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Vroom in the Veeveehicle - Part 2/2

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Outside a building in Picus Ridge a wheelbarrow stood, the wheel not quite straight, the handles not quite level. A purple blur rushed into the building slamming shut the door with a bang.

'What were you thinking?' Veronica screamed at the three Techs, Das, Fenster, Brett, who were leaning against the window sill.

'I was thinking what if all the spiders left Spider Hill? Would they have to rename the town?' Das said.

'I was thinking of my project and how do i make it less bug-' Fenster said before being interrupted.

'I was thinking what costume to wear if i was a superhero,' Brett remarked.

Veronica looked at them with dismay and amazement. Her eyes narrowed with anger. 'What? What? I was talking about the WHEELBARROW!'

The three Techs stopped talking. If they could have moved away from Veronica they would but the window sill was stopping them. They all stood still in shock. Fensters mouth froze in surprise like an open window.

'What a silly idea, do you know how difficult it is to push that thing? Why did you to me suggest that?'

'But it was your ide-' Brett began before being stopped by Das with a rapid muttered 'Shutup.'

'I need something to make easier moving things not harder,' Veronica explained. 'I thought you had all the good ideas.' She pointed to the door as if it was invisible and the wheelbarrow clearly seen. 'Not that!'

Veronica face was purple with rage but after her explosion of temper she paused and breathed deeply.

There was awkward silence.

Das broke it. 'We could-'

'Yes?' Veronica snapped.

Das continued. 'We could.. could think again... we will have more ideas for... perhaps even design something using Fensters Computer system.. or is still...'

'Buggy?' Fenster asked.

'What?' Veronica suddenly asked with expression of sudden understanding.

'Err... what of what?' Fenster asked.

'What did you just say?' Veronica asked.

Fenster thought for a second then said 'I said bug-'

'No, not you,' Veronica interrupted. 'Him. Das. What did you say?'

'Me?' Das asked now worried. 'Hmm... I said think... err... more ideas... we will...'

'Yes! Yes!' Veronica exclaimed with excitement. 'Do you not understand?'

'No,' all three men said together.

'We will... we will! Will! Wheel, Wheel! For. Four! Four wheels! What has a four wheels?'

'Four wheelbarrows?' Fenster suggested before being told to shutup by a glare from Veronica.

'A buggy! A buggy, that is what to make! A Buggy, they move on bumpy ground, they carry many things. Buggy! Buggy! Buggy!'

*     *     *

It was a complicated project. All three of the men thought so, mostly because of Veronica but none dare to say. They helped when it was safe. They stayed away when it was not. Finally it was the last part of the project.

'Are you Veronica Volt?' the Rider asked carrying a box.

'Yes, that is me,' Veronica replied.

'I have delivery for you,' The Rider responded. 'Four pots of purple paint.'

'Oh thank you,' Veronica said delighted. 'Did you see Mr Farbe? How is he?'

'No, he is still... hmm... not quite... err... I spoke to his assistant,' the Rider explained.

'Oh,' Veronica said a little disappointed. 'Did she remember me?'

The Rider chuckled. 'Remember you? Oh yes. In fact she called you a- hmm, err... yes, she remembered you.'

'I must visit them both,' Veronica said.

'I am sure they will be delighted,' the Rider said with a smirk. He put the box on the floor and then pointed to the buggy nearby asking 'Is that a Picus Prime?'

'No,' Veronica replied. 'Voltswagen.'


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(( every great superhero needs an origin story...and now it is so for the Voltswagen!

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(( buahahaha that was great XD ))

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BADDUM TISH! Aaaaaaand there we have it. Great shaggy dog story. *applauds*

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