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Waffelhus Enterprises A/S Præsenterer ... Hyle's Birthday Party !!

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(( It would be fantastic to see as many old friends as we can get there ))



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(( was a fun party.  great to see Cymon and the many forms of Joe again.  Even Reavy and Betty popped in Laughing  and of course <3 to the regulars  Happy birthday old lady!

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((There's only one form of Joe, suave, debonair, fasionably maloderous. Great shindig Hyle and nice to see everyone again.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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Hyle wakes with a groan. For a few moments she feels okay, taking the opportunity to sit up on the edge of her bed. Almost as soon, the carpenter inside her head start working, particularly behind her eyes. 

"uuurrgghhh..  what a party.. " 

She stands with difficulty and pauses to take a look at herself in the full length dressing-mirror. First thing she notices is the now wilted band of flowers in the bird nest of her hair, the ring of flowers with a couple of minature danish flags sticking out of it. Apart from that, the rest of her doesn't look a year older although she feels a hundred years older at this moment. She pulls the Danish cakeflags out of her hair and goes to put them in her bedside table. 

It is then she sees the small battered business card, the one with a flower shaped picture on it. The birthday gift from Tuki. Hyle bites her lip as that part of the last evening comes sharply into focus. She smiles, despite the Carpenter making the best effort to wreck her head. The smile lasts for a long time, same time her heart fills with happiness, her eyes fill with joyful tears. Hyle heaves a long happy sigh...

  "Jeg er at være bedstemor.... !


(( Thank you all that turned up for the party. It was great to see all my friends there. It was wonderful !  Also the wonderful RP we all had. I was really sometimes in fits of giggles. You are all fantastic ! Tak skal du ha ! ))

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