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Vanilla Steel ~ Lets Ride

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((Suggestive content but nothing graphic))

*On a back wall of the dining room

inside Beau's Tavern

something is written

in a wide looping feminine script

upon a freshly painted surface.*





I was not made to be left cold and alone.

My gleaming frame, curves of

breathtaking perfection, untouched

and unused.


Bring to me, but a simple spark,

shove it in and fill me up.

Don't you dare leave the sweaty heat of my saddle till we are both drained and left gasping.


Lets Ride together or with others,

the more the merrier, baby.

I will purr for your friend just as loud as I will you.

Replaced morals for an open road.

Step aside if you can't handle me,

otherwise hammer it like you mean business.

Dig in and make me scream.


The destination is never spoken,

it is not even a goal.

All that matters is the mind bending

bliss of the ride.


Cling tightly to me as we soar over the chasm of the mundane,

joined ... melded together like an erotic cyborg of sweat, leather, rubber, metal and flesh.

That heart stopping, breath stealing moment you want to last forever, praying for death so this orgasmic slice of time will

be the last thing ever felt.


Once ridden, never shy again.

I will invade your thoughts and dreams.

Dining with your family, but aching to feel me beneath you.


Come, lets ride.


((The writing might be recognised ))




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(( Oh, this is good. Among many other parables I really like the idea of comparing the Ride to an orgy of sorts, at least in the mindset of the participants. ))

- this comment was brought to you by Oilville Primo™ -

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Abyss wanders into Beaus for a drink.  The usual assault of sweat, piss, vomit, blood, sex, smoke and alcohol hits him before he even opens the door.  As the breeze draws air from inside he stops.  The hairs on the back of his neck rise, as a low growl rumbles in his chest.
A sent that sets off all his internal alarms flows over him.  Animalistic excitement and his sense of self-preservation fight for control as he just stands in the door, and inhales the sent deeply.  Striding into the bar area, Abyss grabs one of the wait staff by the throat and lifts him into the air.  Pointing at the back wall with his other hand he barks “Where is she?”
The bartender quickly responds, “She left, not sure when she will be back, but she was with that gathering the old man put together.  They said they would be back in about a month.”  She gives Abyss a pleading look glancing at her working struggling to breathe.
Abyss looks at the back wall a moment before dropping the man, he then turns and walks toward the door.  He speaks without looking back. “My usual, I’ll eat outside.”


(( Nice read. :)

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