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The Watchers

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Luka pulled down the purple cloth from the window, more a hole than a window, in the New Flagstaff lab upstair storeroom to bring in light and then suddenly leapt back with a fright from the face staring in.

After a few seconds to allow the heartbeat to return to normal, he looked around to make sure nobody had seen his fear. He walked back to the window and looked at the face. It was hideous. The face of the scarecrow looked back at him with an evil grin and black holes for eyes. It was made by Veronica of course. After returning from a journey to Kaibab Forest she had returned with a crazy story of Halloween, zombies and scarecrows, and had then began to make one. It did seem that not only had she made the tallest scarecrow he had seen but also most ugly. He moved his face closer to show that he was not afraid. The black holes looked back. A cold chill danced on Lukas back. He was not afraid, he said to himself.

He turned, moved a step away and then felt something hit his shoulder. He turned around, the scarecrow was still there looking at him. Was it grinning? No, this is silly, he thought. Only a scarecrow and Veronica and her silly story. He turned around again and then heard a whisper, or a mumble, or a moan of a zombie... no! Something, a voice, yes a voice! He quickly turned around again. The scarecrow was staring from missing eyes. Was it alive? Was it watching him? Did it talk. Luka looked at it and with a voice timid said 'Hello?'. The scarecrow did not reply. This is crazy Luka thought, scarecrows do not think, do not talk, they have no brain. He had heard Veronica talk of a scarecrow wanting a brain from a magician in Australia who lived in a green city, but that was Veronica crazy story talk. However, he was sure he had heard something.

Luka looked to the floor and breathed deep. Be calm, he thought. It is only a scarecrow, it is not alive, it cannot talk, it- The voice again! He looked up, the scarecrow was watching him! Grinning!

No! No! No! Luka thought. He was not afraid, he was terrified, no! He was not afraid! He will not be scared. He will turn around and slowly walk away. Luka turned around and waited. Nothing. He smiled to himself, no fear, he was not afraid. He took a step forward, nothing happened. Only a scarecrow... only a scarecrow... He moved forward another step. He felt something hit his head! Then his back! Luka ran, out of the room, down the staircase, out of the door, and along the street. The merchant in the Geology lab had never seen Luka move so fast.

Back inside the storeroom, a few more things flew across the room from a corner filled with boxes and other things. Suddenly Veronica stood up from behind a large box. She was holding something that shined in the light of the window hole. "Found it!" she yelled with delight.


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((I seriously doubt Veronica is even aware of the chaos she often brings to the world.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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Found what?    something that glows?    delightful?

I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

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