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Vroom in the Veeveehicle - Part 1/2

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'Hi Vee Vee!' Das said as Veronica walked into the room in Picus closing the door behind her.

'Hi Guys,' Veronica said cheerfully to the three, Das, Fenster, Brett, who were standing against the window sill.

Fenster seemed occupied with his own thoughts. He looked over to Veronica 'Oh, it is you,' he said without enthusiasm.

'Ignore him,' Brett said to Veronica. 'Ignore who?' Veronica asked.

'Fenster,' Brett explained. 'He is grumpy today. His computer system that he is making, his "operating" system does not work properly.' He raised his hands and waved some fingers when he said operating system as if making the emphasis to something.

'It is working,' Fenster snapped. 'But... it has some...err... problems... buggy... it is buggy'

'Buggy?' Das remarked. 'So it does not work?'

Fenster glared at Das. 'One day my Fenster operating system will be used all over Northfields,' Fenster said.

'That is not what Linus said,' Brett added.

'Shut up,' Fenster replied. 'It will when it is not so buggy.'

'What are you doing today?' Das asked Veronica.

'Me?' Veronica responded. 'Oh... collecting things for Luka, but i cannot fit all in the luggage space in my bike. This is my third visit today.'

'Perhaps you need a bigger bike?' Brett suggested.

Veronica looked at Brett as if he was become crazy. 'What?' she said. 'Bigger bike? And how will i get on the seat? No... I need to build something to help me carry more things.'

'You could use a car?' Das suggested.

'No,' Veronica replied. 'Cars do not travel well over bumpy hills when finding the junk items. No. I need something else.'

Fenster was back with his own thoughts. 'Buggy...buggy,' he muttered.

'What about a horse?' Das said.

Veronica looked at him. 'Maybe not,' he said.

'Buggy,' Fenster muttered.

'I saw someone riding a Chicken, perhaps you could-' Das stopped after another glare from Veronica. 'No chicken then,' he said. 'Anyone else have ideas?'

'Buggy,' Fenster muttered.

'Hmmm...' Brett considered. 'So... not a bigger bike, not a car, not a horse or chicken. What else is there?'

'Buggy...buggy' Fenster muttered.

'A bag...' Das began. 'A really big bag... or not...'

'I need something that can carry many things,' Veronica said. 'But can move over bumpy ground. Something like a-'

'Buggy,' Fenster suddenly muttered a little louder this time.

Veronica continued after the interruption. 'Something like a bike... but with much room.'

'Buggy... buggy... buggy' Fenster muttered.

Veronica looked at Fenster. Das and Brett looked at Veronica. Fenster looked at the floor. 'Buggy,' he muttered.

'I know!' Veronica suddenly exclaimed with excitement. 'I know what i need! I know what to make!'

*     *     *

A few days later Veronica was out in the lands of Northfields under a grey and cloudy sky. She picked up the piece of junk metal and placed it with the other pieces. Then with much effort she lifted the end of the wheelbarrow, heavy it was now because of the items it carried, and started to push it slowly back up the hill with the one wheel turning and wobbling.

She did not get far before she stopped and took deep a breathe.

'Stupid idea,' she muttered. 'I should have taken the bike with me. Stupid wheelbarrow.'

She lifted the end of the wheelbarrow again to begin to push. With every item collected the wheelbarrow was becoming heavier and the day worser.

'Stupid idea. Why do people listen to them? Stupid idea.' she muttered again just as it began to rain.


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That's right V.V... go with wherever the drugs lead you. That's the way i do it :D

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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JUST i love reading ur stores  KINDA COODIE smirky character Ur stores make me think ...

FBb9jL8m4DJnothereIS 43 atom moo 2

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*Screams * you need a fricking buggy!!! 

((:-) love your posts. Looking forward to part two

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Fenster glared at Das. 'One day my Fenster operating system will be used all over Northfields,' Fenster said.

'That is not what Linus said,' Brett added.

(( is...is this...a Linux joke???

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