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Waste away

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/     https://youtu.be/j7oQEPfe-O8                                                                                            9:34 AM 6/21/2016 kaboom patter the power.. the grid is down
iOS vroooomvroooooom toon  mad cloner..made u eyes see too two of everything wus  v death to be reamerge out to reamerge /yuk, yuk 8:23 AM /7:12 AM mad cloner2..made u three  the third month  march  3/30/20163/21/2015/ TO Hey  away     toward A bridge pass beilieve any of it, wilds every ever STEP  every animal doom nay hey?,real real   virtually  wuzz a sad /was...WAS ..wuzz a sad  so sad........ waste was... laid, helium screechers  ...... dancing ... ;Il iGHT   along way... come dancing back to me heshe I dreams ITs outside ,man. wuzz a sad  om Hell spell SMELLur scent  again our firelight. but first;   here gladly burial burial ,   the  hole udug man ;   gladly Love  dead tell till  Us Dave noth notheredave,LooP In that day, Spin on us moans lovingly cradles kill it thruagain our firelight. but first   here gladly burial burial  man  hate here gladly dead tell till In that day,LOOp   Spin on me moans... lovingly cradles   their songs... too sweet and wild ,flickerin  All clear not? cLARRISAs voice .LOCO LIGHTS THE wick  come love/fuck   us one byONE  do us , no  Noth, i cant. period  Stop  slides backes away up and awaybleeding out I can spiral spiral  sun blayz er   to....;          too two  everything DOWN below  CHOTA, TOLD SO, foretold U UNDERSTANDING AND VIEW .....LIKE palace PANARAMAface 2sun. the real big cats mind inside it out there MMMMMMMMMMM and feast flickerin do us corner u insane daubs of perfection painter man? ,,,,,nubiles    https://youtu.be/TPSBFtKhblA  https://youtu.be/UbE2sD3jSF0  httSource: strangelycompelling.net - http://strangelycompelling.net/:This photography creates questions in my head. Black and white, as an effect, usually means sadness, depression, and so forth. Did a girl die there? I like it, because it gives a complete mystery to the audience.:nuclear flash light https://youtu.be/IZBlqcbpmxYthe wick  bub  bulb budd flowwwwer flow numb num was nnum wuzz light the wickflow forever tumblr_lyld8rtsE01r9esj3o1_1280.jpghttps://youtu.be/IZBlqcbpmxYhorror:imagine one torture and then another om.....ps://youtu.be/Ag4NhsfemvE 


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...u tell all how it rained down from  https://youtu.be/qt24Lo7IgXM never never ever.....never never ... nuclear flash light the wick  bub  bulb budd flowwwwer flow numb num was nnum wuzz light the wickflow forever  ever ........./WE R TWO ,/ula la baby oh yes  we do this are we we r / in ihere  Wherer Are  u we going"? into his hell burnt our insides out/ we can still be, o puff  a huff beneath  2 wired two misfunctionin side by side ,,, I love her   From [Ilonah] you caress meu can do it thru telepathy....  HELLO Kill thru  [Ilonah darling love Sugar and spice,halo  before after;loverhate herfucker fuck heregladly dead
From [Ilonah] you caress mespell  revive/ Spin my baby yes on me moans just blood To [Ilonah] ula la baby oh yes Yes way toward the bridge  Evil  so much yes.now ...iLonah. Queen of light, fAllen..    Evil  so much yes.now  ....born i AM urS  /  No need to hurry this night.
 - Dante  /yes on me moans just blood ... doom nay hey?     httart:6B314A4252C4B90B8DDA4B97EC438CAD591658CAps://youtu.be/1ar27ChFKqA      

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