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Wakeup call

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((  This is retro from the interaction between Ard and Damion.  After leaving Ard’s dead body in Embry, and helping Nisha.  Damion headed back to Bankers.  Some may recognize the scene from an old TV Show.  I revamped it to fit Fallen Earth, and I claim not rights to it.  This was written merely for entertainment.  ))

The Investigator sat behind his desk again as if it was all business as usual.  He ignored the dozen or so armed guards in the room, as if they were part of the décor.  Even the knock at the door, did not draw his attention.
After a few moments he glanced up.  Damion grinned at his startled face when he realized that someone was sitting across the desk.  “HOW THE FUCK!?!?!!”, the Investigator screamed.

Damion stared back, not reacting to the tirade that was directed his way.  He just sat drumming his fingers, as the Investigator screamed at him.  “Who the fuck do you think you are?”


“I am the Boss here, asshole.”

Tap-Tap-Tap-Tap “

“You don’t think, shit or breathe unless I say so. “


“I should have my boys beat you to a pulp and drag your ass through the streets for coming in here unannounced.  “


“Answer me fuck head before I have you.. ”  It was at this point he noticed that the sound of Damion tapping had slowly been getting louder and louder.


The Investigator looked around, and every eye in the room was locked on him.  Each person had thier hand placed so they could drum his or her fingers in time with Damion.


The look on the Investigators face went from fury to disbelief to horror as he fell back in his chair and looked back at Damion. 

Tap-Tap-Tap - As one each person stopped tapping.

“Are you done?” Damion asked.  He stood removing his face Mask, as did each person in the room.  Damion grinned, “Hey look at that, and they come off.”

The Investigator just stared back, realizing the there were no voices coming from outside as well.  A quick glance out the window let him see everyone in sight turned and looking at the building.  Damion’s smile faded, and he spoke slowly and clearly in the silence.  “I am tired of cowards like you being what is thought of when someone talks about Travelers.  We used to be feared.  A person in a coat and mask was to be taken as a serious threat.  Not an over-inflated bag of wind, or some partying biker wannabe burnout.  You have one week to get everything in order and cleaned up.  No more hiding.  No more abuse of power.  You do it alone or die trying.  Fuck up and I will know.”  Damion stood up strait an smiled as the rest of the world returned to normal.

Turning to walk out the door, Damion waved over his shoulder as he called back.  “Have a nice day… Boss Man.”


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((Here's to hoping you need alot more entertainment!

One minute your calm, the next your shooting someone in the face, then your doing your chickendance. If that is not chaos I dont know what is - Aiid

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(( I wonder how things would've been diffrent if Ard had stayed a Traveler. ))

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