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Like a Volt in the Night

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'Calling Window Washer. Calling Window Washer. Hallo? Are you there?' Veronica stopped and listened to the radio. No response. She glanced out of the garage to the Picus gate, illuminated by guard light in the night, before returning to try the radio again. 'Calling Window Washer. This is Purple Pigeon. Are you-'

'Veronica is that you?' returned a voice within the crackle of static.

'Shh... Do not use my real name!' Veronica responded urgently.

'Oh yes... I forgot about that Veronica,' crackled the voice again.

'Fenster! No real names!'

'Oh yes. Sorry Veron- I mean, err, Purple Pidgeon.'

'Are you ready and in position Window Washer?'

'Yes, I am at, i mean near, yes. In position.'

'Okay. Close the window in thirty seconds. The Pigeon is ready to fly.'

'Okay. Good luck Veronica. I mean... oh sh-'

The radio stopped. Veronica, dressed in black to remain invisible in the night, pulled a woolly hat over her hair to hide it. A purple woolly hat. She was unable to find a black one. She left the safety of the Garage and crept into the night toward the Picus Ridge gate.

When Veronica approached the gate, Fenster was in position chatting to the guard in the small gatehouse. Something about computer systems and operating them. It was perfekt. The guard was distracted. Veronica crept quickly inside.

And stopped.

There were two men standing outside the vault building, two more guards. Veronica stood still, back against the wall of the Vault building.

Still hours to go, thought one of the guards. He hated night time duty. He looked around. All was quiet. All was safe. The gate was safe. The town was safe. The vaults? He looked behind him. Vault - vault - vault - volt. Yes, each vault was safe. Wait a moment. Volt? He looked back. Veronica ran along the side of the building and towards the auctioneer area.

'Was that...?' the guard said.

'Yes. It was Veronica.' the other guard responded.

Both men shook their heads.

Das saw Veronica in the shadows and nodded slightly. It was his turn now in this plan. He can do this, silently he told himself. Das can do this. Das is The Man. He can do this. He walked to the auctioneer was who was stacking boxes. She stopped and looked at him. 'Need something?' she asked.

'Only curious,' Das replied. 'Do you never sleep? You always seem to be here all the day and the night.'

'You never know when someone want to buy something,' she said before beginning a discussion about the latest bargains. Veronica crept behind the auctioneer and behind the buildings toward the Drink Here bar.

The buggy was there. The Voltswagen covered in dry waffel. Inside the bar, people were still inside, drinking and talking. Someone was leaning against the window sill. It was Brett. He looked out of the window and saw Veronica. He nodded slightly, started singing badly and disappeared from the view.

Veronica could hear Brett singing pretending to be drunk, there was a crash noise, and gasps from people. She hoped now all eyes were looking at Brett wondering what he would do next like a suspense pre-Fall movie. The man who drank too much. Nobody was looking out of windows. Nobody would see the buggy move away.

And nobody did.

'Are you sure it was Veronica?' the guard said to the other.

'You are kidding yes? The hat was purple. Was that not a' He stopped talking and both men stepped forward to look to the direction of the noise. A vehicle was approaching, very fast. Pieces of waffel flying away from it. It was close. Very close. Too close! Both men leaped out of the way.

'Yes, you are right. That was Veronica'

Both men shook their heads.

The buggy disappeared into the night.


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Always good to come back from vacation to find a new VV story!

The Pigeon moniker was surely derived from VV's innate sense of direction, I am sure of it!

Good to know the vaults are safe.  *groan*

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Ahhhhh V V, we love you... From a safe distance. *Sells VV ninja outfits for Halloween*

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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Veronica "Subtle" Volt

- this comment was brought to you by Oilville Primo™ -

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