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Warm Sunday

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"Just a little bit higher, Hyle."

"Here?"  Hyle asked, the strain telling in her voice.

"Up a bit more. Yes !" Sharky strained, twisting himself around.

"I don't know why you are giving instructions," Veronica said, "You cant even see Hyles bush from down there."

Hyle chuckled. 

"Its not called a bush Vee."

"Oh, well whatever it is I think it should be more to the left " Veronica shrugged. "Sharky's almost breaking his neck straining to see. I can see better and I think it should be slightly lower and to the left"

Veronica indicated with her hand where she would prefer it.

Hyle groaned.

" I cant hold it up much longer, my arms are aching !"

Sharky said quickly. "Thats it.. right there Hyle.. Perfect ! . Hit the nail there now and we can relax !"




"Its not a bush Vee, it's a flowerbasket." 

Veronica sniffed the perfume of the flowers. 

" I like Springtime "





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*Sells bush trimmer*

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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