group of ‘minders’ under the supervision of Ned Flowers. Chuckles has a penchant for explosives. He is generally very adept at his craft but is sometimes given to be a little over-enthusiastic. As Ned oftens says, “You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!” (sic.)


Dwight Frye

Former Union tax collector and bain of Joe Spivey’s life. Highly efficient in his work, always well turned out, clean and tidy. Psychotic schizophrenic Dwight Frye was head-hunted for his many skills and is now working for The Ranyhyn Company as Personal Assistant to Miss Hanne Berg.

Deemed by her to be the perfect shoe-in for the post, Dwight is eternally grateful to Miss Berg for the opportunity and will move heaven and earth (and several dead bodies) to garner her approval. It could be said he absolutely adores her.

Dwight also has a ‘thing’ about spiders’, Particularly those that come to him in the night, especially the giant Black Widow one, the one he calls ‘Mother’.


Fat Eric

Six kilometres North-West of Traders Flats. Behind a high electrified fence, surrounded by armed guards, in the centre of manicured gardens fit for a Marquis, as ostentatious as a flamboyant pikey’s caravan, lies Fat Eric’s imposing mansion.

Inside, flanked by two oiled and tanned and semi-naked beefcakes, waited on hand and foot by his mincing butler who’s gilded blue uniform would put a foppish French General to shame, you will find the catastrophically obese Fat Eric.

High in the Traveller hierarchy, Fat Eric has his finger in most every pie (metaphoric, not pork) and by dint of that fact has grown immensely wealthy. Do not be taken on by his ‘bon homie’, his camp Rip Taylor-esque repartee, or even his jolly Col. Sanders goatee. Fat Eric is nasty. Cross him, and you can expect to wake up looking for your head, unless you are a touch twinkish, in which case Fat Eric will keep you as a pet.

Fat Eric is on the client list of The Ranyhyn Company being is especially fond of ‘That nice Mr. Frye’s’ efficiency when interviewing.


Ford Zodiac

Periodic party-goer at The Waffelhus. Has a penchant for dancing, rhinestone and is a big fan of Brokeback Mountain. Wardrobe by ‘Rico’.


Hanne Berg

Hanne,is not a clone, she wears a fake collar. Daughter of Henning Mortensson and half- sister to Silja Henningsdottir. Hanne was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia to inebriate parents and suffered a squalid upbringing, Hanne was always a loner, feeling ashamed of her circumstance and more so her parents. Her mother died quite early, falling drunk into Halifax harbour while on a ‘bender’ with Henning.

Finishing up in New Flagstaff and appalled at all the crime and violence, Hanne formed The Ranyhyn Company, a sort of detective agency cum intelligence service with a knack for solving crimes before they happen. Or, anyone feeling wronged can have summary justice served, for a generous fee. This ‘justice’ usually involves gravity and duct tape ably assisted by a sadistic Dwight Frye.

Currently, Hanne is recovering from an assassination attempt, She is wheelchair bound and severely disabled by the head trauma she suffered.




Harald Jonsson (aka Lattergas, Faceache,)(NPC)

Ill-tempered owner of the isenkræmmer (hardware store) in Hope Springs. He welcomed a starving and destitute Hyle Troy into his shop with the words “Come back when you have some chips, clone!” and basically their relationship went downhill from there.


Henning Mortensson

Henning had an idyllic life farming in Iceland with his beautiful wife and baby daughter Silja. Until he discovered his undoing, vodka. The resulting alcoholism enabled Henning to efficiently destroy his own life and the lives of his wife and child. Drunkedly disappearing into a storm one night, Henning washed up in Halifax, Nova Scotia where he met a woman with similar interests and somehow produced his second daughter, Hanne, who left home as soon as she could.

Henning finally washed up in New Flagstaff, under the care of Hanne who, luckily decided that blood was thicker than vodka and gave him a job at The Ranyhyn Company, as janitor. After an attempt at reconciliation with his other daughter Silja failed badly, no amount of blood ties could ever overcome the hate she felt for him, Henning retired to a farm in Kaibab. He finally met his end driving at high speed into a large tree while hugely under the influence of the vodka



Hyle Troy (clone)

Hyle arrived in Hope Springs several years ago with only the clothes she stood up in, and they were in tatters. And pregnant, just to put the top on it. Shortly after that, Hope was all but destroyed during a pitched battle between factional interests. Hyle stayed on while many left. She helped rebuild the town, working tirelessly with others, but she lost her unborn child as a consequence.

The Waffelhus became her first business venture which blossomed due to her business acumen. She became wealthy, opening other businesses and charities in Hope Springs. Eventually she became Mayor of the town and created The Troy Foundation which has established a clinic, a school, a hostel for refugees and a social care system in Hope Springs.

One of those that know her well recently said of her:


Hyle is a force of nature. It is her way or the highway in Hope so get used to it. But she has earned the right for that to be so. She has been instrumental into turning what was basically a war zone into a peaceful town which is safe for its residents... well, relative to the rest of the wasteland anyway. She has made it her business to take in the homeless and the 'no hopers' and giving them time and space to catch their breath and see that there is another way. And she has proven that she will stand up for them when called upon. She is trusted to do what she says and to do the right thing. Oh, and she's not a bad cook.”


Hyle is the adoptive mother of Tukiko Troy. She is also host to the weekly Waffelhus Street Party where those who attend can witness Hyle’s renowned ability to ‘Party like a Viking’. “Well. A girl needs to let her hair down occasionally. Doesn’t she?”


Inspector Crabbe

Close to retirement, Inspector Crabbe leads a Police squad in the NFPD. Once keen and enthusiastic about his career, he is now brow-beaten, overweight and counting the days to his pension. Oh, and a savings fund courtesy of Joe Spivey and The Ranyhyn Company. The cost of playing both ends against the middle only adding to Crabbe’s woes.


Isaac Mitchell (NPC)

Long standing (he does stand around an awful lot) employee at The Waffelhus. Famous for being able to produce the worst coffee know to man. Despite this, Hyle can not find it in her heart to sack him, he has worked there for as long as a diner has been in Hope Springs, In fact some say they built the place around him.


Kirsten Kjær-Spivey (clone)

Cloned in Boneclaw, Kirsten quickly discovered how to use her exceptional feminine charms to acquire what she wanted out of life and thus embarked on a career as a ‘gold-digger’. Upon arrival in New Flagstaff she quickly selected super wealthy Joe Spivey as her next sugar-daddy.

Then, to the complete surprise, nay total amazement of herself, Joe and virtually everyone in Flags. Joe and Kirsten fell deeply in love, the relationship cemented by the arrival soon after of their daughter Anneka.

Now firmly head of the household their opulent town house ‘Chez-Spivey’, Kirsten oversees the smooth running of both the house and her own business interests which include a lot of charity work both in Flagstaff and Hope Springs. A leading light in New Flagstaff’s social elite, always well dressed. Kirsten has certainly found her place in society, although not quite by the route she originally imagined. She is also a close friend of Hyle Troy.

Kirsten has employed Silja Henningsdottir as nanny to Anneka.

Alongside Hyle Troy, she is also one of Rico Martinez’ favourite clients.



Meike Schneider

One of Silja Henningsdottir’s group of close friends. The teenage offspring of New Flagstaff’s burgeoning middle class can often seen as a tight little group at Beau’s Bar, The Waffelhus or the weekly party in Hope Springs. Meike is the daughter of the town librarian and had recently been appointed as a teacher in Hope Springs School.


Monika Spiegel

One of Silja Henningsdottir’s group of close friends. The teenage offspring of New Flagstaff’s burgeoning middle class can often seen as a tight little group at Beau’s Bar, The Waffelhus or the weekly party in Hope Springs. Daughter of a wealthy banker, Monika has recently taken up the post of PA to Mayor Hyle Troy


Ned Flowers

Former boxer, Ned is head of a small group of ‘minders’ in the employ of one Joe Spivey Esq. often called upon to ‘have a quiet word’ with those who have been unwilling to settle their accounts with ‘Mr. Spivey’.


Officer Dybbøl

One of Inspector Crabbe’s NFPD squad. What can I say? He turns up, does a good job then goes home. Reliable.


Officer Kopkage

One of Inspector Crabbe’s NFPD squad, and Crabbe’s right hand man. ‘Kop’ is a good cop, dilligent, world-wise. And much to Joe Spivey’s surprise, completely incorruptible.


Officer Køjarsky

One of Inspector Crabbe’s NFPD squad and completely in the wrong vocation. Lazy to highest degree and as dumb as they come, could not see a clue even if it kissed him. The problem being, Køjarsky thinks he is the best cop, ever.


Rico Martinez (NPC)

Most people will have met Rico. He owns and runs the fashion boutique in Trumbull. Flanboyant Rico is famous for his ‘haute couture’ creations and attracts wealthy and stylish clients from far and wide. Kirsten Kjær-Spivey and Hyle Troy are numbered among these.


Sorja Troy (clone)

Sorja and Hyle Troy are sisters. And like most siblings are chalk and cheese. Way back in the beginning, Hyle found a girl wandering around the town of Midway, The girl had no idea of her name or where she came from or where she was going. After a light hack into Lifenet, Hyle and Sorja discovered her identity and their bond to each other.

Later in Hope Springs, the Troy sisters reopened the diner and The Waffelhus was born. Sorja became extremely adept at cooking and The Waffelhus’ fame spread far and wide as ‘The best little diner in the province’ for its quality food.

Yearning for solitude, Sorja left Hope Springs for a life of peace and happiness in a cabin in Kaibab, finding love at last in the form of a meaty muscular lumberjack by the name of Bjorn.

Hyle will always love and miss her sister, and always hold her in gratitude for the unending support she gave, helping her survive the trauma and stress she was suffering at the time.


Silja Henningsdottir (clone)

Daughter of Henning Mortensson and half-sister to Hanne Berg. Born in Iceland into a happy home with a loving mother, the young Silja witnessed the destruction of her life firstly by her father’s alcoholism then from the malicious interference of Globaltech. In harrowing circumstances, Silja died at the age of eight.(http://fallenearth.rp-haven.com/blog/silja-henningsdottir/löngu-síðan-á-íslandi-1)

Fast forward post apocalypse but only an instant later in her own awareness, a suddenly teenage Silja stumbled out of a life-net bunker into the savage Arizona sun.

Using the scavenging skills she learned in the death-camp, Silja is a ‘chancer’, living on her wits, propelled by her adolescent belief in immortality.

Silja found herself in Hope Springs stealing food from trash bins. There she met an equally adolescent Tukiko Troy and they became lifelong friends.

On to New Flagstaff, Silja earned a living taking jobs, mostly courier work, from, and/or between Joe Spivey and Fat Eric up in Trader Flats.

The turning point in Silja’s life came when Kirsten Kjær-Spivey gave her a job as nanny to her daughter Anneka. Since then Silja has grown up and matured, and is a damned good nanny, much appreciated by Joe and Kirsten. In fact she is regarded now as part of the family.

Silja’s hatred for her father, and by association for her sister Hanne, surfaces from time to time. But in the main Silja has found her place, has found romance in her life with Uwe Wittmann and is very happy.


Theis Lund Jakobsen (clone)

Bright, handsome and gay. Theis is the skilful barista working alongside Isaac in The Waffelhus. Hyle, unwilling to fire Isaac but also concerned at falling customer numbers at The Waffelhus, employed Theis and is very happy with the results. Fellow Danes, Theis and Hyle have an excellent working relationship, Theis managing the diner freeing Hyle to concentrate on her other mayoral duties. OK Theis does have a habit of raising an eyebrow or two at Hyle’s lifestyle, but then again Tuki raised a few eyebrows, so did Sorja… and so on and so forth.


Uwe Wittmann

One of Silja Henningsdottir’s group of close friends. The teenage offspring of New Flagstaff’s burgeoning middle class can often seen as a tight little group at Beau’s Bar, The Waffelhus or the weekly party in Hope Springs. Ok thats how it started but now Silja and Uwe are an item.

The son of New Flagstaff grocer Franz Wittman and his wife Edeltraut, Uwe is a dutiful son to his strict, moralistic and implacable father, and works alongside him in the family business.

He could have bimbled along, happy in his own existence had not Silja taken a shine to him and as one guy in a bunch of friends comprising three other girls, he was helpless, and found himself, albeit happily with Silja on his arm

Joe Spivey thinks he is ‘an alright kid, if a little wishy-washy for his tastes”.


Vivien Dinesen  Having survived a harrowing journey North, including inhuman treatment at the hands of Traveller people traffickers. Vivien finally found her way to Hope Springs. During her rehabilitation in the Womens Hostel she displayed a high degree of empathy with her fellow patients. This was noticed and picked up on by Nurse Maisie and others. Her skills were mentioned to Mayor Troy and, good councelors being so few and far between, Vivien was offered a permanant post within the hostel.

Ytte Skovlund (clone)

Daughter of a Prussian Field-Marshall, Ytte Maria Henriette von Skovlund was born into the rarefied, highest strata of Germanic society. She had society at her feet, privilege and wealth was guaranteed. But, she wanted a military career. And due to her fathers position she got a career against all the conventions that existed in Prussia in 1860. Sadly she met her end suddenly during the Battle of Dybbøl in Denmark in 1864.

Preserved in Danish bog for two hundred years before her discovery by archaeologists, her DNA somehow found its way into Life-net. Result: Leutnant Ytte Skovlund emerged from a bunker two hundred and fifty years beyond her experiences and suffered a catastrophic culture shock.

Finding Hope Springs, she met Hyle Troy. She saw the Hostel and its compliment of victims of violence. She saw the refugees. She saw assistance given to them unconditionally. She saw for the first time the true cost of conflict.

Ytte is now an integral part of Hope Springs community, becoming head teacher at the School.

I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

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This is an amazing list and the patients it took to compile it is impressive. 

The two of you together though...wow.

One minute your calm, the next your shooting someone in the face, then your doing your chickendance. If that is not chaos I dont know what is - Aiid

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**Double phone post**

One minute your calm, the next your shooting someone in the face, then your doing your chickendance. If that is not chaos I dont know what is - Aiid

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New Flag

New Flagstaff

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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You two created a whole new mythos!

- this comment was brought to you by Oilville Primo™ -

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((To which other players have also contributed, in the stories of the pursuit of Aunt Lucy after her brothel was raided and shut down (Lance Striker and Reavy) and also the aquisition of Aunt Lucy's recipe for a new and dangerous drug. (Abysal Synn)

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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