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Wasting time.

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Synn sat back on the porch of the Black Bear Bar, in Hope.  He absently watched the dancers outside the dinner run by the Mayor.  Life around here seemed quiet, but he knew differently.  

The packed Hotel downtown was filled with girls from Old Lucy’s place.  A quick conversation with two or three of the girls, and he could set up a nice little business quietly in town.  He filed that away for a later time.

The Doc was running things as usual, but she looked like a stretch of bad road.  Someone had worked her over pretty good.  Rumor had it what happened was related to the girls being in town.

The latest addition to the story was the flyer just delivered.  Looked like Old Lucy was setting up again, or making an attempt to.  He sent a runner to inquire as to what the proposition was exactly, and how much it would cost.  He was just waiting, and enjoying the dancers in the meantime.  

His stock in chips was full and he was enjoying the quiet of Hope, while he scouted the town for business opportunities.


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Come on down to the


Fun and games.

Free Beer.

Good food.

(Well, food anyway)



to be won in the grand raffle.

If'n yew were a few years younger I'd put you over mah knee and paint yer back porch red!

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Synn barely glanced at the flyer the courier handed to him. "Go back and arrange a personal meeting.  Tell them I am interested in buying the full lot of raffle tickets.  I want everyone being offered for myself."

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