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Vanilla Steel - Open for Business... soon

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The ring of heels clicking on concrete echoed through the Kennel, the rhythm leisurely as usual and behind it the muffled but heavier step of a man following but keeping a distance.

The underground bunker was lined with cages on both sides, a centered hallway ended at the heavy door of the training room.  A grated catwalk lined the walls above the cages beneath narrow slits that were more of a cruel tease then actual windows.

A symphony of groans greeted her accompanied by the sweet jingle of chains brought a smile to the woman, as it always did but this time it was partly due to the sounds of profit that tickled the Traveler.

A Shout and bang was heard from the newest of the six occupants, all of them men.  The one behind her carried a tranquilizer gun and wore bright yellow gasmask.  He tested the security of it before moving quickly ahead of her, keys ready.

"This one Domina?" He inquired and unlocked the kennel door at her slight nod.

She watched his angry and defiant struggles silently with a Mona Lisa smile playing at her lips.  The new ones always excited her, a fresh challenge behind those murderous eyes and straining muscle. 

She felt herself growing moist as she ran tapered fingers along the mans generously cut physique.

"This one will bring a high price once he is trained, I even have a special buyer in mind once we are open for business."


((OOC Info and suggested guidelines))

1. Unless specifically requested to, player character names will not be posted and mixed in with non player characters. Due to the nature of it I will remain sensitive to the fact that some will not want participation to be public.  Acquisitions will be given some dehumanizing designation, again unless requested otherwise.

2. This is not an Erpfest orgy storyline but is very graphic, violent, sexual, adult subject matter... key word being ADULT ONLY. Not all adults want this type of rp and thats fine... but please do not forget that others do and it will hurt no one to let them have it. 

3. Nish is pretty twisted at this point, unpredictable and unquestionably a villian not a wasteland sex goddess.  The few that knows her well have probably been expecting it but by no means do I expect her being treated or viewed as anything else. When this rp subject is geared towards female victims .. there is always a huge uproar but gender differences being what they have been since ...forever.. it is what it is.

4. If game times conflict then parts of it can be played out right here in Ferp via messages.

5. I really would like to match up slaves and buyers/rescuers.. the intent is not keeping all the RP centered around me .. quite the opposite in fact.  I want to be the excuse for it to come about.

6. If she is stopped dead in her tracks early on.. I will issue no complaints and take it as a compliment.  Keep in mind I've no problem thwarting godmodding.. this is a long standing rp established character that has/had close ties with Saints both ic and ooc and was a favorite target of several very notorious bad guys. It won't be easy, she is neither a push over or stupid and has some powerful connections that are not just being plucked out of thin air but come from older rp's many here probably wasn't even around for.

Please do not presume .. just send me a private message and ask <3


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Not sure if I should hide, or start getting in better shape. Tongue Out

{{ Nice story. I look forward to more.


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((  Juxtaposes Chains and Pyrok...    maybe not in chains,,, ball and chain maybe....

I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

I don't imagine him being too impressed by the idea!

I can scavenge trash... but this? This is rubbish! - Post Fall scavenger problems.

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(( *Ardenn throws all of his chips at Nisha* ))

Current Status; Fully Operational, Slightly Cheesy


“I destroy my enemies when I make them my friends”

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((I'm tossing out something different other then the old "damsel in distress" route and truthfully the idea came from the chatbox lol.  It isn't meant to appeal to everyone .. persons that are can contact me here or in game since I wont be actively recruiting.

I could easily keep this mostly as a story and tease a few people with it.  The previously laid out rp pieces are all there for Nisha to go this way, its just not common knowlege since I have kept this character more private then the others.  She has secrets and just a few people know them.

Kidnapping would by ooc request and consent only and male prefered but she might consider the rare female aquisition.

The goal is entertainment ..no pressure no drama.

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(( I see only one problem with Vek being kidnapped... The selling price will be damn too high for common people Laughing


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((That would completely depend on how Vek responds to training.. if he proved to be too troublesome it would more likely end with him being sold as cheap physical labor lol. 

Damn if that wasnt an entertaining thought tho

Joe Spivey's picture

Lol, so not my thing but good luck with it. Should make for some interesting RP.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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*As a call for volunteers is cried out. DeStefano shoves Joe out from the crowd. Singling him out.*

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((rp from this cancelled for now, my momentum and interest was simply deflated/derailed after someones chat box squawking.. my apologies to those that sent me replies of interest....perhaps another time.


dont let the lil douche take rp away from ya, I know you and i know nish's history, and yes i could see her coming into this sort of work. Anyone that has spent time rping with you knows of her connections and would not question her rp leading in this direction.


IMO fuck the lil kids and thier shout box ego's. Do what ya want and have fun. Its hard for some to grasp RP outside of townie and bar rp, I ahve failed many times trying to make more edgy rp...but the raod to failiure was better then sitting in a bar, or acting like some sort of wasteland wannabe mayor IMO.


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((Your absolutely precious <3 ty for that.  To be fair though, I have kept the majority of known information on her unavailable except via direct rp. You were one of the very few that really knew her.

While I was temporarily excited about this I mostly just want another reason to log in other then a party, which I do like but not as the only source of rp.

Negativity just needs to stop (myself included)

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I agree.  Don't let someones who's main existence seems to be to ruin any RP suggested, or turn away new users. 

If your interested, then go for it and see what happens.  No reason you can not work the idea, as you attend other RP and such. :)

As usual, I'll be here and there if you wanna chat, or bounce ideas back and forth.

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(( you should give it a try. If it works, it works, if it doesn't, it doesn't, but if you stop before trying then it will leave only option 2.


Nisha Samara's picture

((Alright lets try this again ...but with more clarification on my side. Will add to the bottom of OP

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((I say go for it as well. I believe most have the utmost trust in you. And like you, I enjoy parties, but if they are the only source of rp ...it's not enough to keep my interest peeked for very long.

( Well that's defnitely a new take on it.  One that's very believeable in this rp world.  I think this would be a really interesting thing to run into for us.  Afterall, why not?  I support this! )

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