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What is in the box?

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Veronica looked at the box. The repair was good. Already she had tested it, almost it was ready, Only a few parts to change to finish the repair. Shadow was right, Hyle will like it greatly. Veronica will soon return it to Shadow so he can give his gift to Hyle.

She put her hands on the box ready to lift the lid. ‘Almost ready,’ she said. ‘What did you say it is?’ a voice behind her said. She turned around to where Das, Fenster, and…. ‘Where is Brett?’ she asked. ‘He went to the Medic,’ Fenster said.

‘Again?’ Veronica asked. ‘Was there another accident?’

‘No, same accident. The Medic wanted to check he is recovering,’ Fenster replied.

‘I hope he will be okay,’ Veronica said softly with a little guilt.

‘He will be,’ Das said. ‘And then he will talk to you again.’

Veronica returned to the box. ‘I said sorry to him,’ she said. ‘He did look more far away than he was.’ Das and Fenster looked to her.

‘Can we see it?’ Fenster asked.

‘What? Oh...sure,’ Veronica said. She moved her fingers to the box lid and was about to lift it when there was a knock at the door. Veronica walked to the door and opened it. Finch the Fetch stood outside. ‘I have those parts,’ he said.

Finch the Fetch had reputation to find and fetch anything. If you need a two plug anode connector, Finch the Fetch could find it If you need a long handle large hole spaghetti spoon, Finch the Fetch could find it. If you need some soap, forget Finch. He did not touch soap. He was not clean, and he did not smell fresh, but he could find anything. As a Traveller he realised the Techs often need things and finding things means finding more chips in his pockets.

Veronica stepped back a little from the smell and Finch, thinking it was invitation to enter, stepped inside. Das and Fenster opened the window and their mouths to avoid breathing through the nose.

Finch gave a small cloth bag to Veronica who peeked inside. ‘You found them! Thank you,’ she said pleased.

‘No problem, Miss Volty!’

‘Volt,’ Veronica said. She peeked into the bag again and lifted out something wrapped in paper. She unwrapped the paper and looked at something rund and clear. ‘This is what it needs,’ she said thank you. She looked into the bag again. ‘You have found all the things needed,’ she said before putting the item back into the bag and the bag on the bench.

Finch looked to the box. ‘Is that it?’ he asked.

‘Yes’, Veronica replied, ‘that is it.. Do you want to see it?’

‘Sure Miss Volty,’ Finch said.

‘Volt,’ Veronica said. ‘Okay, you can look.’

Finch walked to the box, lifted the lid, and peeked inside. ‘I never seen one before. Is it dangerous?’

‘No,’ Veronica replied. Das chuckled a little.

Finch looked at it for a few seconds with curiosity. ‘Well, time to go find other things,’ Finch said. ‘After…’

There was a few second silence.

‘After?’ Veronica said. ‘Oh yes...sorry…’

She searched her rucksack in the corner and returned to Finch with some chips. She gave to him the chips. He looked at them in his hand. ‘Thank you,’ he said counting them inside his head. ‘Thank you Miss Volty… errr… Volt!,’ he repeated happy after counting and finding more than he expected. Finch left whistling, closing the door afterwards.

Das and Fenster took deep breathes. ’You were to show us?’ Das said.

‘Oh yes,’ Veronica said returning to the box. She put her hands on the lid and was about to lift when the door opened with a slam and Brett entered, went to the window without closing the door behind him and glared at Veronica from angry eyes, one much swelled with a big black bruise.

Veronica looked to Brett. Brett looked to Veronica. ‘I said sorry,’ Veronica said weakly. Brett said nothing. ‘You looked small,’ Veronica tried to explain. ‘Like…..far away….small….’ Brett said nothing. There was awkward silence for a few seconds.

‘Are you going to show us or not?’ Fenster complained, patience escaping. ‘Open the box!’

‘Oh yes,’ Veronica said. ‘Yes, of course’. She put hands back to the box and began lifting the lid when she suddenly stopped and looked to the open door. ‘We must close the door,’ she said to the others. ’If Hyle is visiting Picus, we do not want her to see early the-’ Her words were interrupted as Brett, who had walked to the door, slammed it shut.

Outside, a man walking to the mailbox looked to the door after hearing the noise and wondered what was inside so secret.


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... an' he isn't the only bleedin' one! Fer FOX sake open the box!

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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(( pats the shaggy dog. Good story !

I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

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